What are Turkey long term visa types and the ways to get them

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    What are Turkey long term visa types and the ways to get them
    Turkey has always been the centre of attention among travellers throughout the centuries. With its endless sightseeing spots, breathtaking nature and kind people, Turkey has never failed to charm its visitors. We will not be making a mistake if we say that at this point, the country has secured a place on the bucket list of every single tourist. No wonder why Turkey is one of the top ten tourism destinations in the world, with over 35 million tourists each year. Before you book your accommodation and pack your luggage, there is one more thing that you should pay close attention to - visa. Well, to simplify the whole issue for you, we can separate Turkey visa types into two groups according to the duration of the stay in the country, Turkey long term visa and short-term visa. For various travel reasons like tourism, cultural or even short-term business negotiations, foreign people can apply for short-term Turkish visas. For example, tourist visas and Turkey e-visas are two of the most commonly applied short-term visas. It is worth mentioning that not all nationalities around the world are required to obtain a visa to be granted entrance to Turkey. So, which countries can enter Turkey without visa? Citizens of almost all European Union countries and a long list of countries in different continents can enter Turkey without any visa restrictions. If you want to have a complete answer to the question of "which countries can enter Turkey without visa?" and also check the name of your country on the list. In case you cannot find the name of your country on the list of visa-exempt states, then do not worry at all. There is even a longer list of nationalities that are eligible to apply for a Turkey e-visa. Turkish electronic visas have a duration of typically 30 or 90 days in, with a 180-day validity term. Eligible nationalities can also get a visa on arrival at Turkish airports; however worth mentioning that the cost of a visa on arrival will be more than the cost of an e-visa obtained in advance. flag of turkey However, if you need to stay in Turkey for a longer amount of time, usually is because of education or work, then you can apply for Turkey long term visa. The long-term visa allows you to enter Turkey with the intent of applying for a residence permit after your arrival. Basically, it allows you to enter Turkey as a possible resident and stay while completing your residence application. After receiving your visa, you must apply for a residency permit known as its equivalent name in Turkish "kimlik" if you intend to stay in Turkey for an extended period. One of the most common types of Turkey long-term visa is an employment visa. The main idea behind the long-term work visa is, in short, allowing foreigners to travel to Turkey and staying in the country for an extended length of time for employment purposes. This visa is for individuals who wish to work within the legal framework of employment after obtaining an employment permit and a work permit from competent regional authorities following the prescribed procedure. However, how to get Turkey visa for employment purposes? Well, first of all, let us look through some of the requirements for Turkey visa. Your passport with a validity minimum of six months beyond the date of your departure from Turkey, a filled application form for Turkey visa in English that has been signed and dated by the applicant, and a letter from your employer are all required papers for your application. You will also be required to submit two photos taken not more than 6 months ago, and a frontal view of the face should cover approximately 70-80% of the photo. Other documents that you will need are, copy of your ID card with a minimum validity of three months after your departure date from Turkey. Photocopies of your passport's main page and copies of prior visas, in case, if you possess any. Original Employment Letter from the Applicant's Employer, stamped and signed, containing information on the applicant's employment is very important too. How to get Turkey visa, and how much does it even cost? A Turkey Employment visa for long-term typically takes 5 to 30 days to complete, but the time might vary depending on the country you are applying for a visa. For foreign citizens, a long-term employment visa in Turkey is between $25 and $80. As it was with the processing time, the visa fee might vary depending on your nationality and visa validity period. You will need to apply for a Turkey Employment visa at one of the Turkey visa application centres or Turkish embassy in your country of residency, whichever institution is responsible and accepts Turkey visa application. If none exist in your nation, you must apply to the embassy or consulate closest to your homeland for an appointment for Turkey visa, which usually is a visa centre in one of the neighbouring countries. turkish stamp Also, bear in mind that when your job contract is terminated, your work permit is also terminated, putting an end to your ability to work or even stay in the country. However, you can immediately apply for a new residence or work permit. All you have to do now is look for a new job. However, worth mentioning is that an application for an extension should be submitted at least one month before your permission expires. The Turkey visa application documents necessary for renewal are the same as those required for the original application. Another one of the most applied Turkey visa types is a long-term study visa. Students who are planning to study in Turkey should acquire a student visa from the Turkish Republic consulate in their home country. As student visa procedures might take time, you should apply for a student visa as soon as you receive your invitation letter. All students wishing to study in Turkey would need to provide an application form for Turkey visa, a passport, copies of the passport's front page and previous visas if you had any. However, besides common requirements when you are travelling for educational purposes, you are expected to submit a couple of specific documents too. An admission letter issued by a Turkey-accredited educational institution. The language of teaching must be specified, and also the course's start and finish dates must be included. Documents attesting to previous educational achievements will be needed during the Turkey visa process. Last but not least, another requirement is a document verifying the availability of suitable housing in Turkey for the requested duration of stay, including information on the cost of living. These we just some of the documents that you need to submit as a part of the Turkey visa process when you are planning to study in the country, for the full list of requirements, do not forget to check our website. dollar If you have successfully fulfilled all the requirements for Turkey visa, you will get a chance to arrange an appointment for Turkey visa. You will have a brief interview with a consular officer on your appointment at the Turkish embassy or consulate. They will inquire about your plans and your upcoming vacation to Turkey. This interview will determine whether or not you receive your visa, so create a strong first impression. So, we will not be mistaken if we say that this appointment for a Turkey visa is one of the most important parts of your Turkey visa process. A Turkey study visa for a longer term usually takes between 5 and 30 days on average to be completely processed. However, as it was with the work visa, the processing time might vary a little, depending on the country from which you are applying for a visa. How much is the visa fee for a long-term Turkish study visa? Well, for international students willing to study in one of the Turkish educational institutions, the cost of a long-term study visa in Turkey is between $25 and $80. Still, the visa fee can vary slightly according to the nationality and validity period of your visa. If your residency has still not expired, you can use it to enter or exit Turkey without obtaining a new visa. It is very important to renew your residence permit before the validity term runs out. By contacting the local authorities and filling out a renewal application form 60 days before it expires, you can prolong your residence permit. As a student, you are not required to pay for the residence permit. However, a small charge for the card is applicable.

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