What to pack for a trip to Egypt?

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What to pack for a trip to Egypt?

You can start your world tour with travel to Egypt. Before planning a trip to Egypt, you should research how you can get to this country. Before traveling, get information about the country's visa and search how to get an Egypt visa. You can go here with either an e-visa or a classic visa, depending on your nationality. If you intend to travel as a tourist, you should obtain a short-stay visa at this time. You can go to Egypt as a tourist with a short-term visa, and you can also take part in events such as short-term training and conferences. Before applying for a visa, you should thoroughly research this country and planning a trip to Egypt.

You can apply for an Egyptian tourist visa at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country. Moreover, visa centers can also assist you. If you are only going to travel as a tourist, you will need to get an Egyptian Tourist Visa.

egyptian coins

A tourist visa for Egypt is issued in 5-10 working days. This period may vary by country. Before we come here, we must find the answer to the question "how much is a trip to Egypt". By researching the Egypt visa fee, we find some answers to the question "how much is a trip to Egypt". To obtain an Egyptian tourist visa, you should pay 25 dollars for a single entry. Also, you should pay 60 dollars for a multiple-entry visa.

To obtain a tourist visa to Egypt, you must have the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Two New Photos (32-26mm)
  • ID Card Copy
  • Residence Permit
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Letter from Local Employer
  • Proof of Financial Means
  • Proof of Visit

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Things people forget to pack / Fun things to pack for a road trip


There are things people forget to pack when people travel sometimes. Especially for tourists, fun things to pack for a road trip are essential. If you want your trip to be fun, don't forget to bring your camera with you. Egypt is one of the most breathtaking countries in the world to visit. This historical country, rich with its mythology, should be at the top of the list of the most beautiful countries you can travel to. If you want to explore the land of the pharaohs, it is useful to read this blog. Here we make some suggestions that you can visit and do when you visit.

First of all, you should know how to plan a trip to Egypt. When you go to Egypt in summer, there are things to pack when traveling. Considering that the country is very hot in summer, we can say that it would be beneficial to bring thin clothes. However, consider that Egypt can be cold at night, even in summer. That's why we have to explain that thick clothes are also part of things to pack for a trip. Not only clothes but also the items you will have in your suitcase are things to pack when traveling. Considering that the country's weather is warm and sunny, you have the opportunity to go to the seaside. For this, take sunglasses and body cream against the sun. These are things to pack for a trip.

Pyramids of Giza

pyramid of giza

This structure, which was built between approximately 2620-2500 BC, was built by an average of 10 thousand people. There is no information about how the pyramids were built. Thus, scientists cannot learn how stones of this weight are transported. In addition, the appearance of these pyramids is eye-catching. It cannot be explained how people living in the past built these pyramids so beautifully. Because it is difficult to construct such a structure, even today, by modern technology. By traveling to this city, you can add memories of the mysterious structure to your life. We can say that Cairo is the best choice for travel to Egypt.

The Sphinx

egypt desert

This Sphinx is a statue found among the pyramids at Giza. This statue, which has been turned into an important symbol of Egypt, is loved by many tourists. The word Sphinx means suffocating, and its history is based on Greek mythology. According to a legend, the Sphinx besieged the city of Thebes. The length of the statue is very impressive, being 73.5 meters long. At the same time, this statue is very seriously protected. This structure was restored in 1818 and is still under strict surveillance. When you travel to this city, you should come here and see the ancient structure.


abu simbel temple

Located in the Thebes region, Luxor is one of the most beautiful Egyptian cities you can visit. This place, which means "city of palaces", is considered one of the historical lands of Egypt. There are many places to visit in Luxor. In this place, which is the touristic region of Egypt, there are wonderful places to visit, such as the Valley of the Kings and Queens and the temple of Karnak. At the same time, the temple of Luxor matches the name of the region. This temple was built in 1070 BC. There are many temples in the region. You can come here to learn more about the glorious land of temples. Another tourist attraction inspired by the name of the region is the Luxor museum. When you travel to this region, it will be useful and fun to visit the museum.

The valley of the kings

valley of the kings

According to many legends, this was the place where the king of Egypt always took a vacation to rest. The valley is located opposite the Karnak land. The tomb of Tutankhamun is located here, which also attracts the attention of tourists. Rocks surround his tomb. According to some beliefs, it is strictly forbidden to open his tomb because it brings death to people. People who believe in these beliefs believe that the archaeologists who opened his tomb are dead. There have even been suicides by some scientists who were afraid of the damned.

There is some information you need to know before coming here. For example, each tourist can only visit 3 tombs. More than that is not allowed. That's why visiting Tutankhamun's tomb would be the best choice for you.

The Alexandria Library

library of alexandria bibliotheca

Alexandria, the historical library of Egypt, is one of the most visited places by tourists traveling here. This structure was probably built in the 3rd century BC. More than 500 thousand documents are preserved in this historic library. It is important that many documents stored in the library are on a papyrus roll. At the same time, it is interesting that scientific books and religious documents are here. This library is known as the science center of Egypt. A new science center, similar to the library of Alexandria, was opened in 2002. More than 8 million books are available here. These books are protected under very strict control. When you come to Egypt, it is very beneficial to visit these places.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

museum of cairo

Located in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, the museum is of great importance for Egypt. A lot of tourists come to this museum every year. The museum's main purpose was the collection and preservation of archaeological treasures. The museum was built in 1835. The museum itself is divided into 2 places. One of them is the classical museum and the other is the mummy room. You can visit both parts of this beautiful building by buying cheap tickets. There are more than 150 thousand exhibits in the museum, including the mummies of famous pharaohs. This museum has some features. For example, only Egyptian exhibits are shown in the museum. In other words, the exhibitions of another country do not exist here. You can travel here with your family and see historical structures and exhibitions that you can't get enough of watching.

The Ras-Mohammed National Park

mohammed national park

This national park was named Ras Muhammed by the fishermen. The main reason for it is that rock looks like a human head. You can join a mountain bike tour in the national park. You can take advantage of the beauties of nature and add these memories to your life. You can come across artificial lakes with different kinds of fish in the park. Moreover, you can see ancient sunken ships here. If you want to have good memories in your life, visit this national park.

The Muhammad Ali Mosque

 muhammad ali mosque

The Muhammad Ali Mosque located in the Bakshen of Egypt was built in the appearance of a Turkish model. Founded in 1884, this mosque is one of the most important structures in Egypt.

The interior of the mosque is covered with red carpets. At the same time, alabaster stones were used in the mosque's construction. The lights are present here to impress people as sorcerers. Not only faithful Muslims but also people of other faiths and tourists can enter the mosque. Before entering the mosque, you must take off your shoes and put them on the shelf at the entrance. Women should cover their shoulders and hair. Since the tourists also come here, there is no obligation to cover the hair. You can travel here for very cheap rates. The important thing is that you came to this mosque and saw one of the most beautiful buildings in Cairo.

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