What to pack for a trip to Italy?

Tamerlan Mehdiyev01 February 20221449 views8 min. read
What to pack for a trip to Italy?

For many Europe can be seen as homogenous, same types of buildings, architectures, etc. But that notion perishes as you move further south. There stand the paradise lands of Italy. Italy has been a major tourist destination forever, and you can understand why. What makes a country a great travel destination can vary for many people. But Italy has almost all the features that make it so true travel destination. The landscape of these lands creates some of the most majestic views. To the north, we see an extension of mighty alps that have seen the passage of Hanibal with elephants. To the south, we see the beautiful coasts of Naples. As much as I love the natural beauty of this landscape, the things on it also deserve praise. Italian cities are the cities that operate as a settlement and open museums. You can feel the history around every corner in these cities. These cities have been birthplaces of so many daring people, people that dared to the death for what they believed in. Nowadays, everyone has the uttermost respect for these people. I am talking about Christopher Colombus that questioned what we know about the basics of earth and proved the earth to be ellipsoid. I am talking about legendary explorer Marco Polo, Galileo, the pioneer of different sciences, Dante Alighieri, who is considered the founder of the Italian language. I can extend the list with Michelangelo, Julius Cesar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Antonio Vivaldi, etc. You will hardly find a field where Italians have not succeeded or contributed to that field. You can see what is left behind them by taking a trip to Italy. I am sure some of you already have that in the plan. But do you know what it takes to be eligible to travel to Italy? If not, then you better start with getting an Italy visa if you are not from a country that is visa-exempt. With Pickvisa getting an Italy visa has never been this easier. Now, you can apply for a visa without attending any place. Just use our services which are shown on the top of the panel, to learn more about that. You might ask, "how to travel to Italy?". Are there travel restrictions? You will learn more about these issues in the next paragraphs.

How to travel to Italy?

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Currently, the Italian government has posed strict restrictions on entries to the country. Countries are divided into categories according to the risk explosion. Each group has its own set of requirements. Some of the groups are facing more restrictions. Residents of EU countries must have their vaccines or recovered from viruses recently to enter the country. Nationals of some other countries must be vaccinated and show negative covid test results. Due to the spread of new variants, there is a travel ban on nationals or visitors from South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Eswatini.

Best time to travel to Italy

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Italy welcomes travelers all around the world year-round. The climatic conditions in the country are favorable for travelers to explore it any time of year. Some times are relatively more favorable from a money and crowd perspective. In summer, people take their yearly vacations filling the streets of Italian cities. Around this time of year, you see higher prices and more crowds at tourist attractions. The best time to travel to Italy can be spring when the weather conditions are comfortable, and prices are lower since there are fewer people.

How to pack for a trip to Italy?

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Packing requires a lot of attention due to space limitations in our suitcases or bags. Therefore you might want to learn how to pack for a trip to Italy appropriately. First thing first, you should take your most essentials with you. What are they? They are passports, travel documents such as visas, travel insurance, vaccine certificate, etc. Secondly, as you know, phones are inseparable parts of our lives. You probably want to make sure that it works in other countries. Therefore, you may want to bring a universal adapter that you can use to charge your gadgets. Next up, we have clothes to pack. To do that you should consider the weather. It is obvious that things to pack for a trip to Italy will vary depending on the season you travel. Therefore, we will have a look at them specifically.

What to pack for a trip to Italy in spring?


Spring in Italy is characterized by nice weather that does not bother people like summer. The average temperature for spring in Italy is around 15 Celcius degrees. Nevertheless, you might see some sudden changes in March. What are the things to pack for a trip to Italy in spring? Since it is hot in Italy, there is nothing that keeps you away from taking nice outfits with you. Shorts, pants, T-shirts are the most comfortable clothes to wear in spring, so you may want to pack them as well. Bring a raincoat with you if it rains, which it does in spring.

What to pack for a trip to Italy in summer?


As a Mediterranean country summer hits Italy hard. As global warming exacerbate, temperatures exceed the seasonal norm. People naturally head to beaches to cool a little. If you want to travel to Italy in the summer, you better consider this factor. What to pack for a trip to Italy in August, July, and June? Honestly, if you have concerns about what to pack, summer is one of the best seasons as summer clothes take less space. Bringing sandals will be a great help that will make it much easier to move to Italy. Shorts or cotton pants are also essential to keep you as comfortable as possible. Sunglasses are a must since the weather is mostly sunny. Sunhat will keep the adverse effects of exposure to the sun. T-shirts will help you to be more flexible. Make sure you bring a bathing suit with you if you are heading to a beach. Since you know what to pack for a trip to Italy in August, now we can move to other seasons.

What to pack for a trip to Italy in the fall?

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Most people find fall to be the best season to visit Italy. Temperatures are just perfect to explore the country. What to pack for a trip to Italy in September, October, and November? As the weather is favorable for traveling in the fall, you can take some of the most clothes, shoes, etc. Make sure these are not hindering your movement and taking too much space in your suitcase. Jeans, skirts are helpful in this sense. To answer more precisely the question of "what to pack for a trip to Italy in September", we can say light packing is more feasible. Nevertheless, it can get wetter in spring, and that is why you need to bring a raincoat with you to keep you dry. An extra light jacket might work as well. Short-sleeve tops are other items you might want to pack with you as well.

What to pack for a trip to Italy in winter?

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December is the time of Christmas celebrations in Italy, like many other countries. Lights adorn all shops, restaurants, and streets. The weather in Italy is not like its northern neighbours, nonetheless, it's quite dry and cold. Since Christmas in Italy is associated with different colors, you might want to bring clothes accordingly. But first things first, take your essentials such as passport, travel documents, credit cards with you. Winter is considered a time for coats, scarves, heavy jeans, socks, etc. Long sleeve tops, warm sweaters, blazers are so suitable for the winter conditions in Italy thus, you may want to include them as well. Depending on which part of Italy you are traveling, you might need to add other items. One of them will be Winter boots if you travel to northern Italy, especially the mountain slopes.

To wrap up this article, we can say that Italy is one of the best travel destinations and people who travel to Italy do not regret it. Looking at Italy from a packing perspective is also attractive since fewer items are enough to travel to Italy. The prices are not as high as Nordic countries thus you can purchase items that you did not bring. If you want to arrange a trip to Italy you might need a visa. If so, you can take advantage of the visa services of Pickvisa and get your visa at the right time.

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