17 reasons why you should travel to Italy right now

17 reasons why you should travel to Italy right now

Ieva Miltina09 September 20202309 views9 min. read
17 reasons why you should travel to Italy right now
Rome and pasta. And now could be the perfect moment to plan your travel to Italy! With the decline in tourism numbers globally, both the government and the locals are willing to welcome you more than ever. And there is so much in it for you! This article will try to answer the curious question of what to do in Italy, especially with the current tourism trends in the back of your mind.

1. More authentic experiences

colorful houses If you have decided in favour of travelling these times, you probably will get the best tourist experience you have encountered in a long time. Fewer people, shorter lines, a more devoted attitude from the staff - these are just a few of the benefits to mention. More chances for you to experience a more authentic time in Italy!

2. Your trip might be less heavy on the wallet

taormina store Closely connected to what I mentioned beforehand, fewer tourists also mean better prices even within the peak season. It might be the right moment to have the trip you have long dreamed of but had always seen as out of your price range.

3. Rome, oh, the magnificent Rome!

italian city This eternal city hasn't always been the capital of Italy, but it has always been the political centre of the world. Let's not forget that all roads lead to Rome! Being the 2nd most visited city in the EU (after Paris) with up to 10 million annual foreign visitors, it has earned the title of one of the crowdiest capitals. Being home to the Vatican makes the number almost double in holy years! Do you get why the timeless charm of this cradle of history, arts, and culture is the most enjoyable right now?

4. The top destination of religious pilgrimage - St. Peter's Basilica

st peters basilica It is arguably the holiest shrine in the Catholic tradition and one of the biggest churches in the world. Traditionally considered the burial site of St.Peter, one of Jesus's apostles, this Basilica has only gained importance over the centuries and is currently most recognized for the Pope giving speeches from Basilica's balcony. It is surprising that the magnificent landmark has no entry fee. It is why many people try to figure out ways to skip the painfully long lines when planning what to do in Italy and to book different services. Fewer visitors nowadays means less waiting for you in this infamous line!

5. Sistine Chapel is just one of the names I will drop here

sistine chapel DO NOT miss visiting Vatican museums and noticing the difference between the Basilica and Vatican museums (Musei Vaticani)! It is one of the most popular museums in the world, and the line to enter might have lasted up to 4 hours before the pandemic stroke. Also, if you don't scream in excitement thinking about museums, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to view Sistine Chapel and other classical stunners in a much more pleasing way!

6. Make your wishes come true at Trevi Fountain!

trevi fountain Winding on the little streets of Rome, you might just stumble on this marble masterpiece, and it will take your breath away. It is one of the most famous fountains in the world and a photo with just you, and the landmark is usually close to impossible. But now it is different! Do that most cliche thing and make a wish while throwing a coin over your shoulder! Who knows, maybe the fountain coin fairies will hear you better with less noise around!

7. The unfairly overlooked capital of the fashion

Charming yet undeniably real, Milan combines the best of the old-world romance and the contemporary urban lifestyle. It is often overlooked due to the natural or man-made beauty of other well-known neighbours, but it truly offers a myriad of options for just about any taste. Just enjoy discovering more than meets the eye! Besides fashion, it is in your face, prominent and luring in everyone looking for that special Italian touch. And while there, don't dare to miss seeing the famous Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper!

8. Best pizza in the world...

italian pizza ...comes from Naples, specifically the famous L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Already being popular among the locals since forever, Hollywood just elevated it and gave it some magic cinema screen fairy dust. The very famous scene with Julie Roberts in the movie Eat, Pray, Love made this place even more iconic. Waiting for more than an hour to get this local treat? Yes, their pizza is THAT good. But now you have the chance to enjoy this iconic staple without starving yourself to death before getting seated at the table!

9. A lush paradise on Earth

ischia Most people will mention more prominent names if asked where to go in Italy. But I say, don't overlook the less likely spots. The beauty of Ischia, a small volcanic island located in the Gulf of Naples, is unparalleled. In stunning Italy weather conditions, the abundance of colourful gardens over there makes it an un-hurried haven for hikers and beach lovers alike. With over 100 thermal springs and stunning sandy beaches, it might be your perfect chance to fulfil your dream and experience that somewhat cliche island living!

10. The city of romance finally feels like that again

Arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is a truly charming place. Just imagine enjoying an iconic gondola ride with your loved one in those Venetian channels. Nevertheless, becoming one of the most visited cities in the world, it had long ceased to be the charming little port city. Imagine more than 25 million visitors a year! Doesn't sound very romantic, does it? Nowadays, it has become empty as never (remember the hoax about dolphins in the channels?) and is, therefore, a destination you really, really should visit.

11. The colourful pebbles of the Italian Riviera - Cinque Terre

These five iconic coastal villages are full of character but have long lost the title of being located "off the beaten path". Nevertheless, even nowadays, they still convey the feeling of authenticity and spectacular views typical to this part of Italy, even more so now with fewer travellers on the horizon.

12. Hidden Fiordo di Furore

blue sea When you travel to Italy weather might be one of the deciding factors thinking about lounging on one of those unforgettable beaches. And believe me, this pretty bit is way more than that. This unique and small pebble beach literally sits at the slit of the fjord. It is surrounded by old and characteristic fishermen's houses and has a stunning view of cliffs, blue water, and a bridge suspended high in the sky. Breathtaking!

13. Admire the beauty of the human body while gazing at David

A visit to Florence would not be imaginable without seeing the massive 5.17 meters tall masterpiece of Michelangelo. Yes, we are talking about this handsome David guy, which embodies the mastery of the famous artist and leaves people admiring its beauty over centuries. And if that is not enough, visit the charming Ponte Vecchio. Seeing the colourful shop stalls is one of the must-do things in Florence, but now you might just have a more enjoyable experience walking over this historical landmark!

14. Climb the Stair of the Turks in Sicily

scala dei turchi I could not make this list without ever mentioning the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. You will find more obvious tourist attractions on your own, but there is one that never has enough praise. This pearl of the coast, Scala Dei Turchi, is one of the greatest natural must-sees. Just to make clear, it is not a real ladder but a white marl rock formation that resembles stairs overlooking the stunning blue beach. Climb, sunbathe, or just observe from afar. There is only one word to describe it: EPIC!

15. Relax with your family on the scenic Lake Garda

lake garda Being the largest lake in Italy, it really offers something for everybody. It is considered as the most family-oriented of lakes in this country and is extremely popular among water sports fans. But forget the labels; it will charm you in a second. Small towns with lakeside promenades, postcard views of marinas, endless sandy beaches - isn't that everything you would need to enjoy la dolce vita?! Okay, let's throw in a refreshing Hugo within a cafe with a view, and you are set! The lake is located north of Verona, which is why you should also drop by to see the balcony of Juliet, among other landmarks, while being in the neighbourhood.

16. Authentic vibes on the islands

Where is Italy located? On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea! What does the sea have? Islands! Being secluded from the rest of the world by a large mass of water, the smaller bunch of those naturally are already less crowded. But in the current situation, even less so! With fewer foreign visitors, the lifestyle slowly returns back to a more regular pace. Isn't that one of the greatest treasures for a traveller to experience? Just find the island that captures your heart most, find an adorable nonna to serve you an authentic bowl of pasta, and enjoy!

17. Save the best for the dessert

italian tiramisu Did someone mention sweets? No pandemic can cancel the need for some dessert. If anything, it might have even increased it. If you have a serious case of a sweet tooth, look no further! Time in Italy is best spent consuming unimaginable amounts of gelato. Or maybe devouring mountains of tiramisu? Or stuffing yourself with ricotta cream-filled cannoli? Just decide which will be your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They have it all! I just gave you 17 banging reasons why travel to Italy ASAP. Let these be your starting point when deciding where to go in Italy, but there is no chance of going wrong even if you go rogue. Italy is a pure treat - for your eyes, belly, and soul! In case you need an Italy Schengen visa don't hesitate to contact pickvisa.com for professional help.

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