10 reasons why you should travel to Guinea-Bissau right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Guinea-Bissau right now
Guinea-Bissau is a country with a lot of achievements over the years. On the map, this country is found between two West African countries known as Guinea and Senegal. People usually overlook its beauty and many feats because of its small size. This is a country that fought until they got their people independent of their colonial masters. If you want to travel to Guinea-Bissau, you are certain of having many interesting and memorable moments. Since it is not well known, some may be wondering where is Guinea-Bissau? This country is found on the African continent. You will surely have what to do in Guinea-Bissau that will interest you as a tourist and certainly make you come back. In this article, we will be looking at 10 reasons for the many reasons you should travel to Guinea-Bissau. Some of the reasons why you should travel to Guinea-Bissau right now include:

1. Flourishing Animal Habitat

Guinea-Bissau boosts good habitat for animals in which the Archipel de Bolama is well known as a thriving animal habitat. As a result of its complexity and beneficial features, it is considered to be among the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves. The MAB stands for Man and Biosphere. Thousands of bats live naturally in reserve. It is good to know that apart from bats inhabiting these abandoned ruins left by the Portuguese, other animals that reside in this natural habitat include green turtle, hippopotamus, many species of fishes snd birds, African manatee and Nile crocodile, and numerous fish species thrive in the waters. If you are a lover of wildlife, travel to Guinea-Bissau immediately. Many tourists from different parts of the works come to this natural reserve for sightseeing, recreation, and learning purposes. Many Guinea Bissau beaches have attracted many tourists and it is not something you would love to tell with the mouth but something to experience yourself. You can write down the name of this natural reserve now in your book as a place to come to when you travel to Guinea-Bissau.

2. Arranged and Individual Choices in Marriage

If you have been looking for a country where marriages are arranged either for research or study or data collection, take the next flight down to this African country. Arrangement of marriage, which is considered an old tradition, is still actively happening in Guinea-Bissau. The Fula and Mandinka rural settlements have not stopped the groom service or bride price payment. You will certainly learn a lot and have first-hand information on this subject. If you are a lover of culture, journalist or studious of tradition, come to the country. However, it is of paramount importance to also know that young ones are equally free to choose who to marry.

3. Music and Dance

When it comes to music, this country is one of the African countries with popular music. One of their popular music is known with different names. You can either call it gumbe or gumbay or goombay. The origin of this music can be traced back to the Caribbean. It goes with a very speedy tempo soul style. You probably have seen it before on the media, but if you want a first-hand experience just like many tourists, travel to Guinea-Bissau. This musical style has been consistently practiced and developed with simple drum beating performed by men, while women support it by dancing gradually. What the music is known for today is a result of consistency and additions of different political elements. You should travel to Guinea-Bissau right now if you want to learn the African dancing style. They will be glad to welcome and teach you.

4. Political History

Political history is one of the reasons you should travel to Guinea-Bissau. Amilcar Cabral is a renowned figure where many scholars have drawn inspiration from. He is a poet, political activist, theoretician, intelligent and diplomatic in nature. There is no better place to learn about this man's life and services than coming down to Guinea-Bissau. He was the driving force for the independence the country is enjoying today from Portugal. Amilcar Cabral spent a major part of his life in Portugal, which made him sensitive to Portuguese rule over his country. He led a resistance against the Portuguese colonial rule and started this by demanding better work conditions and wages through strikes. This political activist played a role in Guinea-Bissau achieving their freedom. Though he was killed in 1973, his impact on the country and Africa as a whole won't be forgotten. Take a vacation down to this country to learn more about leadership, patriotism, and how to achieve freedom for the weak.

5. Agriculture

Cabral has an agronomic background, which it uses to teach farmers better ways of increasing crop productivity. Through his experience, trade by barter system was initiated given rise to the country's growth. You should travel to Guinea-Bissau right now if you want to know how to make your agricultural fantasy a reality. Foods are available for the population, so it is a country you are certain of having available food to it. If you want to go into large-scale agriculture, you should come to the country to know the rudiments of high agricultural productivity. You can venture into the agricultural exportation of products and make a lot of money for yourself.

6. Bissagos Islands

One of the things that should attract you to travel to Guinea-Bissau is the Bissagos Islands. This island played an essential role in Guinea Bissau history. The Bissagos island is made up of 88 islands. 20 of these 88 islands are lived in every year. The island's geographical location had a part to play in the West African trade and development during both the pre and post-colonial periods. The island is a place to visit to learn about cultures and for sightseeing purposes. You can equally take an Instagrammable picture here. Your followers will surely love it and desire to come to Guinea-Bissau too. You will see different sculptures used as portable shrines. Also, you will see sculptures that have the shape and form of animals. This Bissagos Islands is one of the spots to take pictures when you travel to Guinea-Bissau.

7. Tourist Attractions

antelopes africa Everyone loves tourism. Guinea Bissau people have left their comfortable homes to travel far distances to see nature, national parks, and what to do in Guinea-Bissau. There are different tourist attractions in the country, which Orango Islands National Park is one of the famous ones. The national park where tourists have recreation is both a marine and terrestrial park. Many other tourist attractions in the country should make you come to Guinea-Bissau earlier than planned. You can come with your family and friends for a vacation and take a lot of pictures. One thing is certain in this country snd that is having a memorable experience that you will live forever to remember. If you have not seen animals such as leopards, chimpanzees, Roan antelope, Hyena, and others, then put this country among the top 5 countries you will visit before the end of the year.

8. Sports

If you have always dreamed of becoming a renowned sportsman, you can choose to travel to this African country and stay. Unlike most countries where the competition is high, you will have a better opportunity to prove yourself as long as you are good. The country's major sport is football, and the football team has graced foreign players playing in their team. Whether you are from the country or not, you can achieve your sports goal here. Take your football passion today to the next stage. If you are good at other sports, travel to Guinea-Bissau and make a name for yourself.

9. Carnival

Almost every African country has one carnival or the other they hold every year. This is also seen in Guinea-Bissau. If you love street carnival, just like the famous one held in Calabar in Nigeria, travel down to this country. The Guinea-Bissau Carnival has attracted a lot of tourists and celebrities. It takes place in February. The reason is because of the pleasant weather condition experienced in February. It takes place before Lent. A carnival you must not miss. You should include it now in your diary and don't miss out on the next carnival. It is an opportunity to meet new friends, build relationships, and have optimal fun.

10. Healthcare

There is no good healthcare in the country. The citizens are suffering from different diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, cholera, typhoid fever, and others. It is only at the capital of Guinea Bissau that you will see their medical facilities. You should travel to Guinea-Bissau right now to help the inhabitants medically with your expertise. If you are a medical field worker that derives joy in helping the sick and weak, come to the country with your team. They will gladly welcome you. Save lives and feel better!

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