12 Instagrammable places in Seville

12 Instagrammable places in Seville

Ieva Miltina04 August 20203442 views9 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Seville

Seville is the place where to experience the real Spanish air, filled with the smell of history and orange flowers. This is the birthplace of tapas (more on this a bit later) and the resting place of the infamous Cristopher Columbus.

What to do in Seville?

brown castle and fountain

Seville is one of the most cinematic and beautiful places in the world that will capture your Instagram followers' attention in a heartbeat. Even if it was not on your initial itinerary, it is worth reconsidering. Just a convenient quick trip away from the major cities (the train from Madrid to Seville will take about 2 hours!) will leave you stunned with centuries of class and elegance. If you are still not sure, check this list of the 12 most Instagrammable places and discover some unforgettable things to do in Seville while working on earning those Insta-likes.

1. Aire Ancient Baths Rooftop

ancient moorish bath

Let's kick off this list of things to do in Seville with a glass of wine in a rooftop pool overlooking the city in the sunset's unforgettable light. Yes, it is as good as it sounds! Aire Ancient Baths is a SPA located in an ancient Moorish bath, restored in the 16th century. This delight will come with a hefty price tag, but you will definitely not forget this experience or the view.

2. Seville Cathedral

la giralda

There is no need to say that this really is one of Seville top attractions. The architecture, the historical value, as well as the photogenic values of the world's largest gothic church. It was at the heart of world political and economic power for centuries, and it is evident in every detail as well as the art. There is definitely much to dig in here (not literally, please)! First, your Instagram profile craves photos of the epic dome from the inside. Then catch the views from the top by climbing up La Giralda - the well-known belltower. And last but not least - Seville cathedral is the home for the tomb of the most famous globe-trotter, Christopher Columbus himself. A piece of friendly advice - don't forget to charge your phone or camera before heading there!

3. The gem of the Old Town

seville old town

One of the largest Old Towns in the world is located in Seville and consists of 12 neighbourhoods. My favourite, though, by far is this old Jewish Quarter Barrio Santa Cruz. I assure you, you will get a ton of pics for your Instagram, and your followers will love them. Get lost in the maze of the tiny cobblestone streets while turning your camera eye to the very typical balconies, authentic squares, colourful and quirky buildings. And add some orange trees in the mix for freshness! Those charming streets might get quite busy, but this is also where you get to snap the busy city life and people.

4. One of the most impressive squares in Spain

plaza de espana

This very photogenic Plaza de Espana was built and has been a stunner ever since. If you want to get the best photos, do it early in the morning. There will be fewer people, and the warm colours of the sunrise will make your snaps especially stunning. The colours of tiles laid in the square set against the red brick facade of the semi-circular plaza will be the perfect scenery for your images. Additionally, the canal that runs through the square will allow you to get some Venice-like pics without even travelling to Italy.

5. Instagrammable interior in Hotel Alfonso Xlll

alfonso hotel

This place is pure luxury and a lavish paradise for your Instagram savvy eye. Once built for and named after a king, it remains royal up to nowadays. You see, most of the decor remains from the time it was built in 1929! Just get a quick search on Google, and you will understand why I assure, that you could spend forever taking pictures in this palm tree framed landmark. If staying there overnight is not really within your price range, get a drink or delicious lunch in the equally pristine San Fernando Restaurant within the hotel.

6. A hidden gem on the rooftop of El Corte Ingles

clothing store in mall el corte ingles

Many online guides name this spot the ultimate gourmet experience and not without reason. This terrace is best enjoyed around sunset and offers an amazing view over the rooftops of the city. But what is even better - it is less popular among tourists (because there are some more "fancy" spots) but still offers an exquisite array of local delicacies at relatively affordable prices. What is in this for you? Let me paint a picture - a sunset backlit pic for Instagram with a glass of bubbly or a meticulously decorated plate of chef's specials. Isn't it enough for applying for a Spain visa and travel there?

7. Palm trees in Alcazar Palace Gardens

alcazar palace gardens

Besides the obviously exquisite and infamous palace itself, you might get some lush greenery on your Instagram wall by visiting this spectacular spot. Beautifully manicured hedges, sky-high palm trees, hidden paths, and charming fountains at intersections. Get a breather, walk in the gardens, and especially if you don’t get to see many of those in your latitudes, then take some pictures with those gracious palm trees.

8. Feel the buzz at Triana market

triana market

While exploring the colourful old quarter of Triana, don't miss the market. Just like any city, the food market is heaven for any tourist. First, you get to see the local produce and typical foods. Then you get to feel the energy of real life because the markets are the hub of shoppers. And last but not least - it is the heaven of photography for both of the reasons mentioned above. In the Triana market, you get all of that, but there is something more special about it. Under the building of the market are the remains of the Castle of San Jorge, which might feed your appetite if you are a bit of a history geek.

A friendly tip: while looking for the perfect shots, buy some local cheese, olives, or other yummy treats for your lunch on the banks of the river.

9. The house of infamous Azulejos tiles

principal of la casa de pilatos

La Casa de Pilatos has one of the largest collections of azulejos in the world and, therefore, an undeniable photogenic charm. The palace is less popular than Alcazar, giving you the magic trifecta for your Instagram - spree. It means fewer people, more unique photos, and more space for coming up with those creative and eye-catching frames. And don't forget to pass by the garden too. I promise it will be a hit!

10. Tapas

spanish tapas

It would not be my article if I did not find a way to emphasize something food-related. As mentioned in the beginning, this city is the place where tapas originate from. Being one of Seville top attractions, these small food portions for every taste will make your belly very happy. Even if you are not a foodie yourself, though, perfectly angled mouthwatering pics of authentic deliciousness is a straight road to your followers' hearts (read - likes)!

One of my favourites is an absolute staple in Spanish street food. My dear friends, meet churros! Get some great Insta-shots of those in Bar El Comercio. One of the most charming little bars besides tapas is famous for serving these airy, crunchy, slender Spanish doughnuts along with rich, hot chocolate. Why not showing off this little Seville chocolate-coated dream in one of your stories?

Did you know that Seville chocolate has its name not because this city is where the chocolate originates, but because it contains Seville oranges?

11. The oldest bar in Seville

el rinconcillo

On the topic of attracting the attention of foodies, one shall not miss this Instagrammable, charming and very authentic bar El Rinconcillo. It was first opened in 1670, but it doesn't appear to have changed much since then. Wooden countertops, hanging cured hams, and wine barrels are used as tables in the downstairs bar area. Surely, this place will be a treat for the eye as for your belly. I dearly suggest trying the absolutely classic and one of the most popular tapas - the acorn-fed aged Jamon bellota. It is a bit pricey but so worth it!

12. Seville mushrooms

seville mushrooms

No, this is not another bullet point about food. It is one of the most epic and most Instagrammable places in Seville that locals call Seville mushrooms (Setas de Sevilla). It is actually a modern architecture masterpiece Metropol Parasol, which claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world. But what is even larger than the building itself is the wow factor you will encounter in person (and in vacay pics). For a modest entry fee of 3 Eur, you will be able to go up to a terrace and get a free drink. From there, you will also be able to walk on paths that reach a height of 28 meters off the ground and grant you unparalleled 360 views of Seville. And even more importantly - some attention-grabbing images. A great spot for sunset? Yes, yes, yes!

With all these magnificent places, Seville has more than plenty to offer for anyone willing to impress their followers and earn those very earned likes. My dearest advice is - consider these suggestions, but when on the spot, just explore and get lost in the unexpected photo moments of this amazing city. Doing it literally took my breath away on every new corner, and I wish you the same!

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