How to pack for your trip to Madrid

How to pack for your trip to Madrid

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How to pack for your trip to Madrid
Last year almost 84 million people travelled to Spain, and 6 million people visit the capital per year. If you have plans to travel to Spain, travel to Madrid, then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will learn when is the best time to travel to Madrid Spain, what to pack for a trip, and more.

Don’t forget to take neck purse

Neck wallets will be so useful in Madrid because it is a crowded city, and you may forget your phone, passport, or something else in a restaurant or somewhere else. Although crime rates in Madrid are so low, it would be better to take precautions against snatchers. Also, they are not expensive, and you can purchase them everywhere. Even such kinds of wallets are available on websites such as Amazon, and the price starts from 5 USD. Amazon has a wide range of neck wallets with various designs.

The power bank is the best friend of backpackers

If you want to travel to Spain or another country, don’t forget to take portable chargers. You will visit a lot of spots in a new country, and you will want to take photos of buildings, meals, locals, parks, forests, beaches, and more. That is why you need a phone with a full battery. Likely, you already have a portable battery, but if you haven’t bought it yet, don’t worry. Almost all cell phones and other electronic device producers have such kind products. There is a big competition in this area, and it affects the price range. Some of the power banks which we can recommend are Mi Power Bank (20,000 mAh), Corseca DMB2056 (20,000 mAh), Ambrane P-2080 (16,000 mAh), Intex IT-PB15k (15,000 mAh), Lenovo PA13000 (13,000 mAh), etc.

A device with a virtual private network (VPN)

Undoubtedly, online shopping is an undividable part of our daily life. Every day hundreds of people use websites to order or sell something. Unfortunately, opportunists abuse this situation. The credit and debit card information of many people has been stolen through online shopping. That is why we recommend you to use a VPN during your vacation. Another piece of advice is to use only reliable websites when you want to do online shopping. Also, take comments and reviews into consideration when you decide to buy anything. It will help you to minimize risks. Some of them are ExpressVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN, IPVanish, CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, etc. Moreover, some applications, features, or websites are not available in some countries, so VPN will assist you in this matter, too.

You may need a water bottle

It is evident that in many parts of Europe, you can face a clean water problem. Fortunately, Spain is lucky in this matter, but we don’t advise you to drink water from the tap everywhere. It is better to take a water bottle as you will walk a lot in the city, and maybe you will visit other Spanish towns after you travel to Madrid. Such kinds of bottles are not weighty, and you can carry them in your backpack without any disturbance. It would be great if you found one with a filter. In that case, you will feel much safer.

Activated charcoal

One of the things to pack for a trip is activated charcoal. Although Spain has rich cuisine and delicious meals, you may face some poisoning and diarrhoea problems, and to avoid such kinds of situations, you may need activated charcoal. When we read the opinions of travellers who have visited Madrid before, we can see that most of them recommend preferring to eat only in mid-range or high-range restaurants. Try to stand away from sandwiches made in the street and didn’t see any proper refrigeration. As we said, in Spain, you will get a chance to try delicious meals. Some of them which we can advise is Patatas bravas, Gazpacho, Pimientos de Padron, Fideua, Jamon, Tortilla, and more. Further, if you like wines, we can recommend these Asda Extra Special Albarino, Coto Mayor Crianza, Jaume Serra Cava Organic Brut, and more.

Fashionable rucksack

After your travel to Madrid, you will see that citizens are so fashionable in Madrid. Of course, you are a tourist, and it will be hard to dress or act like locals, but after seeing them, there is no doubt that you will want to look more fashionable. Also, you will spend most of your day visiting museums, architectural buildings, parks, shopping centres, local markets, and during this journey, your backpack will be with you always. It is essential to buy not only a rucksack but a fashionable rucksack. There are plenty of knapsacks with various designs and colours, so it will be effortless to find one.

Comfortable footwear

Another example of things to pack for a trip is comfortable footwear. When you travel to Spain, you will notice that it is forbidden to drive a car with flip-flops. Also, you can not wear flip-flops in most areas except beaches. If you plan to travel to Madrid or other cities in the country with a car or on foot, you will need to wear comfortable shoes. If you like to make various combinations, it would be better to take 2 or 3 pairs. Besides, don’t forget to buy some Spanish shoes with traditional designs. There is a wide range of availability, especially for women.

Scarves can be so useful for women

What to pack for a trip? One of the most crucial things to pack for a trip for women is scarves. If you are interested in history and culture, you would like to visit many churches, mosques, or other religious and historical places you will need to cover your body or head. Moreover, it can be a good accessor. You can make various combinations with those scarves. Spain has gorgeous traditional shawls, so don’t forget to purchase one as a memory. As mentioned above, there are many religious places in Spain. Some of them are in Madrid, such as the Madrid Central Mosque, Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid, Almudena Cathedral, Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, San Sebastian Church, etc.

Sunglasses are crucial

What to pack for a trip to shining Madrid? Spain is the sunniest country in Europe. Three hundred days out of the 365 are sunshiny in this country, so you will need to take sunglasses with you. Spain and Madrid are full of touristic and hiking places, so you will spend most of the time walking outside. That is why you will need stylish sunglasses. It is not only crucial for the health of your eyes but also to feel comfortable while walking under the sun. Furthermore, sunglasses are an excellent accessory for both women and men. It will add mystery and attractiveness to you.

Take a shirt of your favourite team

Spain is famous for many things, such as cultural places, beaches, drinks, meals, traditional dresses, and more. Undoubtedly, one of them is football. The national team and football clubs of the country won many competitions, and that is why they have many fans all over the world. One of the most famous football cities in the country is Madrid. In the last years, two well-known clubs Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, dominated Europe. Besides, matches between these two teams attract enormous attention. There is a long history of this rivalry. If you want to travel to Madrid, you can go to the matches of your favourite team. Also, you can participate in tours to the club’s stadium and museum. Especially if you are a Real Madrid fan, you can plan your vacation as it coincides with El Clasico, which is the most exciting derby all over the world. Do you know how many people watch this match? It is estimated that almost 2,5 billion people watch this match every year.

You will need sunscreen

As we said before, Spain is so sunny. You can get sunburns even without going to beaches. That is why we recommend you to take sunscreen with you. There are many sunscreens available on the market, and if you are buying them for the first time, it can be troublesome to choose the proper one. Here are some tips for finding an excellent sunscreen. First of all, the cream should have broad-spectrum protection because sunburns are various, and it should protect your body from all types. The second characteristic is water-resistant. The sun protection factor should be higher than 30.

When is the best time to travel to Madrid Spain?

madrid city Finally, we would like to answer the most asked question by potential travellers. When is the best time to travel to Madrid Spain? It mostly depends on your priorities. Do you prefer lively cities? Then you should get your Spain visa in late summer and visit Madrid in the fall (between September and November) or between March-May. On the other hand, if you favour cold weather, low prices, and a calm city, you can visit in winter.

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