12 reasons why you should travel to Trinidad and Tobago right now

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12 reasons why you should travel to Trinidad and Tobago right now
Trinidad and Tobago, the English-speaking twin islands, is one of the places that are worthy of visiting. Where is Trinidad and Tobago? It is located close to Venezuela to the north of South America. This Caribbean country consists of two islands. The fact that it is located near Venezuela, the possessor of the world's largest oil reserves, also makes Trinidad and Tobago endowed with oil and gas resources. The country's territory consists of two main islands: Trinidad, with an area of 4,800 square kilometres, and Tobago, with 300 square kilometres. It is interesting that Trinidad is much closer to Venezuela (11 km) than Tobago to Trinidad (30 km). Trinidad and Tobago population is about 1.4 million. The capital of the country is Port of Spain. How to travel to Trinidad and Tobago? You can take a plane from Canada, the UK, or the USA to Port of Spain Piarco International Airport (POS). You may also take a cruise ship to travel to Trinidad and Tobago. Is it safe to travel to Trinidad and Tobago? Most visits to Trinidad and Tobago are free of trouble and violent incidents. However, robberies and rapes can still happen. So, you have every right to wonder how safe is Trinidad and Tobago to travel. I will write about this more in detail at the end of the article. Let's now look at 12 reasons why you should travel to Trinidad and Tobago.

1. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

trinidad and tobago carnival The best time to visit the country is between January and May. During that time, the weather is excellent. Plus, there is the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival that you don't want to miss. During the carnival, Trinidad and Tobago population wear colourful dresses and dance on the streets. A lot of people around the world visit Trinidad and Tobago just to enjoy this cultural festival, colourful dresses, and streets, as well as culinary delights. The carnival will be one of your life's best experiences, with a lot to remember and keep in memories in the photographs.

2. Amazing beaches

beach in trinidad and tobago The country comprises two islands, so it is no wonder that Trinidad and Tobago is home to picturesque golden beaches. Being located on the shore of Maracas Bay, Maracas Beach is a fairytale-like beach in the country. You will see the area surrounded by mountains. Another gorgeous place to enjoy the warm water, golden sand, and natural surroundings is Las Cuevas Beach. Other amazing beaches include Mayaro Beach, Pigeon Point Beach, Chaguaramas Beaches, etc. In these picturesque places, you will also find amazing accommodation options and bars serving various cool drinks and cocktails.

3. Affordability

trinidad and tobago currency Trinidad and Tobago currency used in the country is the Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD). Card payments are accepted in major tourist attractions. Also, ATMs are commonplace throughout the country. You can exchange 1 USD for 6.77 TTD. As per Caribbean standards, Trinidad and Tobago is cheap. You will find many great cheap places to stay, amazing restaurants, and cafes to dine in. To enjoy beaches, you will not need a lot of money, sometimes just paying as little as $3.

4. Very sunny place

trinidad and tobago port If you do not like cloudy and gloomy weather, Trinidad and Tobago is a country for you to visit and enjoy sunny days. Trinidad and Tobago is almost a year-long sunny place. It is a country to get the best out of your summer vacation. Its gorgeous beaches are amazing places to get a tan while sitting and chilling under the sun, as well as enjoying the scenic sunset.

5. Delicious food

delicious trinidad and tobago cuisine The food in Trinidad and Tobago is so varied and delicious that you will be looking for their recipes at the end of your visit. The mouthwatering meals in the country are very affordable and never fail to attract many travellers. You will love tasting Coconut bake. Fans of snacks can enjoy Pholourie as appetizers at Trini restaurants. Seafood fans should not miss the chance of tasting Saltfish Buljol, Fish Broth, Tobago Curry Crab and Dumplings, etc. What is the most different food you ever had? I am sure many of you won't say shark meat. Yes, you can taste shark meat - unique Bake and Shark street food - in Trinidad and Tobago.

6. Beautiful nature

panoramic landscape If you are a nature and wildlife buff, make sure that you travel to Trinidad and Tobago with a camera at your hand, for it will amaze you with its nature. The country is home to different species, such as more than 20 non-poisonous snakes, about 17 mammal species, more than 200 bird species, and around 14 different reptiles. You will also find awesome hiking destinations. There are also picturesque waterfalls that you should not miss. For example, one of the best hiking areas to explore Trinidad and Tobago is Maracas Waterfall. Other Instagrammable waterfalls are Avocat Waterfall, Angel Falls, and so on.

7. Super diving experience

The twin islands are also home to many world-class sites for divers. It is no secret that the fauna of the Caribbean is very rich and diverse. Here, divers will be able to see the world's largest brain coral. Scuba divers in Trinidad and Tobago enjoy swimming together with pelagic fish while drift diving. There are many diving sites, including MV Maverick, Flying Reef, and the Sisters, which will allow you to view the country's abundant marine life.

8. Addictive music

music festival Where is Trinidad and Tobago? It is enough just to say that Trinidad and Tobago is where Soca music was born. Of course, music lovers cannot forget the Trini king of Soca, Machel Montana. You will also find the music amazing during Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Are you a Jazz fan? If yes, you will enjoy visiting the country in April as it is when the Trinidad and Tobago population holds the annual Tobago Jazz Festival.

9. Unique La Brea Pitch Lake

la brea pitch lake In the southwest of Trinidad Island, you will find the unique Pitch Lake in La Brea town. This lake is the world's largest natural accumulation of asphalt. Just seeing this lake and taking photographs is a good reason to travel to Trinidad and Tobago. Natural forces created this Pitch Lake more than thousands of years ago due to tectonic activities. The smell around the area is not that great, but many people still decide to swim in the lake thanks to its therapeutic effects.

10. One of the best chocolate

dark chocolate Trinidad and Tobago is also home to amazing chocolate. In the 2019 International Chocolate Awards, the Tobago Estate Chocolate - Laura won a silver award. It has a history related to cocoa production. You may visit old plantations, which used to be a significant slavery site of cocoa production. Learning about the history of the plantations will enable you to better understand their culture. Tobago Island is especially known for its cocoa in the world. There is also a historical cocoa dance, which you might want to learn at the plantations.

11. Tobago Island

tobago island A smaller island of the country is Tobago. Only around 4% of the country's population live on this little island. Despite its small size, Tobago Island is the favourite destination of many tourists visiting the country. It is renowned for its relaxing nature, pristine beaches, and very positive Caribbean vibes. The main industry of Tobago is tourism, so you will get one of the best services on this island. Tobago Jazz Festival has also made the island very famous for music lovers.

12. Many activities

underwater carnival The country is home to many fun activities. One is the Tobago Underwater Carnival. It is a fun week-long diving festival that happens on July 22-29 in the northern and southern parts of Tobago. The registration fee is just $75, but with it comes one of the best activities of your life. You can also take cruise ships trips in Trinidad and Tobago. If you are wondering how to travel to Trinidad and Tobago, cruise ships are also one way of doing it. Scuba diving, surfing, sailing, hiking, bird watching, and many other activities are waiting for you in this amazing two-island country.

Is it safe to travel to Trinidad and Tobago?

police cars In general, yes! Exactly how safe is Trinidad and Tobago to travel? It is moderately safe for several reasons. Reports show that tourists have been targeted for armed robberies, sexual assaults, and other violent crimes, especially in Port of Spain. Since 2018, the news reports show that kidnapping with ransom demand has increased. During the yearly carnival, tourists can be a target of petty crime, such as purse snatching. You should also beware that wearing anything related to army or camouflage clothes are legally prohibited. For LGBTQ people, is it safe to travel to Trinidad and Tobago? Although there is no rule prohibiting sexual acts between same-sex persons, homosexuality is socially not accepted in most places in Trinidad and Tobago. So, LGBTQ people may be a target of verbal abuse. To sum up, Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean country promising a unique experience. In this article, I have tried to answer the following questions: Where is Trinidad and Tobago? How safe is Trinidad and Tobago to travel? How to travel to Trinidad and Tobago? Twelve reasons that I have highlighted why you should travel to Trinidad and Tobago are as follows: Trinidad and Tobago carnival, amazing beaches, affordability, very sunny place, delicious food, beautiful nature, an amazing diving experience, addictive music, Pitch Lake, good chocolate, Tobago Island, and many activities. Thank you for reading our blog.

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