Top 7 clubs to dance in Riga

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Top 7 clubs to dance in Riga

Where is Riga?

Riga is the capital of Latvia. It is easy to get to Riga by car or bus. The way from Moscow, Russia will take 10 hours, while from St. Petersburg - only 8. Railway and bus stations are located near the historic city centre. Once you arrive, cross the street, and all the beauties of Riga become accessible. The city is home to 600 thousand inhabitants. The pace is not as fast as in Paris or London, but there is also something to do here. Tourists are offered to study history in museums, admire ancient buildings and cathedrals, eat national food in taverns. The most atmospheric Riga is located on a piece of 4.4 square kilometres - it is the heart of the capital of Latvia, the place where history was created. You can get around all its winding streets in one evening. But one night isn't enough to admire it. After midnight, the city is transformed. Souvenir shops, museums, shops close until morning. And instead, night clubs and discos wake up. There are more of them here than in any European capital. The locals have a tradition - they don't stay in one place for long. The clubs are so close that in five minutes you can find yourself in a different atmosphere what's not here: rock bars, jazz cafes, elite night clubs, student facilities. The best night clubs in Latvia are located in Riga. Fans of all styles and musical directions will find the best night clubs in Riga. If you travel to Riga Latvia, you must visit the clubs. And five institutions a night is not the limit. It's the nicest place to come here in the summer. Tables are put out on the street, and some squares turn into one solid party. Nightlife in Riga wakes up on Thursday and ends on Sunday.

1. Studio 69

Studio Club One of the best night clubs in Riga is Studio 69. Studio 69 is located in the complex Royal Casino Spa & Hotel Resort in Riga's heart. A place for those who appreciate glamour, wealth, and luxury. There is no easy way to get here: there is face control at the entrance. Elegance is welcome here: shirts and trousers in the casual style, cocktail dresses. Sneakers or sportswear, unfortunately, are not allowed. The interior is made in red and gold colours. There is a stage in the centre of the big hall; a wide staircase leads to it. Right in front of the stage, there is a dance floor, and behind it, there is a fenced area with tables. To come here by the company, you need to reserve a table. There are only 10 of them, so you have to take care of the reservation in advance. For those who prefer a good view, there is a mezzanine with seats. And for smokers, there is a separate "cigarette" room. The club specializes in live concerts and DJ parties. Every night there is an invited guest, so the entrance fee is 20 euros. Working hours: on Friday and Saturday from 22.00 to 6.00. The entrance is allowed only for those who are 21 years old.

2. Faraons

Faraon Club Faraons is one of the best night clubs in Riga. Faraons is a place for those who like exotic and unusual interiors. Here everything is made in the style of Ancient Egypt: hieroglyphs, pyramids, statues of priests and pharaohs, sphinxes, sarcophagi. Roosters, walls, and ceilings of the club are illuminated with blue, red, purple, and green lasers, which gives a special mysterious atmosphere. This three-story club is one of the largest clubs in Riga - it can accommodate a thousand people at a time. Here you can watch an erotic show, enjoy a disco and retro music and attend a live performance. There are three bars for different moods. "Nefertiti" on the ground floor is open 24 hours a day. The other two bars are open on Friday and Saturday from 23.45 to 10.00. The hall with several dozens of slot machines is open every day and every night.

3. La Belle Epoque

La Belle The locals call this place "French Bar". It's a very tiny place on Maza Monetu. One room: a bar counter and a hall with free space and several tables. But still, there are dancing parties. Students especially like "La Bella Epoque" for cheap alcohol. Half a litre of beer is sold here for 2 euros, and it is the lowest price in all of Riga. That is why in the evenings there are queues at the entrance. This place is perfect to start your evening. By the way, you can also order food at the bar. The choice is not big, but apple pie is served in large portions. There are also several snacks to choose from. During the day there are screens with sports programs, and in the evening there is music playing. Anyone can choose a track. If you are lucky and the bar is empty, you can dance. The venue is open every day.


Depo Club Depo is another place on the list of best night clubs in Riga. Here you can listen to the music of different directions: indie, techno, hip-hop, rock, metal, punk, ska, reggae, etc. The club has existed since 2002 and is one of the most prominent concert venues in Latvia. Basically, here the promoted European bands perform. But the administration gives way to both little-known bands and debutants. As it is said on the site - the most important thing is that musicians have a unique style. In Depo you can try yourself - for this purpose the traditional "20 minutes of fame" is held here. Anyone who sends a request to the post office and passes the selection can perform. There are three halls with a dance floor, cafe, bar, and two small rooms in the basement for visitors. The capacity of the main concert hall is 150 people. The speciality of Depo is its staff. Sometimes you can meet local musicians working as waiters. If one of the guests did not understand the poster, the professionals would explain everything to him. The institution is open every day except Sunday. From Monday to Thursday, visitors are accepted from 21.00 to 3.00. On Friday and Saturday - until 5.00. The entrance to the concert costs 5-7 euros.

5. Hardcore Hangover Club

Hardcore Hangover Club This bar works both day and night. There is hardly anybody here during daylight hours, but closer to the evening, the "Rocker House" is filled with people. The interior is brutal; like the music, they listen to here. Only rock is welcome: from light pop-rock to hard rock. In the tourist season, there are live music concerts, while the rest of the time, they dance to the record. Visitors love this place for its lack of restrictions: no age or face control. The alcoholic map is diverse. There are strong drinks: rum, vodka, whiskey, Riga balsam. Served and what is easier: beer or cider. If you get to the happy hours, you can get a good discount. A half-litre mug of beer will cost you 2.8 euros, and for Riga, it is an incredibly low price. The bar serves hot and cold snacks. There is a separate VIP-room for companies.

6. First Dacha

First Dacha One of the best clubs in Riga is First Dacha. This institution is a Moscow project of "FIRST" club promoters. And one more elite institution where everyone is checked for face control. Moreover, some parties can be accessed only by special invitation. Luxury, glamour, and elitism are the club's styles, and every detail speaks about it - outdoor pool on the inner terrace, yacht parking, expensive author's cocktails in the bar. Often you can meet show business stars here. The club is located in Andrejsala district, known as the art and cultural centre of Riga. Originally the project was conceived as a summer one. But because of its popularity, the club is also open during the cold season. The restaurant serves fish and seafood dishes. This underlines its location on the river bank. The music program only includes famous DJs in the world. The club is open on Friday and Saturday, from 23.00 and till 6.00. The entrance is allowed only for those who have turned 21.

7. Coyote Fly

Coyote Club Coyote Fly club is located in the Vermanes Garden. It has three halls and different musical styles. It includes everything: pop, disco, retro, and even Russian hits. Every two or three weeks, European DJs perform. Sometimes they invite groups from Russia. Theme music parties are held here all the time.  The bar counter is located in the open air, close to which there are sofas with tables. The club can accommodate 500 people. The whole space is divided into several recreation zones. The entrance is free for girls, and guys need to make a 5-euro deposit, which is exchanged for liquor. On Fridays and Saturdays, only those over 21 are allowed in. On Thursday - all adults. The institution works from 23.00 to 6.00. The dress code here is conditional, the main thing is not to forget to stroke the shirt, and the style of clothing is not important. The budget of the club night depends on the choice of institution. If in "French Bar" you can fit in 5-10 euros, in "First Dacha" with this amount there is almost nothing to buy. Tea or coffee in Riga is served for 2-4 euros. The beer costs 5 euros. But if you get to the "happy hours", it will cost 2-3. Any other alcoholic drink will cost 5-20 euros. Dinner will cost 30. Taxi from the centre to anywhere in the city - from 2.5. Somewhere entrance is free, but somewhere you have to pay 5-20 euros for a ticket. Summer nights in Riga are warm. For lovers of nightlife - not quiet at all. A noisy night with several parties can end with chic and quiet dawn on the Daugava River, which flows here in the Old Town.

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