Differences between Jordan pass and Jordan visa

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Differences between Jordan pass and Jordan visa
Jordan has mesmerized many a traveler. Home to numerous and exotic tourist attractions, Jordan is a beautiful nation for travelers to explore. And it becomes all the more easy and cheap - and it’s all thanks to the Jordan Pass.

What is the Jordan Pass?

dollars Offered by the Jordan Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Jordan Pass is a discount program. While the Jordan Pass is not a Jordan Tourist visa, it acts like it’s one (to some extent) as it allows admission to the travelers to visit 36 tourist spots across the nation. Based on how long you want to stay in Jordan, say for 3 days, 2 days, or even 1 day, the Jordan Pass comes in three price levels. For a 3-day visit to Jordan, you can go for the Jordan Expert Pass - it costs about 80 JOD (US Dollars 113). For a 2-day visit, there’s the Jordan Explorer Pass - this pass costs about 75 JOD (US Dollars 106). And for a 1-day visit to Jordan, there’s the Jordan Wanderer Pass, which costs about 70 JOD (US Dollars 99).

How to apply for Jordan Pass?

blue passport The Jordan Pass can be applied online. The best part is that if you apply for the Jordan Pass online, then, the Jordan Pass waives the Jordan arrival visa fees by about JOD 40. To get the Jordan Pass, fill out your information, your trip, and your flight. Note that to enter Jordan, the travelers (exempting children under 5 years of age) need to present a negative PCR test which is taken within 120 hours of departure. Also, health insurance is to be included.

What are the other important points to note about Jordan Pass?

waving flag Before opting for a Jordan Pass, it’s best to remember the following listed points: - The travelers who have a Jordan Pass don’t have to buy a Jordan arrival visa. - As mentioned before, the Jordan Pass is not a Jordan visa. It only waives the Jordan visa fees, if you stay for 3 whole nights (4 days). The airport’s immigration system will check if you stayed for more than 3 nights. If you didn’t, you will be told to pay a fee. Talking of Jordan Pass, while it may look and seem the same as that of a Jordan visa, it’s not. Let’s find out why, shall we?

What is a Jordan visa?

man holding passport A Jordan visa is just like any other visa - it is a conditional authorization that allows travelers to enter the nation of Jordan legally. Barring travelers from a few countries, all other citizens will require a Jordan visa to visit the country. While the Jordan Pass will permit you to stay in Jordan for 4 days and 3 nights, the Jordan visa, on the other hand, permits the traveler to stay in Jordan for 30 days.

What is the Jordan visa policy?

coronavirus vaccine The Jordan visa policy states a few nations that don’t need a Jordan visa to enter the country. However, other citizens will require a passport (valid for 6 months) with 2 blank pages to enter Jordan. As of now, there is no ban on Jordan visas for any foreign citizen. The citizens of EU nations (barring Croatia) and Lebanon are exempted - they can enter Jordan with a valid national ID card, if they arrive on a direct flight at the Aqaba airport from Brussels. Barring Government workers transiting onward to Iraq, all foreign citizens need to have a return or circle trip flight ticket (non-refundable) upon their arrival in Jordan. Based on their nationality, citizens from 10 countries can visit Jordan without a Jordan visa for a period of 3 months to 1 month. This also includes citizens from the member states of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). All the other foreign citizens will require a Jordan visa to enter the country, be it a Jordan electronic visa, Jordan arrival visa by queuing at the immigration center at the border, or a Jordan Embassy visa through a diplomatic government office in Jordan in advance. The Jordan eVisa is available through an online tourist package, known as Jordan Pass. It eliminates the need to wait in lines at the border to submit the Jordan arrival visa and allows the visitors expedited entry into the nation. For purposes other than tourism, those citizens who plan to visit Jordan will need to apply for Jordan visa at the Jordan Consulate or Embassy. Those foreign citizens who can’t apply for Jordan visa online, have to apply for Jordan Embassy visa, no matter what their expected period of stay or travel purposes are.

What are the Jordan visa requirements?

passport The following listed Jordan visa requirements are a must to get a Jordan visa: - A passport (valid for 6 months) with 2 blank pages - Proof of accommodation - Proof of a travel ticket (onward) - Proof of sufficient funds to sustain yourself during your stay - Enough money to pay the Jordan visa fee - Proof of negative HIV test, if the period of stay is longer than 30 days If you apply for Jordan visa at the Consulate or Embassy, you may need additional documents, based on your purpose of travel, such as: - Enrollment’s proof, if you want to apply for a Jordan student visa - If you want to apply for a Jordan work visa, proof of academic and work experience is a must - If your purpose of travel is business-related, you need a business letter

How to get a visa for Jordan?

laptop It’s important to know that to get a visa for Jordan, you can’t do it online. You can only apply for the Jordan Pass online. Note that the Jordan Pass is like a Jordan visa, in the sense that it waives the requirement of the Jordan arrival visa. The Jordan Pass is expensive than the Jordan arrival visa, but it’s worth it to know that with the Jordan Pass, you can enter Jordan and visit multiple tourist attractions in the nation.

What is the Jordan visa application process like?

visa application To visit Jordan, you can opt for the Jordan Pass, and the Jordan arrival visa, also known as the Jordan visa on arrival. Many travelers have both the Jordan Pass and the Jordan Visa on arrival, though having both is not a necessity. The Jordan visa application process for the Jordan visa on arrival is an easy one. Barring KingHussein/Allenby Bridge, most border crossings accept an application for Jordan visa on arrival. You can also apply for one at the Queen Asia International Airport and Aqaba Airport. You will be asked questions about your trip. Following this, your documents will be verified and the immigration officers will stamp your visa. Also, present your passport, return-trip ticket, hotel reservations, and pay the Jordan arrival visa fee of JOD 40.

What is the duration of Jordan arrival visa?

opened passport For a single entry, the Jordan visa on arrival is issued for 1 month. If your duration of stay is longer than 30 days, you need to apply for Jordan Embassy visa. The Jordan Embassy visa can be issued for multiple and double entries, and permits travelers to stay in the nation for about 6 months.

How to apply for Jordan Embassy visa?

woman signing document To apply for Jordan Embassy visa, you need to head off to the nearest Jordan Embassy or Consulate. Before that, either eMail or contact them and ask about the requirements of the Jordan Embassy visa. Gather all of your important documents and either hand them in person at the Consulate or Embassy or you can mail them, as per their requirements. It will take a few days to get the visa processed, and following which, you can go and pick it up. The Jordan Embassy visa can also be mailed to you, if you have applied it by mail.

Can you extend a Jordan visa?

red passport No matter what type your Jordan visa is, you will need to register at a Jordanian police station if you want to stay longer than the validity of your visa - and this must be done before your Jordan visa expires. If, however, you overstay your Jordan visa, and you haven’t registered with the Jordanian police, during departure, you have to pay a fee. Based on how many days you have overstayed in Jordan, the fee is calculated - it is $2 (approx.) per day. That said, if you have a Jordan arrival visa, you can get a 60-day extension period. With a Jordan Embassy visa, you can get another 6-months extension.

Will you need a visa during your transit in Jordan?

visa application If you don’t leave the area of the international airport, and if you have to depart within 48 hours, provided you have all the necessary documents required for your final destination, you don’t need a Jordan visa. If you have to catch a connecting flight by passing through control, then, you need to get a Jordan visa. An entry visa such as Jordan visa on arrival will do just fine.

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