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Certainly one of the important concerns about travel to any part of the world is the choice of suitable hotels. Proportionality in this topic maintains in itself a comfort, cleanliness, proximity to the places related to tourism, best service, security, and of course, compliance with your budget, in other words, reasonable prices. So, nowadays, especially in this pandemic period, people are looking for extraordinary hotels and suitable places with properties I mentioned above. Today, I would like to speak to us about the hotels in Valparaiso in my article. I think every tourism lover would like to include their trip experience travel to Valparaiso. Therefore, perhaps this article can be helpful for them to find the best hotels in Valparaiso Chile. Bu before giving ideas about extraordinary hotels in this city, I would be interesting to talk about "where is Valparaiso?", Valparaiso weather, what to do in Valparaiso


And let's start with the "where is Valparaiso?" This region, one of Chile's 16 first-order administrative divisions, is in central Chile, South America. The Pacific Ocean borders it on the west, Argentina on the east, and Santiago metropolitan on the southeast. There are only 70miles between the capital of Santiago and the center of this port region. This place maintains Valparaiso, San Antonio, Quilota, Petorca, San Felipe, Los Andes, Marga, and Isla de Pascua province. At the same time, it is Chile's third most populous region. While we are searching about "where is Valparaiso?", we can see that the area of this South American region is surrounded by mountains, broad valleys like the northern reaches of the Central Valley of Chile, which is located between the coastal ranges and piedmont alluvial slopes of the Andes. You can also see Aconcagua, and Lingua rivers, their tributaries, and the lower Rio Maipo basin. 

sunset in valparaiso

The capital of the Valparaiso region is the city of Valparaiso. The historic downtown situated in this city was determined as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. According to the sources, Valparaiso city is compared with San Francisco because of its numerous hills and colorful neighborhoods. During your travel to Valparaiso, you can witness that this city's architecture maintains Lisbon and Buenos Aires. If you think about the Valparaiso weather while planning your trip, you should know that this region's climate is warm and temperate. You can meet the rain mostly in winter, so the best time to travel to Valparaiso is the summer, from December to February, because at this time Valparaiso weather would create for you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful beach holiday. And the most heard question. What to do in Valparaiso? Firstly, if I can go to this coastal city, I would observe all of the colorful streets of this place full of art samples. It likes the museum, which consists of several streets that resemble art space. There are hundreds of murals, mosaics, and sculptures; the best part of the city is Cerro Bellavista or, in other words, Beautiful View Hill. The most recommended streets are Hector Calva, Elias, Templeman, Atahualpa, Carillo Armstrong, Miraflores. 

valparaiso sculpture

Another option for things to do in Valparaiso can be a boat tour. You can see the city from a different angle by taking a boat. And have you ever heard about a fishing town in this city, Caleta Portales? In my opinion, if you have learned about it, you would not think, "what to do in Valparaiso?". You can go to this place to eat delicious dishes and buy directly from the fishing boats fresh fish from the sea. Also, if you are tired of the chaotic, crowded, noisy city, you can take breathe in the paradise place of this destination. This is the Vina del Mar Botanical Garden. It is a vast, relaxing place where you can go hiking, cycling, canopy tours, picnicking, etc. You can enjoy the green forest, small rivers, a lake, bridges, artificial waterfalls, flowers. In my opinion, visit La Sebastian should be an exciting experience for you in Valparaiso. This is the house of the most famous Chilean poet and writer, Pablo Neruda. The house museum is situated on the Cerro Bellavista. You will not only have a good time but also obtain a lot of valuable information. You should not forget about the beaches during your holiday in Valparaiso. Walking in the narrow streets, admiring fine art, getting information about Chile's biodiversity, riding old trolleybuses and funiculars, celebrating New Year, and climbing the hills on a mountain bike should be on your list of the things to do in Valparaiso. So, you see, you would never be bored there, are plenty of things to do in Valparaiso, and thus you need a place to stay for a while, to discover this marvelous city. There are a lot of options for a different budget. If you search a little, you can learn that the best area to stay in Cerro Concepcion, Cerro Bellavista, and La Sebastiana. So, let's observe the most extraordinary hotels in Valparaiso.

1. Fauno Hotel 

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My first advice for the best hotels in Valparaiso Chile is Fauno Hotel. This is located in Pasaje Dimalow, which is known as the center of Cerro Alegre. This area is the historic and tourist district in the city. This sample of Valparaiso's best places offers stunning scenic panoramas to the nearby bay, Cerro Concepcion, and Cerro Pantheon. Its design is a blending of wood, metal, and brick. There are a lot of international restaurants boasts of a large terrace, which suggests an epic atmosphere. Another advantage of Fauno Hotel, which is one of Valparaiso's extraordinary hotels, is that it is in the heart of the UNESCO area of Alegre Hill. You can enjoy fishing Caleta, visiting the street art in Museo a Cielo Abierto while staying there. The building of this hotel in Valparaiso represents the iconic architecture of Valparaiso bay. If you decide to visit there, you will meet wonderful rooms that are designed by helping several national artists who used native wood, adobe, and different details to make unique styles for each room. The restaurant suggests excellent cuisine with very delicious national dishes. So, if you ask me, I can say that you should not hesitate to choose this extraordinary hotel on your travel to this coastal city.

2. Zero Hotel 


If you want to stay in a boutique hotel, I would like to recommend you choose Zero Hotel among Valparaiso hotels. The Zero Hotel with cozy homely rooms and a miraculous view of the sea is situated in the center of the city. The incredible scenery of the Pacific Ocean, which creates you to be in the sunset atmosphere, would enhance your holiday pleasure. Its traditional house is appreciated with its magical simplicity. The house has only nine rooms, and you can enjoy the view of the bay from four of them. And the others open to the hills and their unique architectural geography. Valparaiso's cobblestone alleys, colourful murals, and world popular cable cars are just minutes far from this place, which can be considered one of the most extraordinary hotels.

3. Hotel Oceanic 


One of the best hotels in Valparaiso Chile is the Hotel Oceanic. This hotel is located on the admirable coastline between Vine del Mar and Renaca. This place, which is one of Valparaiso's most wonderful hotels, offers you unforgettable peaceful evenings by the majestic Pacific Ocean. It consists of 30 rooms, and they maintain wooden floors, comfortable beds, and local textiles. Also, if you decide to spend your holiday there, you would get a fantastic chance to see every day of your rest, see and the Bay of Valparaiso. Besides, Hotel Oceanic offers beach life, sailing, and other interesting activities. Its restaurant is famous for its prestigious menu, exclusive Mediterranean dishes with a particular emphasis on fish and seafood. And who knows, if you plan your wedding or any other event, you will never regret it.

4. Cirilo Armstrong Hotel 

hotel room

Another sample among the hotels in Valparaiso, which is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Cirilo Armstrong Hotel. This hotel is situated near Concepcion Hill and Alegre Hill. It is known for its clean, modern design. If you choose to stay in this hotel, you can get the advantage of hiring a bike and discovering the city's beauty with it. Also, you can rest by using their excellent massage services.

5. Voga Exclusive Guesthouse 

hotel room

Another boutique hotel that I want to suggest is Voga Exclusive Guesthouse. This is situated on the top of Cerro Alegre, one of the majestic hills in Valparaiso, so the hotel is very suitable for local exploring. Its building is restored with 19th-century properties. Stayin there gives you a chance to walking in Valparaiso's colorful streets, excellent, memorable photo opportunities, and visiting the bright houses on Dimalow Walk. Its cozy rooms, which are very bright and airy, help you to rest very well.  

So, I can enlarge the list of the most extraordinary hotels in Valparaiso which create a great atmosphere for you to forget all troubles, problems in your routine days, and refresh yourself.

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