12 Instagrammable places in Brasov

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12 Instagrammable places in Brasov
Romania - the mysterious town of Transylvania, "lost" among the Carpathian ridges. Brasov amazes at first sight, and it can be confidently called one of the most Instagrammable cities, which was presented to tourists by Romania. Medieval architectural constructions with the orange colour of ancient tiles give Brasov its unique atmosphere, which cannot be confused with anything. brasov If it hadn't been for the event of 1689, when a fire destroyed almost the entire city in April, Brasov, whose sights are discussed below, would probably have been even more beautiful. In any case, a lot of historic buildings have survived to this day, and the question: "What to see in Brasov?" virtually disappears - there are plenty of iconic Instagrammable places in the city. Especially for you, we have selected the most Instagrammable places in Brasov - no doubt, it will be interesting!

1. Brasov Fortress

brasov fortress The fortress is the main historical building of the city. It was built in the late 13th century to shelter Brasov's residents on the plateau, located to the southwest of Mount Tympa's peak. The walls, partially preserved today, occupied a vast area and could accommodate up to 23,000 soldiers to defend the city. The Brasov fortress was perfectly adapted to all kinds of terrain concessions, had several defensive and observation towers, loopholes for archers and other military equipment. In 1434, by order of Prince Transylvania Yanke de Hunedoara, the fortress was destroyed, but not completely. The stone fragments have survived to this day, and from the walls of the fort still opens an Instagrammable panorama of Brasov.

2. Black Church in Brasov

church in brasov It is the largest religious building of the state, and one of the most significant in the whole of Europe. The construction of the stone church dates back to 1383, a period of cultural and economic development, which was rapidly experienced by Romania. The building has a length of 89 meters and a width of just over 38, and its significant size can accommodate up to 5,000 people during the service. Initially, the "Black Church" in Brasov was named "St. Mary", until the tragic events of 1689 mentioned above. The "Great Fire" completely burned down the interior decoration of the church, destroyed the roof, and the stone walls were blackened by fire and smoke. After a while, extensive restoration work was carried out, which took several centuries until 1722. But the consequences of the fire, which occurred more than 300 years ago, can be seen with the naked eye and in our time. Since 1953, the "Black Church" holds regular organ concerts.  The "Black Church" in Brasov almost daily receives tourists and all guests of the city. The weekend is Monday, and the ticket price for adults is about 10 Romanian lei or about 180 rubles at the current rate. 

3. Mount Tympa

mount tympa The "Tympa" mountain belongs to the Carpathian mountain ranges and is rightly considered to be the city's symbol. Brasov from all sides surrounds the "Tympa". It is from this hill that the best views of the city can be seen, a place that is ideal for any photoshoot. From an elevation of 960 meters perfectly visible as a street network of the city, where the most important historical monuments and other Instagrammable places in Brasov. You can reach the top in just a few minutes by cable car or on foot by mountain trail with signs. The total length of the ropeway is only 573 meters, and the one-way ticket price is 18 Romanian lei (about 320 rubles). The intermediate point of ascent, at an altitude of 640 meters, is the restaurant with national cuisine "Casa Padurarului". At the top of the peak, guests of Brasov and all holidaymakers are welcomed by the second restaurant - "Panoramic", named after the fantastic panoramic views of the mountain "Tympa".

4. Bastion Blacksmith

brasov Situated on Bradychanu Alley, with the entrance to George Koshbuka Street, the Blacksmith Bastion found its place right at the foot of Tympa Mountain. The defensive structure was built in 1570-1573 to protect the southern part of the city and was equipped for firing firearms. Today, the Blacksmith Bastion is considered to be the best-preserved example of medieval defensive architecture. The stone building has the shape of the wrong polygon, adapted for the terrain ledges, and the thickness of the walls reaches 4.3 meters. The bastion was last restored in 1910, and in the same year, it was turned into a museum, which still functions today. Since 2002, the inner courtyard of the Bastion "The Smith" has become an open area for opera performances from all over the world.

5. White Tower in Brasov

tower in brasov In the Middle Ages, the "White Tower" was designed to protect the guilds of tinsmiths and coppersmiths. Built-in the middle of the 15th century on the slope of the "Rose Hill", the tower majestically towers over the city, offering everyone to take most liked Instagram photos from a height of several tens of meters. The structure has a closed semicircular shape, five levels of defence galleries with fire holes, teeth and bellows for liquids. Like the "Black Church", "White Tower" was severely damaged in a fire in 1689. The first repair took place in 1722, and the last restoration works were carried out in 1974, 2002 and 2005.

6. Black Tower in Brasov

tower in brasov On the same slope as the White Tower, and at about the same time, another military building, the Black Tower, was erected. It had a double function: a 24-hour observation post and a defensive structure.  Over its centuries-long history, the Black Tower has been repeatedly exposed to lightning strikes. On July 23, 1559, another lightning strike caused an intense fire inside the building - everything burned to the ground, leaving only stone walls. Now the Black Tower has been completely restored, and since 2001, it has functioned as a museum.  

7. The House of Soviets in Brasov

house of soviets "The 'House of Soviets' in Brasov is the oldest building in the city that has perfectly preserved the 'spirit' and architecture of the Middle Ages in modern times. The building is located on the city's main square, surrounded by the 'Brasov Fortress'. On December 23, 1420, the "Act of Justice" was published for the first time, according to which, for the meeting of the city magistrate and representatives of the authorities required the building, which became the House of Soviets.  Destroyed by a fire in 1689, which affected most buildings of the city, the "House of the Council" was rebuilt in the Baroque style in 1778. He received a new loggia with the coat of arms of the city, and the roof of the tower in the form of "bulb", which, unfortunately, is not preserved.  Until 1923, "House of Soviets" kept the city archive of Brasov, and from 1950 to the present day, the building serves as a historical museum with archaeological exhibits.

8. Poyana-Brashov Leisure and Recreation Center

recreation center Located at the foot of the ski slope "Bradul", leisure and entertainment centre "Poyana-Brashov" has become the largest recreation area in the city. Focused on a wide range of vacationers, "Poyana-Brashov" is excellent for both children and youth, and adults of any age category. Thanks to the technological equipment and modern design, the centre offers to all comers: - Eight professional bowling lanes "QubicaAMFZ"; - Three billiard tables made of solid African teak wood; - Children's sports courts "mini Highway 66"; - Large hall for climbing; - Minigolf; - Desktop and electronic games; - A bar and a children's cafe on the first floor of the Center. "Poyana-Brashov" can accommodate up to 700 guests at a time! 

9. Planetarium of Brasov

brasov night Virtual "travels" to space from the modern hall of the digital planetarium, can well stimulate your interest in the most mysterious science of our time - astronomy.  The hall, built in the form of an amphitheatre with a slight inclination, similar to the Earth's axis of 23.5 degrees, gives a sense of "presence" while viewing the projections of the universe. Also, its amphitheatre facilities meet the highest standards in terms of comfort and modern technology. The sound background is provided by a high-quality surround sound system specially designed for the planetarium. The projection unit consists of two "Sony 4K" screens, working simultaneously.  The unprecedented experience of the planetarium not only "immerses" those present in the world of virtual space, but also helps to understand the complexity of the universe and the laws by which it exists. If you are still wondering: "What to see in Brasov?", be sure to visit this Instagrammable place, which will present not only new knowledge but also a lot of emotions. The ticket for adults costs 20 Romanian lei or approximately 360 rubles at the current rate. For children, schoolchildren, students and pensioners there are preferential rates with up to 50% discount.

10. Park named after V.I. Lomonosov. Nikolae Titulescu Park

park in brasov Brasov, whose tourist attractions attract tourists from all over the world, has long held the title of "Green Capital of Romania" - a city with the largest area of greenery per capita in Transylvania. Care for the reorganization of parks and gardens has been constant in recent years: Brasov has a lot of well-groomed park with alleys and playgrounds in all districts of the city. The most impressive and spacious one is Garden Park. The most impressive and spacious is the Nicolae Titulescu Park, located in the very Center of the city. It is like an "oasis" in the desert, giving people peace of mind in the middle of a noisy metropolis. Perfectly maintained, with winding alleys, valuable and diverse types of trees and flowers, this park often becomes a place for a wedding most liked Instagram photos and other ceremonies. 

11. Brasov Zoo

brasov zoo Brasov Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Romania. Brasov Zoo is located in the south-eastern part of the city, at the foot of the forest. The infrastructure of this Instagrammable place is perfectly developed, and the number of countless animals can not be imagined.  At the moment, on the territory of the zoo can be found: - Mammals: llamas, Carpathian deer, blades, boars, grey wolves, foxes, tigers, lions, jaguars, martens, brown bears, wild horses, donkeys, baboons, nutria, golden hamsters, white camels, white lions, white tigers and a pair of snow leopards; - Birds: ostriches, wild ducks, spikes, mandarin ducks, domestic geese, black swans, white swans, European storks, carrier pigeons, doves, biblical turke, pedigree and decorative chickens, peacocks, golden pheasants, silver pheasants, pigeon hawks, winter hawks, screaming eagles, canaries, "Agapornis" parrots, owls, etc. In the summer of 2017, the zoo was filled with sharks, piranhas, reef fish, octopus, African cichlids "Malawi" and even alligators.

12. Brasov Olympic rink

brasov olympic rink The next best places to visit in Romania is the Brasov Olympic rink.  The Olympic skating rink was opened in January 2010, by direct order of the city mayor's office. It is located behind the Central Station, in the park "Tractorul". The Department of Sports and Youth manages the whole complex in Brasov. Today the ice rink is the "home" for the local hockey team "Corona Wolves Brașov". It is rightly considered the most technologically advanced and modern ice rink in the whole of Romania. The sports complex can accommodate up to 2 000 spectators and consists of several rooms: a protocol hall, a conference hall, a medical office, an anti-doping station, a fan shop, cafes and buffet.

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