12 Instagrammable places in Chad

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12 Instagrammable places in Chad
Chad? Where is Lake Chad? How to travel to Chad? What are the best places to visit in Chad? Let's find answers to these questions. Chad is a less-known country, officially referred to as the Republic of Chad, located in North Central Africa. It borders Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the CA Republic to the south, Cameroon to the southwest, Nigeria to the southwest, and Niger to the west. The north half of Chadian territory's ecological conditions favoured human occupation in the 7th millennium BCE, and the population has increased considerably. The field became an intersection of cultures. It is not strongly recommended to travel to Chad. However, there are very authentic and Instagrammable places in Chad if you want to visit. Chad's population presents an amazing mixture of different languages, peoples, and religions that is remarkable even amid Africa's variety. The degree of variety encountered in Chad underscores the region's significance as a crossroads of linguistic, social, and cultural interchange. Lake Chad, one of the significant places to go in Chad, is also the main tourist attraction. There are lots of natural treasures and interesting Instagrammable places to explore and capture. You will know about 12 different Instagrammable places to take your most liked Instagram photos in this article. Keep reading!

1. Lake Chad

lake Lake Chad is on Niger and Nigeria's west border with Chad. The lake, which was one of the world's largest until 35 years ago, was limited to a little part of its former size by climate change and the use of farm irrigation. However, the lake remains a lovely place to go in Chad for fishing and boating; there are concerns that it will vanish in time. The fisherman who depends on the lake for money wants help from the outside world to finance saving ventures; therefore, visiting and taking Instagram photos in Lake Chad is entertaining and an event that helps raise awareness of climate change. Maybe this will not be the most liked photo on Instagram of yours, but surely, it will be the most helpful one!

2. Zakouma National Park

zakouma national park Where is Chad, Zakouma National Park? Zakouma National Park is Chad's prime safari spot. Wild animals, including elephants, antelopes, wild beasts, and lions, are present in the park, located 500 miles southeast of N'Djamena. It isn't easy to access the park, and the easiest way to arrange a trip is via one of the travel agencies located in N'Djamena. The park is very rich with various species and plants; This park is one of the places to visit in Chad where you can explore wildlife's natural habitat and get Instagrammable shots of animals.

3. Aloba Arch

aloba arch Aloba Arch is one of the most well-known arches in the world. It is the longest Arch on the planet, but not all people who travel to Chad can see this monument despite all this fame and importance. Considering the dangerous road that you need to climb all the way to reach the Arch, it is not very surprising. However, if you can reach this natural beauty, do not forget to take Instagram photos with it, surely it will be your most liked photo on Instagram. The Arch is situated in the north-eastern part of Chad, and the town of Fad is the closest town to the landmark. It should be remembered that as a geological entity, the Arch has not yet been extensively analyzed, meaning that its precise age and the characteristics of the formation are not entirely understood. This natural attraction is situated in the Ennedi mountainous complex, right in the center of the Sahara. It is not shocking that only a few visitors visit the natural site. 

4. National Museum

museum Where is Chad National Museum? N'Djamena National Museum is a national museum in Chad, located in the capital city of N'Djamena. The complex was built at the end of 1962 and moved to a different site. It contained four main exhibits, spanning from prehistory, protohistory, archives, and folk arts/traditions. Artifacts and antique pieces include stone heads, weapons, and helve-holed axes from ancient times, raw artifacts discovered from traditional sanctuaries, such as human masks and bone axes, are also exhibited. It is home to the skull of the Sahelanthrop, a distant ancestor to humans that existed in area seven million years ago. It is nicknamed "Toumai" ('Hope of Life') in the local Daza language. The hope of life, of course, can be the title of most liked Instagram photos.

5. Tibesti Mountains

tibesti mountains Tibesti Mountains are a landscape of canyons, rock faces, and trees. Located in the northwest of Chad, the mountains are 300 miles long and 175 miles high, with the volcanic summit of Emi Koussi at 11,204 feet above sea level. Traveling to this remote region, which stretches to Niger and Libya, can be risky, particularly when travel outside the capital is at risk of carjacking, and tribes living in mountain villages can be aggressive to outsiders. It is challenging to enter and explore this area, but it is one of the greatest places to go in Chad for adventure and thrill-seeking travelers. The area boasts a vast range of canyons, huge gravel, humongous peaks, and forested spots. Hiking and mountaineering are common activities in these places in Chad. Tourists will also enjoy the camel race-viewing, which is Instagrammable, the parietal art, and the hot thermal baths.

6. N'Djamena

ndjamena N'djamena is a mosaic of new and ancient cultures and is the largest city in Chad. N'Djamena's population is rising disturbingly because many people in the suburbs around N'Djamena come to the capital city to search for the possibilities of building a new life in the city. Despite the modern view of some buildings, you are still in one of the world's poorest nations, with many mud-brick structures. However, the city is unique and includes the main places to visit in Chad. Other Instagrammable places are Central Market and the Museum. The central market is one of the most amazing and authentic places in Chad. You can also visit the national museum, which explores the unique history of Chad.

7. Douguia's Chari River and Elephant Rock

river A boat ride from Dougia along the Chari River normally leads to sightings of huge flocks of birds and occasionally herds of the hippopotamus; tiny mud-brick settlements along the coasts are sure to have perfect opportunities for Instagram photos. All the African coastal life components are there: men fishing for canoes, women washing laundry on rocks, and naked children waiting for toys, sweets, or pennies. Cameroon is across the river. Hadjer el Hamis, "Elephant Rock" in English, is a volcanic outcrop near Dougia, shaped like a giant elephant. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is necessary; without special equipment, it is possible to crawl only to the bottom of the "legs." Local children stick about where the cars can go no further and provide guidance services.

8. Ennedi Region

ennedi region Ennedi Region is the area located in the middle of the Sahara Desert, in the eastern border of Chad. The landscape is very harsh and dry, but all the disadvantages make different beauties in natural life. So, the region holds various unusual and amazingly shaped rocks in itself. Canyons and arches look like the natural art piece and turn into your most liked photo on Instagram. This place is also famous among hikers for its dangerous and adventurous conditions. There are historical cave paintings that remain from ancient times. You can also explore desert crocodiles in the Ennedi, so it is always good to join arranged tours, not traveling by yourself.

9. Lakes of Ounianga

ounianga lake The Ounianga Lakes, Chad's special World Heritage, is a collection of 18 Saharan lakes. The main lake area is roughly 20 km square in a hot desert and fed with subterranean fossil water. The lakes are named after Ounianga, a nearby native village. The water usually is acidic due to high evaporation rates, and the reservoirs are low because they only get 2 mm of rainfall a year. However, these beautiful lakes are a great spot for most liked Instagram photos.

10. Abeche

abeche Abeche is the fourth largest city in the country and a cultural and ethnographic center in Chad. This town boasts former Sultans who ruled Chad during the last centuries, ancient fortifications, buildings, and graves. The town is a major livestock resort and has significant roads leading to N'djamena, Sudan, and Abeche. For years, it has been a refuge for the French and a trading route for Arab slaves. The markets of Abeche, the temples, churches, and houses from the French period are now tourist sites.

11. Guelta d'Archei

camel The most well-known canyon in the Sahara desert is Guelta d'Archei. It is located on the Hill of Ennedi, close to Fada City. The view from its highest location is incredible, with ancient artworks embedded on the walls giving the city a medieval sensation. Several species of animals, especially Nile crocodiles, dominate the area. The location is mountainous, and the land flat; the environment required a full workload.

12. Moundou

walking woman Moundou is Chad's second-largest city and is located on the River Mbere. Per year there are more than a million barrels of nectar. Visitors are welcome to visit the brewery, and a cool glass of the lager is a perfect way to refresh themselves with Chad's high heat. The Ngambi people have settled in the area as well.

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