12 Instagrammable places in Djibouti

Aishwari Rout16 November 20202089 views13 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Djibouti

Travel is loved by most people. They want to spend some adventurous places, worthy time in nature, historical sites, and fascinating photographs to overload the social media. Today in this article, we will be visiting an unbelievable tourist spot, which is unearthed in the Horn of Africa in East Africa. The place is beautiful as if it is connected with nature, this country as tourism contributes to the growth of the country’s economy. The number of arrivals per year for the country is approximately 50000 to 75000. Curious about which tourist spot we are discussing? It is Djibouti, the country in East Africa. There are lots of things to explore, to capture, and to settle down in the memories. The place has some unique, attractive spots for grabbing the attention of the tourist, the climatic and cold nature, some traditional spots to visit, some historical monuments to click, and many more things that we will be briefing you in other sections. This article focuses on where is Djibouti, travel to Djibouti, is it safe to travel to Djibouti, places to visit in Djibouti, famous places in Djibouti, Instagrammable places, capital of Djibouti. With this article, we will try to convince you to search for "How to get a Djibouti visa" and travel to Djibouti.

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Travel to Djibouti will open to you the most overwhelming community; the people of Djibouti are affectionate for the foreigners, all the way, the country has a celebration now and then. It is believed that people invite tourists for a home meal. The best is the all in one package feature like you will get to see here neolithic age history, islands, delicious food, lovely community, sand, seas, fishes, adventure everything. Hence, choosing a trip to Djibouti will amaze you with its fascinating architecture too. What you need to do is just remove your phone from your pocket or bag and start taking photographs for sharing them on Instagram.

The mind-blowing place and their photographs will act as a cherry on the cake for increasing your Instagram followers and likes. Till now, in this article, we shared a bit of information about where is Djibouti and travel to Djibouti. But, for everyone, safety is the top-most priority. In the previous section, we shared our thoughts about where is Djibouti, travel to Djibouti, and in this section, we will brief you about is it safe to travel to Djibouti? Also, we will proceed and share thoughts on places to visit in Djibouti, famous places in Djibouti, Instagrammable places, capital of Djibouti. So before beginning the travel to amazing spots, we would like to take a step forward and explain to you that Is it safe to travel to Djibouti? The answer to the question is yes, but there are some conditions and measures that you have to take before travel.

Is it safe to travel to Djibouti?

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Here are some safety tips listed below for you to read carefully and prepare yourself accordingly for travel to Djibouti.

Be aware of the theft! There are some rules and restrictions in the country, and the past criminal history is not much more in-depth. But still, there is a possibility of some cases taking place like pickpockets, theft, etc.

Djibouti, the great place, has a pretty strong history of natural hazards happening every time, beginning with the volcanoes, landscapes, salt lakes, craters. The scientists are predicting the disappearance of Djibouti one day due to the three plates surrounded. Our recommendation is to collect some recent news about the place and then plan a trip.

Respect the culture

abdulhamid khan mosque

Djibouti advises the tourist to respect their culture, as the country is full of Muslim nations. Think carefully before performing any action related to their culture. Always seek advice from the locals about the dress and customs. Although the consumption of alcohol is approved as legal by the country, never consume it in a public place, this can get you in trouble for a minimum of two years of imprisonment.

Important note about photography


Most people visit Djibouti for amazing pictures and for posting them over Instagram. But there are some restrictions for photography, too, like avoiding clicking pictures of personnel buildings, airports, bridges, military facilities, etc.

Travel insurance & kit

travel insurance

Swimming and diving are quite natural to try for some experience. Red Alert! Whale sharks are present, and while swimming, you must carry a snorkel kit for safety. Also, make sure that you have travel insurance with you. Even have some medicines with you, so that in case of any health issues you can use them.

These are some safety tips that you should note and carry before travelling to Djibouti. Check!! Now, as we are done with where is Djibouti, travel to Djibouti, is it safe to travel to Djibouti? Now it's time to explore some places to visit in Djibouti, famous places in Djibouti, Instagrammable places, capital of Djibouti. Below is the list of 12 Instagrammable spots in Djibouti.

1. Lake Assal

lake assal

The spot Lake Assal in Djibouti will grab your attention, and you will forget the dead sea and enjoy the lake. Lake Assal is located in the volcanic crater in the central-western part of Djibouti, which is the beginning point of the lake in the African Rift Valley. It is said that Lake Assal is the lowest lake below 150 ft (about 46 metres) sea level, with volcanoes and lava fields surrounding it. Here is a note for you that you can reach here by four-wheeler only. The catch is you can click the picture with the help of a selfie stick while floating over the lake and post it over Instagram with hashtags and caption.

2. Moucha Island

moucha islands

Moucha Island is the most attractive island in the country, where you will get to experience diving, snorkelling, and fishing. The island is surrounded by coral reefs while situating in the Gulf of Tadjoura. It is away from the shores of Djibouti. You can stay in the nearby Hotel Lagon Bleu restaurant on the island, where you will be served lunch and soft drinks. All set for executing the day trip with some water activities and unique aquatic sports, remember to fix a water-proof camera so that while diving, you can click a picture to post on Instagram and also include a caption of water hug in Moucha Island. Also, capture the beautiful coral reefs and colourful fishes, the island is meant as the richest spot to visit.

3. Ghoubbet-el-Kharab

ghoubet beach

Ghoubbet-el-Kharab is the most beautiful and evil place that you can visit in Djibouti, it is called the devil of the island due to its history. Shaytan’s hidden here according to local’s thoughts, which drags the people those who wander to go close to the bay. Also, it will be difficult for you to convince any fisherman to take you to the island. Along time back, a crew arrived at the Ghoubbet-el-Kharab island to discover some shocking incidents that the crew feels. But an uncertain thing happened, where the carcass was disappeared, and the cage was crashed. You don’t have to be afraid of this past but make sure that if you are planning to visit the island, there is a bit risky, so hire a local fisherman and visit this demon place. Remember to click a snap of this Instagrammable place and post it on Instagram with the caption the devil island.

4. Khor Ambado Beach

khor ambado beach

Khor Ambado Beach is the most relaxed and calm place to visit in Djibouti; tourists come all the way to enjoy swimming, fishing, and snorkelling. Khor Ambado Beach is situated in the Tadjoura Bay in Djibouti city, to reach the beach it is around 15 km from the city. However, to reach the targeted destination, you should hire a 4 WD as walking on the beach is hardly tricky as you will get stuck in the sand. The most precious part of the beach is the nightfalls, and you will get to see twilight if you wait till evening. With the view of the place, the fascinating beaches, you will get a fantastic feeling if you wait and view the sunset. Suppose you are planning to visit Khor Ambadi Beach, then you must see the sunset. In the daytime, you can try several water activities present over there, do not forget to click photographs of this gorgeous beauty, and post them on Instagram.

5. Place Menelik

place menelik

Copyright: @djibouticity

Menelik is one of the tourist offices due to its special architectural work of the buildings and night view. Most of the tourists had an average experience due to a lack of some memorable adventure. Still, we suggest you visit the Menelik place because you should not regret that you left this beautiful architectural place to see. While you work on the streets in Menelik, you can pose near the beautifully architected building and click a snap with night view and post it on Instagram with a caption night streets. Also, the place is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and many more things to explore.

6. Gulf of Tadjoura

gulf of tadjoura

The next and the most famous place to visit in Djibouti is the Gulf Of Tadjoura, which lies in the horns of Africa, towards Eastern Africa. In the Red Sea, you will get to enjoy here different water activities like scrubs diving, swimming, snorkelling, etc. You should have a snorkel kit as whale sharks are present inside the water. The place is sheltered for many people in the area. Hence, enjoy this 347 km sq area, click snaps of this enormous island, and while snorkelling with whales. Remember to post it on Instagram, and the caption will be a dive with a whale.

7. Day Forest National Park

day forest national park

The Day Forest National Park is the place where tourists come here to spend some time with wildlife. The park is located in Djibouti city, and the nature fans are most welcomed here to visit the place. The Day Forest National Park is the most secured forest territory in the country. You will get a mind-blowing experience of nature, long trees, moreover, the place is a kind of desert and it is meant for tall gigantic trees. The height of these trees is around 20 m, along with the trees, the forest is surrounded by East African junipers, olives, and camphor bushes. You will get to see here the Djibouti francolin bird and Djibouti sunbird, take a snap in the park and also of nature, remember to post the picture on Instagram with a caption hello wildlife.

8. Tropical Aquarium


Do you want to feel the real marine life? Tropical Aquarium is a famous place to visit in Djibouti, where you will get to experience the real-time of the underwater red sea. The site is located in the historic part of the city, and the place is the most popular tourist attraction spot that you should visit. The aquarium is designed in such a way that you will feel the unique water bodies floating around you in your hand. Hence, click a snap of the beautiful aquarium with colourful water bodies in it, post it on Instagram with a caption that felt like a water body. After spending some time in the aquarium, you can visit a few places where you spend quality time.

9. Hanle Plain

sitting wild yellow headed vulture

Hanle Plain is related to birdlife, and it locates in the Dikhil region of the city. The tourists who have the interest to visit different birds mostly visit this place. The plain has a total breed of ostrich, Egyptian goose, black crake, these birds are beautiful and look very innocent, you can also click a snap of these unique birds and post it on Instagram with a caption friendship with birds. Apart from these birds, you will get to experience some scenic beauty that will feast your eyes and hypnotize you.

10. Goba’ad Plain

lac abbe

The Goba'ad Plain is located in between the Lake Abhe and Hanle plain. The place is the best choice for tourists interested in birdlife. You can find here ostriches, and these birds are friendly. The plain has a total breed of ostrich, Egyptian goose, black crake, these birds are beautiful and look very innocent, you can also click a shot of these unique birds and post it on Instagram. Along with the mentioned experiences, you will have a chance to witness quite distinct views which will amaze you.

11. Ali Sabieh

ali sabieh

Copyright: @djibouticity

Ali Sabieh is another tourist destination surrounded by enormous mountains. The place is located southwest of Djibouti City and the north of the border of Ethiopia. The site is best suited for shopping, food, and entertainment. You can shop for multiple things, and there are portrays developed by the tourists visiting the place. There is Djibouti cuisine present near around where you can enjoy. All set for clicking the photographs of unique collections while shopping and post them on Instagram with a caption shop an impressive collection.

12. Djibouti City

port and africa township

The capital city of the country is Djibouti City. This city is the prime spot to visit, the largest place in the country, the city is located on the coastal Djibouti region in the Gulf of Tadjoura. You can complete the whole trip by exploring this city. You will get to explore here a good infrastructure, the night view of the city, including good meals, restaurants, also experience the adventurous boat excursions. All these points are selective ones about the capital city of Djibouti. Remember to click a snap of everything that you explored, and post it on Instagram with unique captions.


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In this article, you have read all the fascinating tourist attractions that you can explore in Djibouti. In this travel blog, we have discussed where is Djibouti, travel to Djibouti, is it safe to travel to Djibouti, places to visit in Djibouti, famous places in Djibouti, Instagrammable places, capital of Djibouti. We would suggest you read the entire article in detail and then make a plan for visiting this fantastic place Djibouti in Africa.

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