12 Instagrammable places in El Nido

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12 Instagrammable places in El Nido

One of the best-known destinations for Instagrammable places is located north of Palawan's island. El Nido is by no means a pretty town, but it hides a secret that you can only discover on a boat or kayak by taking your most liked photo on Instagram during your travel to El Nido Palawan. The Bacuit archipelago. Where is El Nido? Although it is a famous leisure tourism destination, you may ask where is El Nido and what to do in El Nido. Located north of Palawan's island, the small town of El Nido is a paradise for taking the most-liked Instagram photos. Among the best places to visit in El Nido Palawan, you will see some of the country's best beaches, hidden lagoons, incredible rock formations, and brutal marine life. With more than 40 islands, this municipality is home to the El Nido restaurant and El Nido beach, one of the essential things to do in El Nido in the Philippines. Everywhere you look in the El Nido area, you will see dreamy white sandy beaches. That is why it is worth traveling to El Nido Palawan. Sit down and look into the crystal clear sea, where the impressive limestone cliffs protrude from the water. The nature in northern Palawan is breathtaking. In this post, you will visit about 12 Instagrammable places in El Nido to take your most liked photo on Instagram during your travel to El Nido Palawan. Also, you will find answers to your questions, such as where is El Nido, what to do in El Nido, what are the best places to visit in El Nido Palawan, how to take the most liked Instagram photos, where to take your most liked photo on Instagram, what are the best El Nido restaurants, what kind of things to do in El Nido.

1. Hopping among islands

banca boat

Everyone who looks for the best things to do in El Nido should first discover Palawan's jewel, the Bacuit archipelago. For this, you need to have a boat. Unless you are athletic enough to kayak, you will need to do it in Bangka. There are a series of tours pre-established by all the town's agencies - although for a few more pesos you can arrange a private tour. Tours are referred to as A, B, C, and D. Everyone will recommend doing A and C, but all worth taking. With these tours, you will see all the best places to visit in El Nido Palawan. El Nido has an extraordinary landscape of limestone rock shaped by the karst process due to the sea's erosion that embraces them. If I add the lagoons to all this, a phenomenon that will leave you astonished makes the Bacuit archipelago a unique and impressive place. 

2. Secret Lagoon

beautiful tropical lagoon

After leaving the boat docked on a beach, you can head towards a small hole that opens in the limestone rock, as if it is a door to another dimension, to a blue dimension intense turquoise with greenish touches, as if a paint bottle had been spilled in the water. When crossing the small hole, your gaze will be lost in the infinity of the rock walls that almost touch the sky. If you are lucky to be alone in this haven of peace, you can only hear the echo of your voices. Secret Lagoon is the best place for the most liked Instagram photos.

3. Small Lagoon

small lagoon

Even with the first visit's excitement, you can head to another one of the region's Instagrammable places—small Lagoon. You can rent a kayak to cross another door again, this time bigger and in deeper water. When crossing the door, the sensation will be similar. Same turquoise paint of the water, same rock formations are lost in the sky, same silence, but much more majestic.

4. Big Lagoon

big lagoon

If these two lagoons are not enough for you, you can visit the Big Lagoon, too. You will be happy with what you see and what to do in El Nido. This one is less shocking. However, going into the canyon with the Bangka and appreciating the contrast of the black walls and the extremely crystalline water is also quite a spectacle. By traveling in a small Bangka for four people, you will be able to enter the canyon until the middle of the lake. At the end of this tour, you can also go to Seven Commandos beach

5. Secret Beach

aerial drone view of boats

By taking the C tour, you will see the most wonderful El Nido beach, the Secret. When the boat stops the engines, you will only see rock cliffs and a small crevasse in the middle of nowhere where the sea breaks. This crack is again a door to another surprising corner. This time you will have to dive through it, taking care that the current does not cause you to hit the rocks. Once you cross the crack, there is a small beach, with even more crystalline water, with even rarer rock forms, totally closed and isolated from the sea. People say that this beach was the inspiration for the novel "The Beach" by Alex Garland.

6. Hidden Beach

hidden beach

Another fairytale beach where you can enjoy a peaceful bath and great snorkeling is Hidden Beach. This beach hides some of the best Instagrammable corners. Matinloc Shrine, hidden among the vegetation, is this sacred shrine in honor of the Virgin Mary. Also, some tour operators visit Helicopter Island on the C tour and see its helicopter shape, as well as that of a dinosaur.

7. Snake island

traditional boats

The B tour is one of the tours that tourists least demand. If you have more days, you can do it and thus be able to enjoy one of the most Instagrammable islands in El Nido and Palawan, Snake island. This tour stands out for its incredible snorkeling and visits to caves with curious formations in the middle of the sea, such as Cathedral Cave. But the main course is Snake Island: an island formed by two islets connected by an imposing tongue of sand.

8. Nacpan beach

nacpan beach

As you can see upon arrival, neither the beaches of Corong nor that of El Nido's town are like those of the Bacuit archipelago. To take a bath, you will have to dodge boats and waste discarded in them. To enjoy a good beach, you will have to rent a motorcycle and go 1 hour away from the town to Nacpan beach without taking a tour in Bangka. Do not make a mistake and go as long as it has not rained the previous days; otherwise, the path will be impractical as well as dangerous. If you have time to continue exploring wild beaches, there are beaches like Duli Beach. Also, Cabanas beach is ideal for taking a dip on days when you do not feel like moving too much. You will have crystal clear waters, palm trees, and a lively beach bar. It is about 5-10 minutes by tricycle from El Nido.

9. El Nido waterfalls

kawasan falls

If you have an extra day and do not know what to do or want a relaxed plan, you can go to the waterfalls. One of the best things to do in El Nido is to visit the Nagkalit-Kalit waterfalls. They are on the way to Nacpan beach. You will see a sign of where to leave the motorcycle. Right there, you can hire a guide. Nine rivers are crossed to get there.

10. Lio Beach

lio beach

Lio Beach is an emerging beach, it is still quiet, but that will certainly change in the next few years. Hip cafes and modern souvenir shops line Lio Beach. You will also find a quiet place to relax on the long, beautiful beach. Delicious food and a huge selection of vegan dishes are available in the El Nido restaurant of Shaka, a healthy alternative. Five different vegan burgers, lasagna, curry, tacos, salads, and power bowls or coffee with soy milk. Only for this is it worth going to Lio Beach.

11. Duli Beach

duli beach

Duli Beach is especially known for surfing. The waves are best from November to March. However, there were still nice small waves during our stay in April, which are particularly suitable for beginners. It is quiet on Duli Beach, and it has accommodation and three restaurants. Otherwise, the beach is deserted. There are two other beaches to the north of Duli Beach, which can also be reached by motorcycle. You have these dream beaches all to yourself.

12. Zip Line


Finally, one of El Nido's essentials is the Zipline, a zip line that goes from Las Cabañas beach to the island located right in front of the beach. You will have a great time, with memories of the most liked Instagram photos.

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