10 reasons why you should travel to El Nido instead of Manila

Upendra Kumar Gautam13 March 20213530 views8 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to El Nido instead of Manila
Philippines, then you must plan to visit El Nido Palawan. There are several reasons to visit El Nido because this place is found with a lot of attractions for the visitors instead of Manila. If you are planning to visit this place, then you will feel real enjoyment with your family and friends and even with your partners because in this place, there you may find all entertainment places and even things that you can do there in El Nido which are much better than Manila. If you plan to travel to the Philippines, then you must see which place is much better to visit and so you plan to travel to El Nido Palawan there. People who are visiting El Nido have been found a much happier person than Manila. People are getting fall in love after visiting El Nido because it has beautiful and imaginative things which are found in El Nido on the earth on this. Manila is also an excellent place and comes in every visitor's choice. However, the majority of travellers like to visit El Nido instead of Manila, because of some certain specifications that we are going to share here in this Article. el nido El Nido is the most beautiful place, and in the last few years, this is found a much better place in visitor's eyes. In a small town there, you may find several boats available for visitors, but this is somehow expensive place than Manila. The crowd you will see there much than Manila because of its beautiful beach and the beautiful Islands there in El Nido. The real beauty of El Nido is found in its islands and so to get more familiar to this place and to enjoy it incomplete, you will require staying in a luxury’s resorts there in El Nido. There are tours which are known as Tour A and Tour C, so these are much famous there, and you can even try Tour B and Tour D as well. Everyone thinks first that how to go to El Nido Palawan? Yet there you do not need to worry much. You can either hire a travel guide or tour planner who will advise you about how to go to El Nido, Palawan and will arrange your travel plan and your travel planner will arrange everything for your trip to El Nido Palawan.

1. Beautiful Islands in El Nido

el nido Visiting Islands in El Nido has been found with more of the activity options there in El Nido and truth, this is found that you will much attract with the beauty of El Nido’s Islands. In reality, there are more beautiful Islands there in El Nido, which comes in everyone's eye who visit this place and feel much entertainment there. The Islands in El Nido, you cannot count because there are countless Islands in El Nido, which are formed in Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, and Tour D. This is an entertainment place so you will not feel bored at this place. You can visit many spots available there such as a secret lagoon, a limestone cliff lookout, a hidden beach, and many more things to do there. 

2. Breathtaking El Nido Viewpoints

breathtaking view The Tour coming to, this is known as Tour C that is to visit Matinloc Shrine. Still, this place, you may find some dangerous place to visit, so you will require to keep much patience, and you need to be stronger while your visit to this place and at this place, you need to be alert as well. You can climb on limestone cliffs to get a more Instagrammable view of the bay. This place in El Nido is a superb place because this is a fantastic and entertainment place, but you need to take care of things that are related to your security as well.

3. Crystal Clear Waters in El Nido

beach The most favourable thing, you will find in El Nido, and that is known as Crystal Clear Water in El Nido, which is strange for everyone because the water in the sea they found is so clean here. That becomes much favourite part for everyone, on every island in El Nido, you will visit there has been found with much clear crystal water in El Nido. That is amazing as well and surprising because of the colour quality of this crystal water in El Nido. Especially in Big Lagoon, this comes in part of Tour A. While in Manila this would be not much comfortable about this thing, but this is fabulous there in El Nido. But this is somehow less expensive but comes in everyone's budget for this. You will feel like a winner after visiting this place in El Nido.

4. Best restaurants of the worlds in El Nido

seaside restaurant This would be a wonder for you if you think as you are taking your dinner on the boat in El Nido. Still, if this comes true, then the limit of your happiness will be endless. Yes, this is true there in El Nido, you can enjoy your dinner while you are on the boat and you can feel real enjoy while taking the dinner there, while there you will be surrounded with Instagrammable limestone cliffs, beautiful turquoise waters, and pristine white sand. You can even divide your day in two days in which one day you can spend entirely for the islands only. And you can spend more of the days on the water. So, you can spend your day as taking your dinner on a boat, in a place situates among diverse islands. Foods are prepared on the backside of the boat, which creates a great chance to enjoy a lot of Philippines dishes and yummy meals.

5. More Incredible water and most beautiful scene

man on yacht In El Nido, you can find the best in the world here in this place which you can't find much in Manila. There are too many sightseeings and more things to do in El Nido. The blazing sun in El Nido is also fantastic, which creates breathtaking scenery here. You can jump into the water as well to get cool if you know swimming and if you are an expert in swimming. 

6. Conditions for Snorkeling in El Nido

As information shared above, in El Nido, water is crystal clear and impressive too, which makes real fun for snorkels in El Nido. If you wish, you can explore the land more as you want to while your trip is continuing. While you are there, you do not need to worry about anything such as if you will not be able to scuba dive to see the exciting sea in El Nido, because, in truth, you can do it with snorkelling. You may watch a lot of things while you are in a boat there, such as fishes, turtles, beautiful corals and much more which attracts a lot for you and feel endless entertainment with full of fun there in El Nido which you will find there surrounded you.

7. Better Scuba Diving in El Nido

scuba diving Diving conditions you may find appropriate to anyone who is coming to El Nido in the Philippines. It would be best if you did not create your big wishes to see here big animals because, in the sea, you will find most of turtle and fishes and abundance of the sea in El Nido. This place becomes excellent for Scuba Diving with such unique dive places in El Nido. Scuba Diving has been becoming much fabulous in El Nido because of many things there. 

8. Many Beautiful Lagoons to Kayak

beautiful lagoon While you are in El Nido, then visiting Lagoons is a significant part of being there in this place. You will find their different lagoons in El Nido but all these you will find further in all ways. You will be surprised if the names of Lagoons are shared with you because these are different and amazing. You can see there all types of lagoons such as a big lagoon, small lagoon, secret lagoon, hidden lagoon, and so on many more here in El Nido. But the names of these El Nido Lagoons are somehow similar, so for sure, you will confuse a lot with their name. 

9. Exciting secrets entrances to Hidden Lagoons and beaches

el nido You will be gladder after visiting this place because amazing things you will find there. You will find some special entrances in Lagoons. On some beaches, you can swim as well through to Limestone Cliffs and so you will be able to know random hidden beaches as well her, in El Nido. There you may find where you will require swimming underneath to get into the inside of the secret lagoon. And so there you will be able to know more crawl into a hole while revealing to other lagoons which make you crazier and create fantastic fun for you.

10. Wonderful and beautiful beaches in El Nido

el nido beach There are many beautiful beaches around the Islands in El Nido. There are some expensive too but not to worry because this will come to your budget. If you visit there, you will do fun with your family and friends while watching these beautiful beaches and along with another sight in El Nido. Hence, El Nido has become a more wonderful place in the world and much better than Manila because of its beauty that lives in El Nido Palawan. If you plan to travel to Philippines then there you should plan to travel to El Nido than Manila. You can arrange your visit to El Nido with your family, friends and even with your partner and enjoy it there with the fullest. Manila to El Nido distance is almost 418 km, and so you can travel from Manila to El Nido via Car Ferry, Ferry, and Bus.

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