12 Instagrammable places in Maracaibo

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12 Instagrammable places in Maracaibo

Probably there are a few people who have not heard about Venezuela - the birthplace of Simon Bolivar who was the liberator of many countries in South America from Spanish rule. Venezuela is one of the southern American countries with its beautiful sights. This country, with its Andean mountain range, the Caribbean coast, and inland dunes maintains in itself numerous spectacular places to visit. Some of them are Angel falls, Merida, Los Roques, Henri Pitter, Isla Margarita, and so on. Its second-largest city, Maracaibo located on the western shore of the channel connects Lake Maracaibo and the Gulf of Venezuela.

Today we will explore the places to visit in Maracaibo Venezuela in this article. But before, let’s take a look, where is Maracaibo. Maracaibo is the capital of Zulia state, northwestern Venezuela. It is surrounded by higher land, which removes the steady trade winds and suffers from high temperatures. This city is also one of the largest seaports in the country. It is an economic centre known as “The Beloved Land of the Sun”. So, let’s start our imaginary travel to Maracaibo Venezuela by researching Instagrammable places in Maracaibo.

1. Lake Maracaibo

maracaibo lake

I would like to begin with one of the marvellous places in Maracaibo - Lake Maracaibo. Do you know where is Lake Maracaibo? Or have you ever searched about it? It is a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea, lying in the Maracaibo Basin of northwestern Venezuela. Lake Maracaibo is one of the world’s oldest lakes. It is also the largest lake with its water flowing from numerous rivers and the Caribbean Sea. Its convenient atmosphere with natural wonders on the coast will give you a great opportunity to have a memorable picnic with your family. Also, birds such as vermilion cardinal, buffy hummingbird, and pygmy swift can be the perfect background spot for your most liked Instagram photo. Therefore, if you dream about a calm and peaceful holiday, then search where is Lake Maracaibo exactly, and travel there.

2. General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge

maracaibo bridge

When you search where is Lake Maracaibo, you can see that there is General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge. For a long time, the lake cut off Maracaibo from the rest of Venezuela. This biggest concrete bridge of the world is a wonder of modern engineering. This construction offers an easy connection from Maracaibo to the eastern parts of the county. This bridge with the area’s most significant natural feature should be included in your list of beautiful places to see in Maracaibo Venezuela.

3. La Vereda del Lago Maracaibo

la vereda del lago maracaibo

Another option among the wonderful places to visit in Maracaibo Venezuela is La Vereda del Lago Maracaibo. This is a Spanish village located near Lake Maracaibo, on the east of the city centre. Now the village has been changed and became a park. This is the best place to have an unforgettable time with your friends and family on a sunny afternoon. It is always in the centre of local and foreign people’s attention because of its open space and a lot of different facilities. Also, this place offers visitors a large number of attractions, such as paintball, roller skating, mountain climbing, exercising, cycling, jogging, and others. In other words, a fun and interesting atmosphere full of different entertainments and beauty of its natural scenery will help you to rest and move away from the daily routine for a while.

4. Aguamania


If you plan to travel to Maracaibo Venezuela with little children, you should consider Aguamania among the Instagrammable destinations of this city. Aguamania is a fun water park which has a network of waterslides. There are 9 waterslides with moderate inclines and low speeds which are suitable more for little children and 7 others are with steeper drops for adults and elder children. There are also two pools, and 1 of them is Cienega Children’s Pool with a maximum depth of 20 inches. The other is the Sinamaica, which is the main pool. Besides, you can try tubing in a lazy river, Rio Catatumbo. Also, Aguamania as one of the places to see in Maracaibo can also be a great place to open-air picnic.

5. Jardin Botanico

lagoon with reflections

Jardin Botanico (Botanical Garden) is one of the Instagrammable places in Maracaibo. This garden is located in the Avenida Don Manuel Belloso, close to La Chinita International Airport, lying on the south-western of the city, within the Granja Santa Ana suburb. Botanical garden offers a big, wonderful oasis for visitors. There are approximately 1.300 diverse plant species and numerous specimens, medicinal plants, herbs, nature trails, and huge trees. All of them can be a great background for your most liked Instagram photo.

6. Teatro Baralt

teatro baralt

Teatro Baralt can be a suitable option among the places to visit in Maracaibo Venezuela for people interested in art. This theatre is situated at the centre of the city, up from Bolivar Square and across from Casa de La Capitulation. It was founded in 1883 and destroyed in the same year. After some time, it was reopened in 1998, with the help of the organization FundaBaralt. Nowadays, Teatro Baralt is known as one of the best places in Maracaibo Venezuela with the most important cultural properties. There you can attend distinctive types of art performances.

7. Parque La Marina

Another park destination among the Instagrammable places in Maracaibo is Parque La Marina. Marina Park is situated in the north of Maracaibo city centre and next to the lake. This place offers you both an excellent view of the lake and the city’s skyline. In other words, if you are looking for Instagrammable scenery in your travel to Maracaibo Venezuela, you can add this place to your list of beautiful places in Maracaibo Venezuela.

8. Basilica of Our Lady of Chiquinquira

basilica of our lady of chiquinquira

Copyright: @basilicamaracaibo

There is Our Lady of Chiquinquira Basilic among places to see in Maracaibo Venezuela. It is known as one of the essential landmarks in the city, as it glorifies the patron saint of Zulia, the Virgin of Chiquinquira (La Chinita). The period during Easter for festivities and the November celebrations is the best time to visit this place. Besides, the beautifully designed structure of this church can be a wonderful most liked Instagram photo.

9. Estadio Jose Pachenchocho Romero

baseball stadium of maracaibo

Estadio Jose Pachenchocho Romero is a great option among the places to visit in Maracaibo Venezuela for visitors interested in sports. This stadium is located near the Parque del Sol. It is part of a sports complex that maintains Estadio Luis Aparicio El Grande for baseball and Gimnasio Pedro Elias Belisario Aponte for basketball. Also, The Romero stadium is home to soccer competitions, running, and cycling tracks.

10. Bolivar Square

view of square bolivar

Another suggestion for places to see in Maracaibo Venezuela is Bolivar Square (Plaza Bolivar). It is situated in the heart of the city, and the Paseo de Las Ciencias is its neighbour on the west. There is a statue of Simon Bolivar. Also, this square is embraced by a lot of the most admirable buildings and architectural attractions of the city. They are Our lady of Chiqiunquira Basilic, 19th –century Maracaibo Cathedral, Baralt Theatre, the Case Morales, and the Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno). The impressive design of these buildings creates Bolivar Square’s Instagrammable atmosphere.

11. Lake Bridge Museum

our imposing bridge over the lake

If you want to obtain new information about the art of the country during the travel to Maracaibo Venezuela, you should visit Lake Bridge Museum (Conoce Tu Museo Puente). It does not only represent the history of the city but also represents wonderful and Instagrammable lakeside panoramas. This is one of the oldest museums in the city which maintains numerous displays of art and history. The spectacular views over the bridge are fantastic, and they are worthy of taking beautiful, memorable photos from.

12. Lis Bermudes Fine Arts Center

lis bermudes fine arts center

Another suggestion among the places to see in Maracaibo Venezuela includes Lis Bermudes Fine Arts Center (Centro De Arte De Maracaibo Lia Bermudez), which is the museum which can help you to enhance your art experiences. This art centre uncovers all about the natural heritage and culture of Zulia state. Lis Bermudes Fine Arts Center is located in the repaired market building of the Mercado Principal, on the Plaza Baralt. Visitors who decide to visit this gallery will gain the opportunity to get acquainted with a decent collection of modern art and popular changing exhibits. On the other hand, you can enjoy theatre, film, and music there. So, suppose you include this place to your list of Instagrammable places to see in Maracaibo Venezuela. In that case, you will both spend an exciting time and learn new things about the art of this Central American city.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the list of Instagrammable places in Maracaibo Venezuela does not end with the places mentioned above. We can extend this travel list with Santa Barbara church (Iglesia de Santa Barbara), Barrio y Templo Santa Lucia, Calle Carabobo, Urdaneta Museum (Museo Urdaneta), Casa Morales (Casa de La Capitulacion), Catedral De Maracaibo, and others. So, in my opinion, if you want to try a new trip destination, then don`t waste your time, check where is Moracaibo and visit this beautiful city.

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