10 things I wish I knew before going to Gibraltar

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Gibraltar
Gibraltar is an overseas territory of Great Britain, which Spain disputes. Due to the country's geographical location, its excessively eventful history, various traditions and cultures are mixed here. Like a magnet, Gibraltar attracts visitors from all over the world, despite its small territory of 6.7 square kilometers. The state is also rich in all kinds of attractions; while searching for "Gibraltar attractions," you will come across an amazing sight. Gibraltar on the map is located above the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, namely Gibraltar. Gibraltar on the map is located in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, which includes the Rock of Gibraltar and the sandy isthmus connecting the rock and the Iberian Peninsula. Gibraltar, on the world map from the northern part, is located next to Spain. The Strait of Gibraltar washes the country from the south to the east – the Mediterranean Sea, and the west-the Gulf of Gibraltar. The Strait of Gibraltar washes the country, and accordingly, the Iberian Peninsula, where is Gibraltar located. The Iberian Peninsula, where Gibraltar is located, is the place where Europe meets Africa. gibraltar sunset The country has a Mediterranean, temperate climate, characterized by mild, warm winters and very hot summers. Simultaneously, the average temperature in summer is +24°C, in winter + 12°C. Precipitation falls up to 850 mm per year, which only provides 15-18 percent of the country with fresh water. The official language of Gibraltar is English, but at the same time, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are also common. Once you know where is Gibraltar located on the map and some other interesting information, check out the ten facts you need to know before traveling here, among which you will know about what to see in Gibraltar and the sights of Gibraltar.

1. Trip to Gibraltar

gibraltar view Gibraltar is not a very large country and therefore when planning a trip here to meet your tourist needs, you should keep in mind only one day. If you want to do it in a measured mode, then keep in mind two days. This time is enough to touch the Gibraltar history, absorb its unique energy, take a large number of photos, including together with the good monkeys, and continue the subsequent journey to Spain, England, or Morocco.

2. How to travel to Gibraltar?

flight to gibraltar There are several ways to visit Gibraltar. It has air links with UK and ferry links with Morocco. Unfortunately, Gibraltar has no direct air links from Spain; however, you can travel to Gibraltar via Spain through these ways. • On the train. There is no railway in the country, so in the beginning, you need to get to the Spanish town of La Linea on the border or to Algeciras. La Linea has connections to Madrid, Seville, Malaga, and other cities in Spain. • By bus. The nearest bus station is located in the town of La Linea. From this town, transport constantly leaves for Algeciras, Malaga, Seville, Cadiz, Jerez.

3. History

gibraltar The country in ancient times was famous as Mons Calpe, named after the mythical Pillar of Hercules. It changed its name to its present name, which was taken from the Arabic phrase "Jebel Tariq" or "Mount Tariq" in honor of the famous Arab commander Tariq ibn Ziyad, who led the 711 Arab invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, where is Gibraltar located. Since that time, the country has long been in the hands of the Moors, but since 1462 it has passed into Spain's power and in 1704-under the protection of Great Britain, under whose influence the country is now.

4. Gibraltar tourist attractions

mountain rock The main attraction in the list of "Gibraltar attractions" is considered to be the Rock of Gibraltar. If you do not know the answer to the question "what to see in Gibraltar?" be sure to head here. The rock was formed approximately 200 million years ago due to the collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates. To witness all its greatness, you need to go around the main street towards the South Gate and then take the funicular up and enjoy the city's magnificent panorama from the cab. With the help of the funicular, you can climb to the highest point of the cliff at 426 meters above sea level, from where you can see a wonderful view of the coast of Africa and Spain. You can also get here by bus, car or on foot. At the entrance, which is paid, you will be given a map of the park, which marks all the interesting places, namely the attraction boasts a Moorish Castle, tunnels of World War II, memorials, caves, a thousand-ton cannon and a place where monkeys live. At the top of the cliff is the complex of the fortress of the XVIII century. gibraltar rock Inside the attraction, there are underground tunnels, the length of which is more than 50 kilometers. They arose because the calcite minerals, which make up the limestone, are gradually eroded by water, and over time caves appear there. This rock is rich in hundreds of similar caves, the largest of which is the cave of St. Michael, located in the western part of the mountain. Here you can also walk around the halls on various levels-the largest of them regularly organizes classical music concerts. Or, for an additional fee, you can take a three-hour guided tour that will show you all the nooks and crannies of the caves, including the lower caves with a transparent underground lake. Another must-see place in Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Museum, where you will witness fascinating archaeological finds and get information about the main stages of the city's formation. The main exhibit here is a Neanderthal skull that was found in Europe in 1848. There are also collections of weapons belonging to the XVIII-early XIX centuries. The museum houses a large-scale model of the country itself from 1865.

5. Flora and fauna

lilies lily pond bird In addition to the wonderful nature and other Gibraltar attractions, here you can observe a unique colony of only wild monkey population on the entire European continent - Barbary macaques. They live mainly in the nature park, a nature reserve, Apes Den, which is great for walking on hot and not very hot days. The reserve, located at the top of Gibraltar's rock, is home to about 250 of these monkeys. The monkeys' population is about 1 percent of the Gibraltar population, so the monkeys rightfully consider themselves the masters of the protected area. Since 1855, these animals have been under the official patronage of the British Navy. According to national legend, Gibraltar will belong to Great Britain as long as there is at least one such monkey. This monkey is also depicted on the national five-pence coin. These monkeys do not shy away from visitors and allow you to take pictures of them, but you should not relax around them despite this. Also, please take note of the fact that they are forbidden to feed. Signs that indicate this, you will meet everywhere. It is possible to see illustrations that show what will happen if you suddenly feed them. In addition to these unique monkeys, the reserve is home to rare species of various birds, and there are also a considerable number of rare plants.

6. Cuisine

gibraltar seafood The national Gibraltar cuisine is not very diverse. A delicious local treat is considered tortilla, which is a mixture of baked vegetables, meat, and herbs. The typical English breakfasts are also very common: bacon or sausages. German fat sausages are also popular. The country is also characterized by original dishes of fish and other seafood, served with onions and herbs.

7. Resorts

cloudy day Gibraltar is also known for Gibraltar resorts. Here on the coast, there are amazing sandy beaches. Sandy Bay, Blick Beach, Camp Bay, Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay, and Little Bay are quite famous. Every year, thousands of experienced divers come here to test themselves in difficult conditions. In the near future, the entire Gibraltar coast will become a single long, well-groomed beach with a developed tourist infrastructure because the state has approved such a program for tourism development.

8. Botanical Garden

garden One of the most interesting places is the Gibraltar Botanical Garden, founded in 1816, with a total area of six hectares and free entrance. The garden is home to approximately two thousand different types of tropical vegetation, several over two hundred years old. This garden area boasts a Summer Theater, a wildlife park with unique flora and fauna, an Italian garden with waterfalls, and a small pond, the largest freshwater reservoir in Gibraltar. General George Don, the British governor of Gibraltar, ordered the construction of this garden in 1816. His wish was that the military stationed in the fortress would find a place where they could relax and enjoy the natural beauty. He also meant the common people, who would get a chance to have a good time, get some fresh air, and get away from the heat. Funds for the construction of the attraction were made up of voluntary contributions.

9. Cape Europa Point

sea The southernmost point of the amazing country is the Cape Europe Point, where you can see the magnificent and unique panoramas of the Strait of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean, and the coast of Africa. You can watch the mountains of Morocco and the Spanish town on the African mainland – Ceuta in sunny Gibraltar weather. It also houses the beautiful Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque, which was given to the country by the King of Saudi Arabia. It is possible to arrive at this point from the old city along Europa Road.

10. Underwater world

diving Connoisseurs of underwater beauty will also find something interesting in the country. Namely, three diving schools accept both beginners and professionals, for whom dives on sunken ships are periodically organized. In addition to the fact that people come here to enjoy the amazing nature and see wonderful sights, they also come here to enjoy shopping, since most of the goods in the country are quite cheap than in other European countries due to the fact that Gibraltar is an offshore zone.

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