12 Instagrammable places in Kandy

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12 Instagrammable places in Kandy
Sri Lanka has been a fascinating place for centuries. Both philosophers and travelers would throng the island country in search of peace and tranquillity. Today's government is a beehive of economic activity, and it is also one of the most visited countries for vacations. It is a quaint city located in Central Province. Kandy lies amid hills amidst the Kandy Plateau. Kandy is a mix of both religion and administration, with the city being the Central Province's capital. Let us quickly delve into the 12 Instagrammable places in Kandy:

1. Dalada Maligawa

dalada maligawa One of the foremost places to see in Kandy, Dalada Maligawa, is also known as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. It is a place which the Buddhists revere as it is believed that it holds Buddha's tooth. It is also one of the most peaceful places in Kandy, with its pristine surroundings. The monument has awe-inspiring carvings, which are both intricate and historical. There are plenty of paintings that adorn the walls of the monument. Dalada Maligawa is indeed one of the most beautiful places in Kandy Sri Lanka. For Instagram-obsessed, the relic is immensely Instagrammable and will likely become the most-liked Instagram photo. Your what to do in Kandy Sri Lanka has got off to a great start if Dalada Maligawa has been the first stop.

2. National Museum of Kandy

national museum of kandy Kandy has a long history right from the Kandyan times. The National Museum of Kandy needs to be the second item on the list of what to do in Kandy Sri Lanka. It is located on the royal premises of the Kandyan kingdom rulers. It adjoins the Dalada Maligawa. The National Museum is one of the most sought-after places to see in Kandy. There are plenty of artifacts, jewelry that will pique the interest of the history buff.

3. World Buddhist Museum

world buddhist museum Your what to do in Kandy is incomplete without visiting the World Buddhist Museum. It is not just the first museum dedicated to Buddhism in Sri Lanka but in the world. It is located near Dalada Maligawa and the National Museum. It is also one of the most preferred places to see in Kandy. The World Buddhist Museum exudes a certain charm and joyousness. The museum is also amongst the most peaceful places in Kandy. It has a spacious museum which is a must-visit. The descriptions are in English so the traveler will be able to understand. This is one of those Kandy places which is enriching and noteworthy.

4. Kandy Lake

kandy lake Built in 1807 and is opposite the Dalida Maligawa, this artificial lake has become one of the most sought-after places to see in Kandy. It is also not hard to understand why it is also one of those top Instagrammable places that can top any most liked Instagram photo contest. The site can also vouch for being one of the most peaceful places in Kandy. 

5. Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue

bahiravokanda vihara buddha statue Atop the Bahiravo Kanda or the Devil’s hill sits Lord Buddha. This Vihara Buddha Statue is 88 feet tall and is considered to be one of the most pious places in the city. One of the easiest ways how to find Instagrammable places is by searching for a particular spot and looking at the number of posts. This spot has innumerable and definite Instagrammable places. There is a lot of myth surrounding the statue too, the most interesting being the sacrifice of 100 virgin girls. Climbing the hill is difficult, but once you do it, it becomes one of the best places to see in Kandy. Kandy in its panoramic elegance can be experienced from here. The Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue is indeed one of the most beautiful places in Kandy Sri Lanka. If these places are not enough to make you apply for an online Sri Lanka visa, there are more interesting facts coming in!

6. Udawattakele Forest Reserve

udawattakele forest reserve It is also known as the Royal Forest Park of Kandy. For bird watchers, this is a paradise. It is home to many species of them. However, there are animals too which can be watched from close quarters. Instagrammable and for those who are novices in how to find Instagrammable places, check it out on social media. The Forest reserve with its umpteen Buddhist monasteries is a delight to be in. Taking a walk in Udawattakele Forest Reserve should prioritize what to do in the Kandy Sri Lanka list. It is one of those Kandy places whose lasting memories refuse to leave.

7. The Royal Botanical Gardens

green leafs One of the most beautiful places in Kandy Sri Lanka, the Royal Botanical Gardens is a veritable treasure trove for the plant lover. With a collection of over 4000 varieties of plants, the Royal Botanical Gardens is always on the top of the list for most visitors. They have a huge lawn where one can lie and relax and if touring the garden is what you want to do, then a cart can also be booked. The herbarium has a large collection of plant specimens. The Royal Botanical Gardens of Kandy is as Instagrammable as they come. Its collection would certainly be on the heap of the most liked Instagram photo

8. The Commonwealth War Cemetery

commonwealth war cemetery War Cemeteries are solemn places where the past reminds the present about the deeds that preserved the future. The Commonwealth War Cemetery houses the graves of 203 Allied soldiers who fought against the Axis Powers. The cemetery is testimony to the horrors of the war and a somber reminder of not repeating it ever again. However, it is one of the most peaceful places in Kandy, and you can simply take a stroll along with the graves. To visit the grave, a booking needs to be made. It is one of the Kandy places which has a lasting effect on the soul.

9. The Waterfall of Sudugala

waterfall of sudugala If you are still with your project on finding Instagrammable places, then this is where it ends. The Sudugala waterfall is as Instagrammable as any. It is also on top of the heap of the what to do in Kandy Sri Lanka, list. With the advent of social media, no place on the planet is hidden anymore. Instagram has played a big role in it. The waterfall will certainly make it to the most liked Instagram photo section and remain there for a long time. It is not situated in Kandy per se but is an hour and a half ride from the city in a place called Nawalapitiya. A waterfall is a wonderful place for both bathing and swimming since it is shallow. You can add the waterfalls to the what to do in Kandy Sri Lanka list. It is a must.

10. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

baby elephants Elephants are gentle giants. Elephants in this orphanage are just grown-up kids. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage was started in 1975 by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation and has rescued and nurtured thousands of elephants over the years. Visit the orphanage during the times of feeding and watch these magnificent animals live out their lives from close quarters. The elephant Orphanage also accepts elephants donated to them and they doctor them back to health. This place is the one that would take Instagram by storm and stay at the top of the most liked Instagram photo, probably, forever. Because, let’s face it, who does not love a cuddling elephant. 

11. Knuckles Mountain Range

knuckles mountain range Go for a hike or simply get lost amidst verdant nature, the Knuckles Mountain range is every nature lover’s fantasy. Easily one of Kandy's most peaceful places, the mountain range attracts hikers, mountaineers, and adventure seekers. It has everything for everyone. Knuckles Mountain Range rarely disappoints jagged peaks, cliffs, lush rolling meadows, and the occasional gushing waterfall. Go for a camping trip and stay in the serene milieu. Let the tiredness gradually disappear.

12. Ceylon Tea Museum

tea house museum This one is strictly for the ones who savor their cup of piping hot tea. The Ceylon Tea Museum is a paradise for tea lovers. It is in Hantane and was built in 1925. There are archives and repositories which showcase machinery, books, and samples of various tea leaves. It is one of those Kandy places which may force a non-tea enthusiast to become one. Certainly a worthy visit. Kandy is a wonderment. It straddles both the worlds of the past and the present and enmeshes them in a tight leash of hope. The city has grown remarkably over the years and continues to rise without a hint of sweat. Yet, it is at peace with itself in a cacophonic world. Visit Kandy and watch your heart grow.

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