10 reasons why you should travel to Kandy instead of Colombo

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Millions of people are fond of traveling to remote tropical countries that have unique cultures and tourist attractions. Sri Lanka is one of the most famous travel destinations globally with magnificent nature, a warm climate, exotic beaches, wild forests, an easy Sri Lanka visa policy, etc. Where is Sri Lanka? It is located in the Indian Ocean, bordering the Bay of Bengal in the northeast. Where to go in Sri Lanka? During their travel to Sri Lanka, many visitors prefer visiting Colombo, which is the largest and the capital of Sri Lanka. Colombo is the economic, historical, and political center of Sri Lanka that features modern urban infrastructure and architecture. Colombo has become a touristy city where the accommodation prices have gone up, the streets are polluted, and getting around has been more expensive. In this blog, we will talk about another beautiful touristic city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. Kandy is a magnificent tourist destination that needs to be discovered and explored by millions. This blog will help those who want to get the answers to the following questions: What to do in Kandy? Where to stay in Kandy? We will mainly elaborate on the places to visit in Kandy to make your travel to Kandy unforgettable.

1. Kandy Lake

kandy lake

Also known as the Milky Sea, Kandy Lake is one of Kandy's notable places of interest. Colorful geese, exotic green bushes, tall trees, and flashy canoes make Kandy Lake a uniquely picturesque place. The lake creates a perfect environment where you can peacefully relax away from the bustling city's noises. You can walk around the green lake with your family, admire the natural beauties, and photograph exotic scenic views. There are also great Kandy hotels near the lake where you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere. The fascinating lake is one of the most beautiful places to travel in Kandy.

2. Giragama Tea Plantation

tea plantation

Sri Lanka tea is a worldwide famous natural treasure mainly produced in Kandy. Would you like to have a tour around the exotic tea plantation in Sri Lanka? Giaragama tea plantation is one of the most exciting places of interest in Kandy. On a tea plantation, you will have a chance to taste the original Sri Lanka tea. You can buy authentic tea as a gift for your friends and family members. You will also have a chance to see the tea production process and meet with local people who work at plantation jobs in Kandy. Plantation work is one of the most famous jobs in Kandy. Many people of Sri Lanka make their living by using tea plantation jobs in Kandy. A visit to the Giaragama tea plantation will be one of the most memorable moments of your travel to Kandy.

3. Sacred Tooth Relic Temple

temple in kandy

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a holy and pilgrimage place for the local people of Sri Lanka. The temple has a magnificent golden roof that amazes all visitors. The temple is open for local people and foreigners, where religious ceremonies are held every week. Sacred Tooth Relic Temple is one of the most notable historical places to travel to in Kandy. The sacred Tooth monument has a history of several thousand years. Every year, the temple organizes a Sacred Tooth tour around the city accompanied by more than 60 elephants. The architecture, community, ceremonies, and history of the temple will amaze you.

4. Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden

peradeniya royal

Sri Lanka has historically been a regional center for the spice trade. Local merchants have grown many kinds of spices in the gardens of Kandy for thousands of years. In modern times, Sri Lanka's government has preserved the gardens and turned them into a tourist attractions. Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden is home to a myriad of tropical spice plants and other local endemic trees, so there are more than four thousand species of plants and animals in the garden. The garden's unique flora and fauna will amaze with its colors, living environments, and survival habits. Cinnamon, peppers, nutmeg, orchids, cardamom, and cloves are unique tropical plants that you can see in Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden. In this magnificent garden, you will have many chances to capture great Instagrammable moments. A trip to Kandy's Royal Botanical Garden will be a truly amazing and memorable experience during your travel to Sri Lanka.

5. Udawattakele Forest Reserve

udawattakele forest

Kandy is home to wild jungles and tropical forests, thanks to its unique climate and geography. Where to go in Sri Lanka? What to do in Kandy? Hiking through a wild forest and exploring the tropical wildlife of Sri Lanka is one of the best ideas! Udawattakele Forest Reserve is a place where you can find almost no human-made infrastructure or architecture. The government of Sri Lanka preserved the natural form of the forest, where the wildlife is perfectly protected. You can explore the unique natural environment of the Forest Reserve in a short trip organized by local tourism agencies. There are certain safety rules, such as not harming plants and not touching animals, that you should follow while enjoying your time in Reserve. Udawattakele is one of Kandy's most well-known places of interest, which is a must-visit during your travel to Sri Lanka. Your trip to the Udawattakele Forest Reserve will have great educational value, as well. 

6. Affordable and high-quality hotels

kandy hotelWhere to stay in Kandy

? Well, the Kandy hotels are so affordable that you will not look for other types of accommodation. The hotels in Kandy offer high-quality services at very affordable prices. You can easily find nearby hotels via mobile applications. Many travelers who have been to Sri Lanka advise visiting Kandy as the accommodation is pocket-friendly. The affordable accommodation will make your travel more joyful and pleasing. In comparison, the hotels in Colombo are pretty expensive. Colombo is a touristy capital city where hundreds of thousands of tourists visit every year. The huge number of visitors has caused a sharp rise in accommodation prices in Colombo. As the demand for overnight stays has increased, the hotel and apartment owners have raised the prices. Therefore, travel to Colombo will cost a lot of money. However, you can still enjoy the unique attractions of Sri Lanka by visiting Kandy and staying in very cozy and cheap places.

7. Historical streets of Kandy


Kandy has preserved the buildings, streets, and architecture of its historical past. Although the city is home to many modern buildings, the old infrastructure is much more common. You will feel the vibes from the past while wandering around the iconic streets of Kandy. The main public transport in Kandy is buses and trolleybuses that are pretty old and historical. You can use historical public transit conveniently to get around the city. Moreover, the streets of the city are home to great shops that sell locally made products. You can get great gifts for your family, friends, and beloved ones from the historical shops of Kandy. Historical streets and attractions are the most iconic places to visit in Kandy.

8. Day trip to Sigiriya ancient fortress

rockWhere to go in Sri Lanka

? What about a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site? Sigiriya ancient fortress is home to the legendary Lion Rock. The square-shaped rock looks gorgeous within the forest, among other hills and mountains. Hiking up to the Lion Rock is a must-have experience when you travel to Kandy. While hiking, you will go through the fascinating tropical wildlife. Exploring the endemic flora and fauna of the Sigiriya area will be a fantastic experience for you. The ancient fortress has a history of thousands of years. The best time for hiking can be sunrise, where there are not many people around. Also, during sunrise, you will be able to capture great photos and videos. At the end of hiking, reaching the top will be unforgettable, as you will admire the panoramic scenic views of Kandy.

9. The most beautiful train routes


The most beautiful train route in the world is from Kandy to Ella, as many travelers say! The train journey will take around six hours when there are perfect weather conditions—the best time of the year to enjoy the spring journey. You will have a fascinating tour through tea plantations, wild forests, and green hills during the Kandy to Ella train tour. Also, you will capture the most beautiful journey photos and videos.

10. Traditional Kandy dancing

festival dancing

Kandy is a place that offers lots of cultural tourist attractions. Traditional dancing is one of the most entertaining cultural activities in Sri Lanka. Both watching and performing Kandy dancing is great fun. You can attend Kandy dancing courses to learn the techniques of great performance. Once a week, Kandy city cultural center organizes dancing shows that you can watch and enjoy. The tickets are pretty affordable and easily accessible. You can hardly find traditional Kandy dancing shows in any other city of Sri Lanka. 

A quick recap

white statue

In this blog, we have answered the following questions: What to do in Kandy? Where to stay in Kandy? Why are Kandy hotels better? Knowing much more information about the places to travel in Kandy will make your Sri Lanka vacation much more interesting and fun. Kandy's city offers much better tourist attractions, better-preserved wildlife, a more quiet environment, and more historical architecture than the capital of Sri Lanka.

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