12 Instagrammable places in Malta

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12 Instagrammable places in Malta
Where is Malta? One of such places is Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a kind of shelter, where thousands of tourists worldwide run away for unique photos and good rest. What is the best time to travel to Malta? The Malta weather is literally one of its kind thanks to the wonderful climate including more than 300 days of sunshine and more than three thousand hours of sunshine in just a year, combined with mild winters, visiting the islands is a just the best experience!  Where to visit in Malta? Extraordinary Instagrammable places in Malta can be found in this article.

1. St. Anthony's Botanical Garden

garden St. Anthony's Botanical Garden is one of the most Instagrammable places in Malta. The greenery of the island of Malta is rich in is so unique that you will be surprised at every corner by the landscapes drawn with flora's help. The climate and geography of picturesque Malta have created magical botanical gardens. Here you will find the most incredible plants, from voice-growing to flowering. Luxurious tall palms hide tourists from the hot summer heat, and in winter, create the entourage of American recreation. Maybe the garden's size is not impressive, but its originality and views of the port with the harbor do their job. Entrance is free, so take your camera and friends - fresh photos are guaranteed!

2. Lower Gardens of Barracca

lower gardens of barracca The city of Valletta is famous for its Upper Gardens to the whole world. A huge number of tourists come for the views downhill. However, at the sea foot, there is a more secluded, quiet, soaked in peace place - the Lower Gardens of Barracca. There are always few people here, so the most liked Instagram photos are more intense. At sunset, you can play with lighting, so your Instagram ribbon will be painted with picturesque colors thanks to the Lower Gardens' beauty.

3. Spinola Bay

spinola bay The most exciting bay for owners of yachts. More than a hundred yachts are moored here every season, as well as for rent. The bay is located in the center of the island, so it is not difficult to get to it. Many waterfowl will want to have lunch some bakery products from your hands, so do not come empty-handed! Due to the warm climate, rare species of ducks gather near the coast, so be sure to capture them. You can get out to the Mediterranean Sea on one of the snow-white yachts and take a great Instagram photo. It will cost you a fair price and will not hit your wallet. Along and across the mini-bay is dotted with attractions of different levels. It is not difficult to get to them on a luxury yacht. Here is the tallest building on the island, as well as the "Portomaso Marina" house.

4. Dwejra Bay

dwejra bay One of the most famous sights of Malta and remains to this day. The arch, consisting of limestone, collapsed a couple of years ago. However, to this day, limestone is still fascinating with its mysticism. The caves in these Instagrammable places are unique and worth the attention of any tourist. On the edge of the rock, you can shoot interesting pictures. The photos on it will be more atmospheric as if you were born for Malta's "inner" sea. There is also a Mushroom Rock in the Dwejra Bay. There are many legends about knights and a medicinal plant. It is as if knights were even executed if they plucked the plant without the crown's consent. You will hear more fascinating stories from your guide. However, you can say for sure that the beauty of this region is indescribable.

5. Blue grotto

blue grotto If you are not impressed by the bay, the Blue Grotto, located on Capri's island, will not leave you indifferent, it is true! Very romantic and pompous rock, which attracts its majesty. You can go down to the water and take a boat ride inside the limestone caves. In our countries, there is nothing like this. So the first thing you should do when you fly to the island is to visit the Blue Grotto. Surprisingly, the caves have no bottom because they are flooded and regulated by sea level. However, the rocks that aspire upwards will not leave you without pictures. The blue water, or rather the glow created by the refraction of sun rays, is so attractive that you will want to enjoy the magnificent sight more than once. There is a whole "Hall of Name", where you can leave your mark: draw or hang a mini-plate. Unfortunately, you cannot try the water. The acoustics here is fantastic! That's why many mystics and stories keep the Blue Grotto cave. Mermaids, sea monsters – who else is not here.

6. Citadel in Victoria, the island Gozo

citadel in victoria Citadel in Victoria is the most interesting architectural construction of the island. An integral part of the Citadel is the cathedral, a paid entrance, for which it is definitely worth giving money. The dome of the cathedral does not exist; inside, it seems something unimaginable. The painted ceiling, the daring architectural solution is fascinating. The area itself is small if you compare it to Medina. However, back in ancient times, it served as a powerful defensive structure. Unique is the Citadel, and the fact that inside it there is a water spring - a small river, through which residents could survive any enemy's siege. The Citadel is the best observation deck on the whole island of Gozo. There are no less significant sights on the island; therefore, you will have a long photoshoot. 

7. Giantia

temple complex of ggantija The Giant Tower, or Tower of Giants, is the oldest megalithic temple complex of the Neolithic Age in Malta. It is a real historical treasure, belonging to the World Heritage sites, preserved since 3600 BC. Here you will find two temples, inner walls made of white stone, and spiral paintings on the floor. It is an ideal place for a couple of mysterious Instagram photos on the background of sacral structures, where, perhaps, sacrifices were made to the Gods long ago. Local folklore tells us that this majestic structure was built by a race of giants who used this place for their worship.  The temple itself is a construction consisting of five semicircular parts called apsides, and the shape of the Giant's is reminiscent of clover, which was quite typical for Malta. Here everyone seems to return to this so distant epoch of the Neolithic, sacrifices, and veneration of the gods. This place is ideal for recreating the mystical Maltese atmosphere in their most liked Instagram photos. It's not just the azure sea in the background; these are not cathedrals in the Gothic style or the nature of another botanical garden; it is untouched, pristine history, preserved in these huge boulders, which have absorbed the smell of millennia.

8. National Museum of Fine Arts

malta national museum This museum absorbed all the splendor of the fine arts of Maltese and some foreign artists. The history of the museum begins with a name such as Vincenzo Bonello, who in 1923 began to embody the idea of creating a collection for a national museum. Bonello bought many beautiful paintings of the highest quality from local artists, purchased a couple of works in England and Italy, and gave the paintings very modest sums. The collection included works by the Italian Baroque artist Mattia Preti and works by such artists as Guido Reni, Caravagist Valentin de Boulogne, Giuseppe Ribera Matthias Stom, Carlo Maratta, Bernardo Strozzi. In addition to famous Italian names, the national museum also displays works by Dutch, French, and British artists. The collection of paintings was diluted with two famous Maltese sculptors Melchiorre Gafa and Antonio Scortino. A visit to Malta's National Museum of Fine Arts will allow you to not only touch the beautiful with your soul but also take stylish photographs among Malta's famous, authentic art treasures. The watercolor scenes of the famous Maltese artists around here will help you recreate your photo's extraordinary background at Instagram.  

9. Buskett Gardens

buskett garden Buskett Gardens is one of the most Instagrammable places in Malta. Buskett Gardens is the largest forest massif, located on the territory of Malta. Once upon a time, these forests covered the whole island. Still, most of them were cut down for shipbuilding when galleons furrowed the Mediterranean Sea and agricultural purposes. Buskett Gardens were planted as hunting reserves.  In Buskett Gardens, you will find deciduous and coniferous forests, overgrown shrubs, groves with fruit trees. In spring, the Gardens are fragrant with bright green colors, so this season is considered the most favorable for visiting. Although in summer, thanks to the incredible number of trees, there is a comfortable shade hiding from the hot sun, which allows you to enjoy a picnic or an ordinary walk.  The gardens serve as a venue for the Imnarjah Festival, which is celebrated on June 29. Hundreds of people flock here in the evening to eat a traditional Maltese dish of stewed rabbit cooked in wine, or listen to traditional folk music and singing, and in the morning enjoy the annual agricultural show. Those who love nature's pristine scenery will indeed find this quiet place to their taste—millions of diverse, different landscapes, measured atmosphere, and just a real mental rest. Even just walking along the various paths, you will find many subjects for your Instagram photos.

10. Island of Camino and Blue Lagoon 

stone cliffs Blue Lagoon is located on the small island of Camino. Camino is the second-largest island in Malta, which is located less than 30 minutes to the north of the island. It is quite small: only 3.5 square kilometers in area, it is 2 kilometers long and 1.7 kilometers wide, which makes this small island an ideal place for a day trip, especially in spring and autumn, when it is possible to go on a short trip. Blue Lagoon is an entirely tranquil place with beautiful views of the beach, where there are almost no people (but in the summertime, it is full of tourists). This place is famous for its crystal blue waters and serrated rocks, making it ideal for both swimming and photoshoots. Since there are very few cars and almost no traffic, this is an ideal Instagrammable place to get away from the busy Maltese roads and perhaps choose a slow boat as a means of transportation for the whole day. The journey to this heavenly place will surely be picturesque. So prepare your camera for a decent shot of beautiful rocks and azure waters.

11. Aquarium Neshnel

aquarium at the island of malta For those who love underwater life, the Neshnel Aquarium is ideal for a pleasant walk in the company of sea creatures, as well as for a couple of most liked Instagram photos with fascinating aquariums.  The building is decorated as a starfish and is located in a small resort town, Aura. The aquarium is located close to the beach, so you will have the opportunity to swim in the azure waters of Malta and visit such a wonderful place, or vice versa. The aquarium itself is not very large but very well maintained, neat, and memorable. Here you will be told about all kinds of inhabitants of the underwater kingdom, and even feed them with you. If you get tired or hungry, around the aquarium's perimeter are scattered various benches and cafes.  You will be able to visit five different aquarium areas, each of which is unique and special in its way. In the first zone, you will see scorpions, mullet, perch and bream,in the second zone you will see sea breams and spotted perch, in the third zone among the shipwrecks you will see all sorts of bizarre fish and shrimp, in the fourth zone you will see the typical representatives of rivers and lakes and in the fifth zone is for lovers of reptiles and amphibians. Here, you will also find something to look at all sorts of frogs with giant geckos and all kinds of bugs and tarantulas. And all this in conditions of dim light, blue illumination, and original marine design. Quite a good place for a couple of unusual Instagram photos

12. St. Paul's Catacombs

st pauls catacombs For fans of non-standard scenes and for those who are tired of photography on the background of beaches, parks, or attractions, St. Paul's catacombs will be an ideal place for a couple of mystical and even creepy photos. St. Paul's catacombs are part of a large cemetery, which was once located outside the walls of the ancient Roman city of Melit. It also includes the catacombs of St. Agatha, San Catalda, St. Augustine, and many others. The early tombs were a deep rectangular mine with one or two chambers excavated at the sides. This type of burial was used even during the islands' Roman occupation, but the cells became more extensive and more correct as time went by. It is likely that this expansion connected the neighboring tombs and led to the creation of small catacombs. Visitors can access more than 20 catacombs. Do not miss the opportunity and recreate in your photo the true entourage of the ancient Roman catacombs. Plunge into the magical atmosphere of Malta, don't forget to capture your holiday and share it with your friends on Instagram!

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