12 Instagrammable places in Mbabane

Judith Kamau03 September 20201565 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Mbabane
Swaziland and had some time to visit the executive capital city and know where is Mbabane? You should take some time and travel to Swaziland, the country with two capital cities, one being Mbabane, the executive one and the other Lobamba, the legislative one. While many people worry about what to do in Mbabane Swaziland, you should count yourself out of that group since you have landed at the right place. We live in an age and times when social media platforms are taking a big space in our lives. We cannot deny the need and urge to fulfil our socialization desires. The best way to achieve socialization via online platforms involves using Instagram to share photos of the amazing places we visit. Mbabane offers a lot of these instagrammable places, and you will certainly enjoy visiting the city. So we gathered some of the most instagrammable places in Mbabane for you. Have a look. The Bahle Gallery was formerly known as Ndiglizi and is a perfect reason for you to travel to Swaziland, Mbabane. The Gallery is not only rich in art and inspiration but also a home of some of the best coffee in the city, which is served accompanied by soothing jazz music. As you enjoy your good time sipping coffee and going through the exemplary work of art in the Gallery, you can never resist taking pictures to share with friends on your Instagram page. The interiors of the Gallery are a collection of beauty to behold. Enjoy the musical ambience as you read your favourite journal or a book. It is an ideal chilling spot when you cannot afford to miss visiting when in the city.

2. The Market Place

We all get excited when struck with the idea of travelling back in time to discover what our culture or the culture of others has to offer. When in Mbabane and the Mbabane weather is favourable, the best place to visit for such an experience is Mbabane Market, which is the city's urban culture epicentre. The shopping stalls are full of souvenirs that are ideal artefacts to remind you of the beautiful past the people of the city have had. The traditional food, fruits, and vegetables sold in the market come in handy to bring to life the memories of the taste of food the forefathers of the country enjoyed a long time ago. You can never let such a rare chance go unrecorded in your photo gallery for sharing with friends and family on your Instagram page.

3. Solanis

Solanis is the local's favourite, and it is deserving to be loved as it is. The popular bar and grill in Mbabane is a place you can never miss visiting when in the city. It offers world-class venues for a chilled experience as you enjoy your grilled meat with your cold, favourite drink. Loved for its great grilled meat and superb customer services, you will enjoy every moment you spend at Solanis. Bring your friends along and have a memorable time of your life taking photos together. You will undoubtedly enjoy the Kasi culture incorporated in the preparation of food in the restaurant. Take photos and tag the Solanis as they are very active on Instagram too.

4. The Albert Millin

Where else would you enjoy your meals than at the Albert Millin eatery-pub when you travel to Swaziland? At the pub, you get nothing but a touch of excellence in everything you find. Right from the pizzas, salads, burgers to satisfying grilled meats, you will get to enjoy every plate served in the eatery pub. The eatery-pub is located within the city's country club, making it an ideal spot for chilling over the weekends. It is commonly thronged by university students, millennials, and even families. You can enjoy a cold beer or try out something delicious from the menu. Take photos, too as this is one of the most instagrammable places in Mbabane.

5. Madlenya House

Madlenya house is one of the reasons Mbabane brags of being the capital of Swaziland. Envisioned by the visionary Victor Gamedze, the brains behind the Eswatini’s second mobile network provider, Madlenya House is a pride of the Mbabane city. The beauty this glasshouse portrays, among other astute buildings, will make you want to take pictures beside it and on a jet next to it! It is the main office of Eswatini Mobile and accommodates other businesses, too, at some affordable rental charges. The fact that it has an architectural marvel design that mirrors the city's skyline proves that it is one of the instagrammable places, and it should certainly be on your list of what to do in Mbabane Swaziland.

6. Sibebe Rock

Sibebe Rock isn't just the pride of Mbabane or Swaziland in that matter, but also the pride of the entire southern African region. It is one of the most attractive geological features you can find in the southern region. It is believed to date back three billion years and was formed due to volcanic activities. It rises high to 1,488 meters above sea level and spreads over 16,500 ha of land, making it the world's largest granite dome. The historical relevance and greatness of this rock make it an ideal spot to take some snaps from. It is the best place to go hiking with your buddies and set some life memories worth keeping for your children and grandchildren in the future.

7. The Place Guest House

Where would you like to spend the rest of your evening after a long and tiresome day in Mbabane? Of course, you won't like sleeping and relaxing in sub-standard accommodation facilities in the city. That is why you need a top-class guest house like the Place Guest House, which accords you all the high-class services you will need when tired. The guest house offers a full-service spa and an outdoor pool. There is also an on-site restaurant where you can enjoy delicious local dishes and some of your favourite international drinks. During the weekdays, you get to enjoy free breakfast and free Wi-Fi in public places. You surely understand the treatment of your life once there.

8. Hilton Garden Inn Mbabane

The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Mbabane puts you at the core of the city, where you are surrounded by essential services the city has to offer. The hotel is less than a km from Mbabane City Council and 3 kilometres from Swaziland Theater Club. It is also next to the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and the Waterford Kamhlaba United World College that is less than ten kilometres away. The hotel will give you top hospitality services, including an outdoor pool, a bar or lounge, a 24-hour fitness centre, and laundry services.

9. The Mbabane Chapel

Forget about denominational segregation when you are in Mbabane. The Mbabane Chapel is the place to worship and pray without worrying about what denomination you are. The church conducts its services in English and accepts congregants from all over the world, making it a multinational church. You can have your time in this religious place and shoot some Instagram worthy photos.

10. Mdzimba Trail

The Mdzimba Trail gives you a rare chance to visit the history of the early Swazi people and their kings. It is a half-day tour to the sacred Mdzimba Mountain. Here, you will have the chance to see the ancient burial caves of Swazi kings and royalty. You can also find some of the traditional healers known as sangoma at work as you enjoy some stunning views of the mountain. The Mdzimba Trail remains one of the most instagrammable places in Mbabane.

11. Malolotja National Reserve

This is one of the best national reserves in the entire Southern African region. It is an 18,000 ha wilderness with high hills and some deep forested river gorges that make hikers love spending the moment. It brags some of the oldest rocks spreading in it; some are believed to have been laid down as ocean sediment over 3.5 billion years ago before metamorphosing into the shells and quartzite you can see today. From Mbabane, the entrance to the reserve is just a 30-minutes' drive away. Its 200km of trails offers the best environment for hiking, from gentle morning walks to multi-day wilderness hikes. You should, however, come prepared for the Mbabane weather as the reserve's weather keep varying all the time. While there, do not let the opportunity of taking Instagram worthy photos go unused.

12. Emafini Country Lodge

It is located just a 10-minute's drive away from Mbabane, where it is surrounded by forests to give you a tranquil environment for a comfortable rest. The lodge offers top-notch conference facilities and great outdoor pools, among other desirable services. You can also enjoy meals from the onsite restaurants or make a simple favourite meal from the kitchenette that comes equipped with a microwave. Your stay in this lodge deserves the respect of being preserved in your photo gallery for future memories and references.


You never get short of instagrammable places when you travel to Swaziland and specifically in Mbabane. Now that you know where is Mbabane, you can always arrange the trip of your lifetime to this capital city of the South African country. Wait no longer, get your gears ready, and experience some of the best in Mbabane.

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