12 Instagrammable places in Moroni

12 Instagrammable places in Moroni

Shamil Hasanli02 January 20211581 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Moroni
Where is Moroni city? Moroni is the capital of the Union of Comoros in Africa. It concentrates most of the country's administrations, all the ministries as well as the embassies. It is also the most populous city with nearly 120,000 inhabitants. Although many people remember the Moroni statue when hearing Moroni, the town has nothing to do with the Moroni statue, and the Moroni statue is in Bern. There are several Instagrammable places in Moroni and other parts of Comores to take the most liked Instagram photo. Where is Moroni exactly located? On the island of Ngazidja, you will find less but attractive places for taking Instagrammable photos to have one of the most liked Instagram posts. The Comoros Islands have a tropical maritime climate. The temperature variations are small throughout the year and on the same day. Precipitation is abundant, especially during the hot and rainy season (December to March). Risk of cyclones during this period. Temperatures are milder from April to September (southern winter). The best season is from May to October (dry season). The season to avoid is from December to April because it is boiling and it rains often. In this article, I will introduce 12 Instagrammable places in Moroni to take the most liked Instagram photo. Also, by reading this, you will find answers to questions like where is Moroni, where to take pictures for the most liked Instagram posts, what are Instagrammable places in Moroni city, etc.

1. Former Sultan's Palace

sultan palace in moroni A little outside of Bamboo, there is the former palace of Sultan Mawana Abdallah III. He had lived there from 1863 to 1891, the year of his death, and ruled from there. The building, completed in 1866, has regrettably degenerated into a ruin. But its ruins are the perfect spot for the most liked Instagram photo

2. Volo Market

volo market Volo market is the largest market on the island, in the upper town of Moroni. It offers everything from food to clothing to electrical appliances. This corresponds to his name, which in translation means "there is everything here."

3. Government House

government house The governor's house is located about six kilometers from Mamoudzou and is enthroned on a 400-meter high hill in a forest. It was built in 1880. After serving as a rest home for a long time, it was later rebuilt and used as a residence by the governor. In 1953 it was destroyed by a devastating cyclone, but it was restored in 1999. Today it is open to the public for viewing. It is one of the ideal places to take Instagram photos of the most liked Instagram posts. 

4. Abdallah's Mausoleum

moroni In the upper town of Moroni, there is the mausoleum for former President A. Abdallah, who was murdered on November 20, 1989, by a French mercenary. The building of the mausoleum has an interesting and unique design that you should visit and see. 

5. The Parliament

parliament building The Parliament of Comoros is an impressive, magnificent building in the capital of Moroni. Interestingly, only one woman is a Member of the Islands Parliament. And even this could not result from a direct election but was used as a replacement for a parliamentarian who had been appointed minister. 

6. Mosques

mosque in moroni Badjanani Mosque, this Islamic house of worship, is one of the oldest and largest mosques in Comoros. Therefore it is essential for the religious life of the Comori because the rule applies that the more people pray together in a room, the stronger the prayer. Vendredi Mosque, Moroni's Old Friday Mosque, is one of the capital's most popular tourist attractions. It is even allowed to climb the minaret of the Islamic house of God. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the entire city. From there you can take an interesting panoramic picture of the town. However, it is essential to note that you are appropriately dressed when visiting the mosque. With spaghetti straps or miniskirts, you usually do not get entry, and shorts are not welcome either.

7. Domoni and Itsiama

domoni The beautiful old town of Domoni is still relatively intact and inspires with narrow, winding streets, historical walls, and imposing mosques. In the city of Itsiama, you can visit the Maison des Tortues, the turtle house created by an association dedicated to the protection of sea turtles. Interestingly, visitors to the Maison can spend the night in huts and watch the turtles at night. The highlight of such an observation is when the turtles lay their eggs.

8. Chomoni

moroni beach Chomini attracts visitors, mainly because of the white sandy beach and because of the picturesque huts on the beach, which offer a fantastic sea view. Coelocanth Marine Park, which was created in 2007, is located on the southern coast of the island is also a perfect place to visit in Comoros. 

9. Itsandra

itsandra A wonderful white sand beach is what makes the old sultan's city Itsandra so worth seeing. Also, today's fishing village, which is about six kilometers from Moroni, attracts an old fortress and interesting royal tombs. Also, there are always fresh fish and other sea specialties in Itsandra. You will be amazed by the quality and freshness of the dishes. The people of Comoros know how to pamper their guests.

10. Lingoni waterfall

lingoni waterfall Not far from Moroni city, the best view of the more than 15-meter high waterfall behind the village of Lingoni is from a small valley that extends behind a less picturesque power station with a water turbine. The drive to the waterfall alone is worthwhile, as the path leads past several venerable distilleries. 

11. Mount Karthala

mount karthala Another popular destination in Comoros is Mount Karthala, which is also located on the island of Njazidja. This volcano last erupted in 1977 and has been considered extinct ever since. It is, therefore, possible for visitors to climb this volcanic mountain and take a look into the deep crater. Since the ascent to the 2,461 m high volcano takes several hours and is also very strenuous, you should plan an overnight stay in one of the many romantic mountain huts. Before climbing Mount Karthala, however, you should be aware that the ascent requires a lot of strength, as the hike to the crater is almost without shade, and you have to overcome a huge difference in altitude.

12. Dziancoundre waterfall

waterfall If you want to see and cool off in waterfalls, it's your turn to go to Anjouan Island, which has an immense number of beautiful waterfalls, such as the Dziancoundre waterfall, surrounded by an incredible wild landscape. The sultan's palace also stands on this island. Continuing with Moheli, this island is a tropical jungle less explored by travelers; it offers extreme tranquility and white sand beaches.

Why travel to Comoros?

question sign Comoros has an immense halieutic potential, which favors in particular big game fishing thanks to its warm waters. The main fish caught are tuna, swordfish, black hake, sharks, etc. Scuba diving professionals recognize the exceptional character of the Comorian coast. The main dive sites are Chindrini at the southern tip of Grande Comore. Salimani on the West Coast, Itsoundzou "the Bay of the dolphins". West Coast, Singani with the Coulee Front, Site of the Hotel Coelacanthe Moroni. It is the most interesting site for divers of all levels because it offers several levels of depths, Diving site of the islets of Noumachoua, Chiroroni, south of the island of Anjouan. The traditional culture is both rich and authentic. The National Center for Documentation and Scientific Research presents a wide range of national culture and its crafts. The main artisanal products of Comoros are carved woodwork.

What to do on Comoros?

puzzle It is going to Galawa Beach: The largest hotel in Grande Comore, located in the North of the island, about 35 km from the capital. It is located in the coastal areas of Mitsamiouli. The hotel closed its doors several years ago. The port with dhows and the mosque: Moroni is a young capital, certainly, but with a long history which has left it with many vestiges of great beauty. This former sultanate was created on the edge of a small bay transformed, over the years, into a fairly active port with dhows and which traded with the other sultanates of the Indian Ocean, in particular with Zanzibar. The Karthala: This is the largest crater in the world. This still active volcano overlooks the island of Grande Comore. Tourists take pleasure in walking the steep track, located in an ocean of greenery, which leads to the Karthala. Friday Mosque: Sacred place for Muslims in the center of the capital in place of Badjanani. In this mosque take place the religious events of the capital. A new mosque has just been built a few steps away by the emirate of Sharjah. It is an architectural gem. Itsandra Beach: The most beautiful and largest white sand beach in Moroni. 5 km north from the center of the capital, it is ideal for tourists who like to have fun not far from the capital. Volo-Volo Market: The main market in Moroni has located approximately 3 km from the center of the capital towards the North. The animation that reigns there all day is indescribable.

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