12 Instagrammable places in Ottawa

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12 Instagrammable places in Ottawa
Canada is the dream country of millions of people. More than 20 million visitors travel to Canada per year. Also, millions of people have plans to start a new life in Canada. In this blog, you will learn what places to visit in Ottawa, where is Ottawa, what to do in Ottawa, where to take most liked Instagram photos, and more. view of ottawa city Before starting to mention our top 12 Instagrammable places in Ottawa, let's answer some basic questions. Where is Ottawa? Ottawa is situated in southeastern Ontario, on the south bank of the Ottawa River. The city has almost 1 million residents. Which language to use in Canada? The most used language is English. Also, plenty of citizens have skills in French. Ottawa is rich with Instagrammable places and things to do in Ottawa, but vacation in this city can be expensive. Of course, it depends on you, but when we consider the hotel, food, and transport, we can say that you will spend 70-120 USD per day. After getting some basics about Ottawa, it is time to discover the best places to go in Ottawa.

1. Carbide Willson Ruins

carbide willson ruins The first example of the best places to visit in Ottawa is the ruins of Carbide Willson. The Instagrammable hiking route goes through the forest and along the rivers. The hiking route ends with the summer house of famous inventor Thomas Willson which is well-known for its industrial chemical calcium carbide invention. The great inventor has some fears about his invention. He was afraid that a group of people wants to steal his idea. That is why he built his laboratory and house in the forest. Today it is one of the most well-known Instagrammable places in Ottawa. Most of the tourists go hiking here to capture their most-liked photos on Instagram. national gallery If you want to capture some interesting Instagram photos, one of the best places to go in Ottawa is the National Gallery. What to do in Ottawa National Gallery? One of the first things to do in Ottawa gallery is taking Instagrammable posts in front of a giant spider statue. After that, go inside the building to travel to the art world of Canada. Here you will find a broad collection of Canadian Art. Taking part in the tour will allow you to get more detailed information about the masterpieces and the building. However, keep in mind that the Gallery is not working on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The working hours are from 10 am to 5 pm except for Thursday (10 am 8 pm).

3. Parliament Hill

parliament hill One of the most popular things to do in Ottawa is visiting Parliament Hill. The area is so popular among tourists and residents. Parliament building looks mesmerizing on the riverside with its Gothic architectural style. You can participate in tours or visit the parliamentary library to have an exciting time in Ottawa. Another reason that attracts tourists is the changing of the guard. The ceremony begins at 9:50 am, but it is better to be there 15 minutes before. Everyone takes Instagram photos during the ceremony to share with their followers on social media.

4. Rideau Canal

rideau canal Rideau Canal is on the top of the list of Instagrammable locations in Ottawa for many people. On both sides of the river, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. The canal is 202 km in length and 1.6 m in depth. Also, the river played an important role in the history of Canada. It was a strategic route that connected Montreal and Lake Ontario during the war with the United States in 1812. The canal changes its role with the changing of the season. In the summer, it is an active waterway, and in the winter, it becomes one of the most well-known places in Ottawa. When the canal freezes, it creates an excellent skating atmosphere, which is one of the most preferred things to do in Ottawa. Moreover, you can capture plenty of most liked Instagram photos on the banks of the river. As an example, we give the medieval castle Chateau Laurier.

5. Canadian War Museum

canadian museum If you are interested in Canada's military history, one of the best places to go in Ottawa is the War Museum. The museum has a wide range of artifacts from the first and second World War, the 1812 War, clashes between French and Iroquois, and more. Some of the Instagrammable artifacts that are found in the museum are jeeps, armored trucks, motorcycles, etc. The most well-known artifact that can be your most liked photo on Instagram is Hitler's car. Participating in the tour will be more exciting for American tourists. They will have a chance to see the 1812 war from a Canadian perspective. Where is Ottawa War Museum? The address is 1 Vimy Palace, Ontario.

6. Notre Dame Basilica

notre dame basilica What places to visit in Ottawa for architecture fans? There are plenty of places in Ottawa with a charming architectural design, and Notre Dame Basilica is one of them. The most effective feature of the church is interior design. Various artists did mesmerizing works on the inside of the church that would be excellent Instagram photos. For example, figures of the prophet and four evangelists by Louis-Philippe-Hebert or carvings by Philippe Parizeau. Moreover, the 17 window picture series that show parts from Mary and Christ is another example of the places to see in Ottawa Notre Dame Basilica. The construction of the church was started in 1841 and lasted 44 years. It is the largest and oldest remaining church in the whole of Canada.

7. Byward Market neighborhood

byward market Now it is time to talk about one of the oldest and biggest street markets in the country. Not only the market but also the surrounding area is ancient and impressive. Here you can find souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, craft markets, etc. Is there any spot to take the most liked photo on Instagram? Most visitors take their most liked Instagram photos on the York Street Plaza, in front of giant Ottawa letters.

8. Dows Lake Pavilion

dows lake pavilion What to do in Ottawa? After learning about Canada's culture and history and the capital, you may want to relax and forget all of your problems. Dows Lake Pavilion can help you in this matter. Dows Lake Pavilion is a place where you will have everything to have a fascinating time in Ottawa. For instance, you can rent a kayak or boat to have small journeys or rent a bicycle and explore the area. Besides these activities, it offers restaurants, cafes to make you feel comfortable. When is the best season to visit? To be honest, it depends on you. If you come here in winter, you will have a chance to participate in the Winterlude festival or go skating. On the other hand, you may prefer spring, during the Tulip festival. All canoes and kayaks are decorated with tulip images during this festival.

9. Canadian Museum of Nature

canadian museum What places to visit in Ottawa if I am interested in nature? Canada is rich with museums, and the Canadian Museum of Nature takes one of the highest ranks in the list of places to visit in Ottawa. In the museum, visitors will enlarge their knowledge about marine life, dinosaurs, birds, insects, and more. Furthermore, the museum has one of the oldest archives in Canada about nature life. A lot of books, documents, and photos are included in the archives. Is there any fee? It is 11$ for children, 15$ for adults. Keep in mind that tickets are available only online.

10. The National Art Centre

national art centre National Art Centre is the most well-known performing arts venue among all places in Ottawa. More than 600 performances take place in the art center. Many national and international talents take the stage in the National Art Center. It does not matter that kind of art (music, dance, theater) is for you. There is a show for everyone. So, come and enjoy ballet, world-class theatre performance, or house orchestra. Time at Ottawa National Art Centre will be unforgettable for you.

11. Hog's Back Falls

hogs back falls Sometimes city life is stressful and boring. In such situations, we are looking for some uncrowded destinations to relax. Hog's Back Falls (officially Prince of Wales Falls) is one of those spots. It consists of a series of waterfalls along the Rideau River. The park has several heritage locations and historical displays. Also, there are tables for a picnic and some hiking routes. The park opens in May and closes in December.

12. Wild Bird Care Centre

bird care centre Finally, we reached the final step in our list. The last recommendation in our list about the places to see in Ottawa is the Wild Bird Care Centre. It is a home for hundreds of birds that have been injured or sick. The center's main goal is the treatment and rehabilitation of birds and after that, releasing them to nature. Furthermore, they have tours for curious guests that want to learn more about bird intervention and prevention.

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