12 Instagrammable places in Batumi

Polina Katorzhina13 January 20213148 views10 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Batumi
places to visit in Georgia, where an endless flight of imagination for photos is possible. Undoubtedly, thousands of tourists and guests come here every year, and most often they take the same photos, in the same places. I will not tell you how and where to make the same type of photos, which will be a shame to post. Are you ready to find out the Instagrammable places of Batumi, after which your feed will come to life and fill with bright, "juicy photos", and the desire to return to Georgia will double? Then let's start.

1. Alphabet Tower

alphabet tower The most Instagrammable places of Batumi are located on the embankment. Here you will find many interesting sights. One of the largest is the "Alphabet Tower". A huge cylindrical skyscraper, resembling a DNA spiral, encircles the entire building with symbols of the Georgian alphabet, which will seem to any tourist as some artistic shapeless elements. At night, on the main square, the whole structure lights up with many colors and a disco begins. The letters smoothly shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, and the top of the tower in the style of a disco ball plays with colors and light patterns. This expresses the uniqueness of the Georgian alphabet and the unity of the people. A beautiful sight that is worth seeing both day and night. You can also take the elevator to the disco ball upstairs and enjoy very scenic views of the giant Batumi hotels of the coast.

2. Statue of Ali and Nino

statue of ali and nino Have you ever seen a sculptor inspired by a book create a masterpiece? A novel that tells us the story of a Muslim boy from Azerbaijan and a Georgian Christian girl and their struggle for love. I strongly advise you to buy this book and walking past the city center, always imagine how it was and how much their love was boundless. At 19 o'clock, they begin to slowly approach each other, trying to hug each other. The sculpture is designed so that each person consists of huge sheets of metal that pass through each other when they touch. The author wanted to show us that Ali and Nino could never be together. Romance and misery are shown in giant moving metal sculptures. I certainly advise you to go there and take the most liked Instagram photos. My advice — for the best photos, come either very early or very late, at this time Batumi is still asleep or already falling asleep, so you will not see tourists at all.

3. Ferris Wheel

ferris wheel If you like panoramic views, there are some unusual ways to see the city. In addition to the Alphabet Tower, there is a giant Ferris wheel on the embankment. You will make a full circle in about 10 minutes (I advise you to record a timelapse video!). The wheel moves quite slowly, so you will have enough time to make most liked Instagram photos against the background of Batumi. Without departing from the theme of discos and LED lamps-at night, the whole wheel becomes a huge LED ball, it shimmers with different colors and is played with numerous patterns. Keep in mind that since October, this entertainment stops working. Therefore, I advise you to have time to travel to Batumi!

4. Cable Car

cable car The Ferris wheel on the embankment in Batumi, Georgia is one of the main tourist attractions of Batumi. However there is another option - a cable car. Comfortable entertainment for viewing the city from a height. The cabins are relatively new, in good condition and the speed is moderate, you will have time to explore the city and take excellent Instagram photos. Upstairs there is a souvenir shop, a cafe, a free toilet, a wine shop. A large observation deck, as well as the services of a photographer. Choose sunny days to visit, because in rainy or cloudy Batumi weather, the camera is quite difficult to set up, and the views will not be the same.

5. Batumi McDonalds

mcdonalds building Usually, Batumi McDonalds is not the best place for a photoshoot, but Batumi is a completely different case. This place is a must-visit, if only because this institution became one of the best buildings in the world in 2013. It looks like a futuristic shiny spaceship. Ironically, inside there is a whole collection of fluttering displays with the words "healthy food", "energy" and "strength" (first of all, it is next to it that tourists arrange photoshoots). You will get cool photos both in the building itself and next to it.

6. Mobile Scooter

mobile scooter How do you like the option to combine a ride on a scooter and photography? In a few hours you will be able to completely bypass Batumi, visit absolutely all the places from this list, in addition, make a sea of bright photos in motion with a bike. Since we have chosen the option to combine walking and shooting, here is a tip for you – from anywhere in Batumi you can find access to the embankment, and on a scooter it will not take much time. You can find scooters whose wheels and body are painted in beautiful pastel shades. Why a scooter? Looking through the feed with new hashtags from Batumi, you will see many photos of narrow streets and beautiful mini-bikes, in other words, it is now fashionable, and also practical. You can not worry, because the scooter accelerates to a maximum of 40 km / h, which means that we will not have any blurred photos, because at a slow speed you will have time to take live beautiful pictures and enjoy the views of Batumi.

7. Old Batumi Hotels

old batumi hotel Abandoned Batumi hotels are the most Instagrammable places in Batumi, believe me, photos will be worth all the effort. That is why tourists do not visit these places, which means that you will have a unique photo content in the feed. They are very easy to find — you need to walk along the embankment. Giant hotel complexes are empty and stand right on the Batumi beach. While in Georgia, you will often come across giant abandoned buildings. My few tips for the best photoshoot in this location: 1. Low tide—our assistant in the search. 2. Photos at dawn and sunset come out juicier than any other. 3. In cloudy and rainy Batumi weather, abandoned giant buildings look quite creepy, but for a photoshoot in the style of "horror" — an ideal option.

8. Batumi Botanical Gardens

batumi botanic garden The most Instagrammable places in Batumi are squares with massive buildings and places of nature. The Botanical Garden is a flight of your imagination because there is a location for photography at every step. You will see huge eucalyptus trees, endless calves with delicious fruits, huge cherry trees and many more different plants brought from different parts of our planet. There is a huge variety of different types of flora. Also the Georgians themselves are insanely proud of such gardens. An additional service that you will be offered is setting up a camp for one night on the botanical garden territory. Because at night there is a completely different atmosphere, the type of plants completely changes. Those that live during the day-close, and open the buds of nocturnal plants (these exhibits will be highlighted, so you can see all of them in the dark) Also, the camping area itself is very well and comfortably equipped. You will be able to take warm and atmospheric Instagram photos from the hike.

9. Mtirala

mtirala We can get away from city life and plunge into the pristine nature, capture its beauty, on the famous Mtirala Mountain. From Batumi, you can take a minivan to climb the "crying" mountain, which got its name because of the incredible amount of precipitation that falls here. The slopes of the national park will amaze you with a riot of subtropical vegetation, interesting mountain landscapes and an exceptional variety of local flora. Behind every turn there are spectacular mountain landscapes - in the most picturesque places, guides specially arrange photo pauses. On the route, you can meet the most beautiful locations of the park: a mountain lake, a 10-meter Tsabilnari waterfall and an unusual cable car.

10. Eclipse Restaurant

chief Probably, it will be extremely difficult to find a more fashionable and modern place in the very center of Batumi.The quality of food, service at the highest level. The restaurant at the casino, by the sea. The pleasant and peaceful atmosphere beckons to take most liked Instagram photos and capture the beautiful moments spent here. Here you can sit with a glass of wine in the evening, resting after a hot or tiring walk, or gather with friends. The menu will not leave anyone indifferent, because there is everything here-from the national Georgian cuisine to the cuisines of other countries. You will have a lot of opportunities to take a photo against the background of the interior, and take Instagram pictures of perfectly prepared dishes that, reviewing your Instagram in a few months, you will definitely want to return.

11. Turkish District

turkish district Like any Georgian city, Batumi has an old district that preserves this place's huge and majestic history. Here you can walk without thinking about time, and just looking at the balconies on the narrow streets of houses. A special, own charm of this part of Batumi is given by a huge number of Turkish mini-cafes with doners, lahmajuns, kokorechs and other street food. You can go and arrange a photoshoot, right on Kutaisi Street — this is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Batumi Georgia, with a beautiful view. This area is more hospitable than our "familiar " Batumi if you get tired or get lost, just knock on any door, and you will be fed and watered without any problems, told how to go or escorted to the right place, these are the customs

12. Gonio Fortress

gonio fortress Gonio Fortress is one of the best places to visit in Batumi Georgia. Gonio Fortress was built near Batumi. In Georgia, it is considered one of the largest and oldest structures of its kind. Over the centuries of history, this place has become overgrown with many myths and legends, for the most part still unraveled. The veil of mystery surrounding the Gonio-Apsaros fortress attracts tourists from all over the country's Black Sea coast. There are huge territories with majestic views, combining the skill of man and not sparing nature. You will have in the palm of your hand the fortress of the ancient Romans, their achievements, treasures and you will be able to freely explore everything and take Instagram photos. I would not say that there is a certain time when the fortress will be without tourists, it is a very popular object, but the area is huge, and I am sure you will find a quiet place to stay in the rays of the solitude of nature. Batumi is the best place for all the oddities and wonders. It was the top of my favorites, whose photos in my gallery make me remember Georgia with special love and warmth. I hope you have been very helpful with my selection of places that will fill your Instagram feed with the most vivid, colorful and memorable photos. Put hashtags, heartily share your memories and impressions of the trip, take most liked Instagram photos, well, in general — add to your own library of beautiful moments of life. At one point, you will find yourself thinking that you actually have the best photos.

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