12 Instagrammable places in Pristina

12 Instagrammable places in Pristina

Alisa Ruda11 January 20213311 views10 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Pristina
Balkan Peninsula. An unusual name from Old Slavonic means "source of water". The town is very close to the mountains Goliak, with a picturesque view of the mountain range Shar-Planina.  The area is lovely; people come here for impressions and original photos. Therefore, in this review, there are 12 Instagrammable places in Pristina, be sure to visit them if you travel to Kosovo. Are you wondering where is Pristina on the map? Well, Pristina on the map is not a visible city, but in fact, it is a very ancient settlement with a rich history, which was known in the Neolithic period. Many tourists know about this city from a famous movie about Pristina, the plot of which develops against the backdrop of the Kosovo war. But now it is not about this. Today, Pristina is a beautiful historical city, where people come to get impressions and photos for memory. So, there are 12 Instagrammable places in Pristina. Do not forget to take many interesting and exciting photos and share them with friends! 

1. Mother Teresa Boulevard

people walking on mother teresa street In Kosovo, Mother Teresa is revered because she comes from an Albanian family. In the centre of Pristina, you will see Mother Teresa Boulevard. This is the historical and cultural centre of the city, so you should get here to make some interesting shots. For example, near the Cathedral of Mother Teresa, construction of which began only in 2010 after numerous disputes in Muslim circles. The cathedral and the boulevard are exciting places in Pristina, come here to make an original photo for Instagram or any other social networks.

2. Monument of Bill Clinton

bill clinton statue Monument of Bill Clinton is one of the best places to visit in Pristina. Don't be surprised, and it is in Pristina that there is a monument of Bill Clinton. The residents of this city are very fond of Americans and do not hide it. In addition to a large number of American flags, there is also such an exciting attraction. Find Bill Clinton Boulevard on the map of Pristina, where you can visit the monument of the same name. It is made of bronze and holds in his right hand the historically essential documents about the beginning of the NATO operation against Yugoslavia. This massive 3.5-meter-high monument looks a little caricatured, but it does not prevent it from being popular and respected in the city. Even Clinton himself came to its opening and spoke to thousands of grateful Albanians. It is not only a historical place, but also an installation site in Kosovo. It is here that you will take most liked Instagram photos shots near the monument, which will decorate the Instagram ribbon. But the main thing is that none of the subscribers will be able to guess the location of the photo. 

3. Gracanice Monastery

orthodox monastery in pristina The monastery is located on the outskirts of the city of Pristina, and its surrounding area is ideal for most liked Instagram photo sessions. This building belongs to medieval architecture, one of the monuments of Kosovo. Of all the facilities, only the Cathedral of the Annunciation, which was built in 1321, remains intact. It is a beautiful temple made of brick and stone by Greek architects. The painting of the monastery dates back to the Byzantine era of the 14th century. The compositions are impressive; the monastery presents a variety of motifs and depicts scenes from the life of saints. Gracanice Monastery is Pristina tourist attraction, as well as a unique installation place for tourists from other countries. 

4. University Library of Pristina

national university library When was the last time you were in the library? Travel to Kosovo. The Kosovo library occupies 16,500 square meters. The architecture of the building is impressive; a famous Croatian architect designed it. There are 99 domes of different sizes, and the structure is covered with a metal mesh, which is very similar to a fishing one. This is the place where you can take a lot of most liked Instagram photos. Both on the background of the building and inside, you can get cool shots for your Instagram and not only. In addition to photoshoots, the library often holds concerts and other cultural events. The interior of the building is impressive. The floor in the foyer is made of marble in the form of a beautiful mosaic. The central dome of the building provides daylight. It looks fascinating, every tourist should visit the University Library of Pristina. The University Library is one of the main Instagrammable places in Pristina. Make sure you add the library to the list of mandatory places to visit in Pristina.

5. Famous NEWBORN monument

newborn monument In many cities around the world have long been famous monuments in the form of inscriptions, such as I Love New York. In Pristina has its peculiarity - the town has a monument - NEWBORN. It is erected in honour of the new state - Kosovo. From time to time, designers are engaged in painting the monument and update the design. Therefore, near NEWBORN is sure to make a symbolic photo. This is a fascinating sight in Pristina with meaning and significance for the entire population of the country.

6. Germia Park

germia park Germia Park is a regional park in the northern part of Pristina. Its area is 62 square kilometres. There is a place to go for a walk and take a lot of installation photos as a memory. Park Germia, in fact, a mountain massif, it belongs to the Rhodope Mountains. And in the mountains, there are lovely places for photo and recreation. There are a lot of flowers, trees, as well as many animals and birds. This is a lively oasis in the city, where you can spend your time with pleasure and benefit. At an altitude of 1050 meters above sea level is the highest point of the park. On the territory, you will find stadiums, paths for cyclists, cafes and even a pool. Germia Park is a lively and fantastic Pristina tourist attraction.

7. Ethnographic Museum

etnoghraphic museum This museum is connected with the national traditions of Kosovo. In it, you will see objects from the Ottoman period. The museum is located in the old premises of a residential complex, whose two buildings were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. In total, there are four houses for the museum, which associate birth, life, death and inheritance. Ethnographic museums are rarely interesting for tourists, but in this case, I recommend you to visit the museum of ethnography in Pristina, it is not only interesting from the historical point of view, but it is also a lot of photogenic exhibits, against which you can take most liked Instagram photos. In the museums, you will see wedding dresses, weapons, ceramic utensils, jewellery for women, tools for working the land and much more. This is one of the most famous museums of Kosovo, located in Emin Gjiku. 

8. Marble Cave

marble cave In 20 km from the capital of Kosovo, Pristina is the Marble Cave, located on the road to Skopje. This natural rarity has inputs on the banks of the river Klisir. Marble caves are rare, this cave was covered in mud before its opening, so still, not all parts of it have been explored. The length of the corridors is more than 1200 meters. The cave has more than 25 lakes, many stalactites and stalagmites, and giant crystals. Who has ever encountered these natural wonders, knows how beautiful and exciting they are. The photos near the cave treasures are incredibly fabulous. The Marble Cave was discovered not so long ago - in 1969, and thousands of tourists now visit this natural monument. Visit the mysterious corner of Pristina, and you will be surprised by the diversity of nature and the underground world of Kosovo. This is not just a landmark; it is a mega exciting installation place, where you are sure to make an extensive collection of Instagram photos.

9. Cathedral of Christ the Savior

christ the saviour serbian orthodox cathedral To date, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Pristina is not completed, construction began in 1995 but was not completed because of the outbreak of war in Kosovo. The history of the construction of the church in Pristina began in the 14th century, since that time many Orthodox churches were built and collapsed. Reasons for that were different - Ottoman attacks, World War II, and prohibitions by the Communists. But still, in 1989, the authorities gave land for the construction of a new cathedral, which is currently not completed. In this historical and spiritual place for all Christians can spend an exciting excursion and take pictures against the background of the attraction. Perhaps shortly, the church will be completed, then the photo near the completed Cathedral of Christ the Savior will be quite different. And while the church is not met, and the images here will be specific. In the abandoned building now is not the same atmosphere as in an ordinary temple, but it is quite suitable for creating interesting Instagram pictures.

10. The Pristina Big Hammam

The Big Hammam is a monument to the Ottoman Empire, which once occupied the territory of modern Kosovo. The memorial is a part of the Emperor's Mosque. The hammam is continually being restored and plans to make a museum exhibit out of it.  It is an exciting and eye-catching building. It has a room for men and women with a total area of 800 square meters. The hammam has hot and cold rooms with stone walls and brick domes. The architecture of the building is very interesting for taking pictures both outside and inside the building.  Pristina on the map is a small and unremarkable city in Kosovo, but when you come here, it will not even take a week to visit all the main Pristina tourist attractions, including the Big Hammam. 

11. Illusion Art Museum

There are museums like this in many cities around the world. Museum "Illusion" in Pristina is prevalent among tourists and is a sight of the town. This is a specialized museum with a variety of art exhibits, which you can come with children. It is exciting, fascinating, and the main thing is the photo zone at every step. What are the exhibits with optical illusions! Many tourists compare this museum with the world-famous museum in Dubai, where you can also have fun and be photographed with exciting shows.

12. ALBI Shopping Center 

albi mall Copyright: @nomma_studio Don't be surprised, but a shopping mall in Pristina also deserves a place on this list. Of course, it is not a historical or spiritual attraction, but you can still come here for photoshoots, walks, shopping, and a delicious lunch. The shopping centre is built according to European standards. There are a lot of boutiques from famous world brands inside, and there are few people, and the prices will pleasantly surprise you. Therefore, it is worth going to ALBI if you are on tour in Pristina. Here you can take modern most liked Instagram photos, have fun and enjoy inexpensive shopping.   Pristina, capital of Kosovo is an unusually beautiful city of Kosovo, which recently gained independence and began its active development. Its rich history and unique buildings are of interest to tourists who come here on tours. If you are in Kosovo, travel to Pristina for an unusual and exciting photo session. Pay special attention to the fortress on the hill, where you can make beautiful shots and admire the scenery of the city. Often, tourists choose this city for excursions, because here was filmed the famous film in Pristina "Balkan Border". The film is about the war between NATO and Yugoslavia. If you haven't seen the favourite movie, you will still be surprised by this exciting and attractive city. Pristina is full of Pristina tourist attractions, visit it for sure!

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