12 Instagrammable places in Tbilisi

Polina Katorzhina24 August 20202890 views10 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Tbilisi
beautiful photos in Tbilisi to get the best moments in your film from Georgia. You need to know certain atmospheric places and some tips in order not to lose precious time. Not all locations that I will tell you about are open for tourists, but you will be able to keep these hidden gems in your film anyway. I will give a couple of tips on how to plan everything to avoid a large crowd and turmoil, as well as guarantee answers to the questions: what to do in Tbilisi and how to take beautiful photos. Regardless of whether you take a photo on the phone or with a professional camera, your Instagram will be filled with the atmosphere of warmth and comfort of this hospitable country. Are you ready to plunge into places where you can take beautiful photos of the beautiful Tbilisi? Then let's begin.

1. Paradnaya Kaleidoscope

kaleidoscope house Paradnaya Kaleidoscope is one of the most Instagrammable places in Tbilisi that you have to visit on your travel to Georgia. There are over a thousand photos taken here. This wooden house of the 19th century, located on Betlemi Street, is a real architectural pearl of this ancient city. When I crossed the threshold, I was blinded by the style of this old house and the way the glare from the stained-glass windows sparkled with different colors on the walls, floor, and ceiling. This is the only building in Tbilisi with colorful stained glass decor, which is also very well preserved. The apartments in the House-Kaleidoscope are being rented out, but there is an art gallery on the ground floor, so you can freely visit it during the daytime. The place is open from 10 am until 8 pm, so there is no point in coming early in the morning. It is best to visit the gallery during the day, around 12 when light penetrates all windows perfectly and plays with the reflection of colored glass. Take this free offer and have your Instagram pictures when you travel to Tbilisi.

2. Hotel London

hotel london The interior of the former London Hotel is one of the most Instagrammable places in Tbilisi. Dusted and grated stairs, openwork and wrought iron railings, old frescoes, and portraits are the perfect background for a nostalgic photo in the style of the 20s. The light coming from the ceiling glass adds a unique charm and makes it feel as if we have only crossed the threshold of this hotel. It's not that simple - it's an apartment building, and no one complains about uninvited guests. But if you want to walk around this place and take a few photos freely, the best option is to order a walking tour of Tbilisi online. Any guide has permission to visit and tour most historic buildings, including this legendary place. Don't forget to take an Instagram picture here when you travel to Tbilisi.

3. Street patios and balconies of Old Tbilisi

traditional houses with wooden carved balconies One of the best ways to feel the atmosphere of Tbilisi is to get lost in the Old Town and explore its secret courtyards and balconies. Always try to pay attention to the upper galleries and sculptures, as small stones often break off from them. While hunting for beautiful pictures in this old part of the city, you have two ways to go, and in both, you will look at Tbilisi from and to: The first one is to find the way by yourself, asking the locals and following the flow of people to see Instagrammable places along the way. Remember that not everyone wants tourists to be photographed against the background of their home. Try not to argue with the locals, let alone piss them off, and at best, they will tell you where to get more beautiful photos. The second is to find and order a walking tour of Tbilisi. Remember that even if you have an exact address and follow the navigator precisely, you will not be able to enter most of the hidden courtyards and stairs, as they are closed to tourists. And on a guided tour, you are guaranteed, and the main thing is that you will legally enter any courtyard and take Instagram pictures there.

4. Fabrika Tbilisi

fabrika hostel Fabrika is a popular and incredibly bright place, located in an old garment factory. This old building was ultimately changed to make it one of the Instagrammable places in the city where you can sit with friends, have coffee, lunch or drink good wine. This place is loved equally by teenagers and adults. The younger generation comes here for good coffee and street art photos, while the older generation comes here for tasty food and a pleasant atmosphere. The bright colors of the brick walls are an excellent background for photography, especially if you're a street art enthusiast. Here you will find a lot of inspiration for your photos, no matter what day you arrive. In warm seasons it is a cozy place for outdoor photography, and on cold days you can have a delicious meal on the indoor terrace. Most of these places are free to access, so don't miss any of them when you travel to Tbilisi.

5. The Chronicle of Georgia

chronicle of georgia Many tourists simply do not know about this place, as it is far away from the city and there is little about it on the internet. I only learned about it from the locals. There is no public transport stops around, so it is best to take a carsharing or take a taxi. I promise you that all efforts will pay off as soon as you get to the mountain. I lost my gift of speech when I saw a 30-meter high statue consisting of several columns, each of which describes the history of Georgia. The top part of the monument shows the great kings and queens of Georgia, and the bottom part shows the life of Christ. There are rarely crowds here so that you can come at any time of day, better in good weather.

6. Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

holy trinity cathedral If you are from Georgia or ever travel to Georgia, you will know the fame of Sameba as one of Tbilisi's most Instagram worthy places. Not deviating from the theme of historical buildings, I want to tell you about the most striking example of religious architecture - Holy Trinity Cathedral, also known as Sameba (locals use the second name, so if you do not know how to get there, use it). The building itself is a combination of traditional styles of Georgian church architecture from different periods. Some preserved Byzantine scrolls can confirm this. All stages of construction took almost ten years, and the cathedral is considered the third-largest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the world. To make the best picture, you should come early in the morning, as this is the time when the light best passes through the statues and gives beautiful reflections in the camera.

7. Sulphur Baths

sulphur baths The quarter of Abanotubani, where the Sulphur Baths are located, is located on the eastern bank of the Mtkvari River, near the Fig Gorge. This ancient region of Tbilisi is known for several other baths, whose chimneys create a perfect landscape. In this part of the city, you have a million options for photography because there are many Instagrammable places around. It is essential to be there before 10 am, as there is an excellent opportunity to get into the crowd. After all, not only tourists love this place, the locals are also happy to relax in the baths. Also, they were praised by Alexander Pushkin himself. To find the best angle for the photo, you can try to pass between chimneys.

8. Narikala Fortress

narikala fortress I will be honest, and this is my Instagrammable place to take pictures of the breathtaking view of old Tbilisi, from where you can see the whole city literally in the palm of your hand. It is effortless to get there - you should climb the narrow streets that start in the Abanotubani area or use the cable car in the "Rike" park, which is near the Peace Bridge. You pass through the river and then go straight to the top of one of the hills, straight to the old districts. Another plus is that you get a great view of all the old houses. As soon as you climb to the top of the fortress you will be amazed, several of this city is fascinating. The view of the city from this place is spectacular. For the best Instagram pictures, you should come here in the evening hours to catch the soft sunset lights reflecting all the colors of the magnificent Tbilisi.

9. Main Clock

clock tower You can find this picturesque falling Clock Tower in the heart of Tbilisi, near the famous Puppet Theatre. An interesting fact is that the Clock Tower has two dials. It is both the biggest and the smallest clock in the city. As you will notice the big dial at once, it is worth the effort to find the small one. It's some kind of mini-game or competition: Who's the first to see the smallest watch. If you want to take a picture of this place without too many people, you should come early in the morning, preferably before 8 am. It will also be cool to be there at precisely one o'clock to see when the small balcony on top opens a window and the statue of the angel rings a bell.

10. Mtatsminda Park

big ferris wheel Another beautiful location to decorate your Instagram page, which cannot be missed in Tbilisi. Mtatsminda is a park, which is located on the highest hill in the city. It can be reached by bus or car, but the best way to get there is by funicular to the top. In the evening hours, the light gets much softer, and you can enjoy a beautiful panorama with a perfect shimmering of colors and shades in the camera. Tip: For the best panoramic shots, take wide-angle lenses with you.

11. Leghvtakhevi Waterfall

leghvtakhevi waterfall Did you know that there is a beautiful waterfall in the center of Tbilisi? It is located near the Abanotubani district, so you can combine your visit to the Sulphur Baths and this gorge when you are in this part of the city. The waterfall of Leghvtakhevi is beautiful at any time of year. Sometimes it freezes in winter and in summer you can relax in its shade because everybody on hot days misses a light wet breeze. The best time to visit is in the early morning, as the area is very crowded during the day and it is tough to choose the moment for a photo when there is nobody around.

12. Orbeliani Baths

orbeliani baths I would like to finish the list of the best Instagrammable places in Tbilisi with my favorite place, which I visit every time I return to Georgia. It is beautiful, and that is where I get my unique photo cards. This place can be photographed from different angles: both inside and outside. You have a great opportunity not only to enjoy the historical style but also to relax in the sulfur baths. The building of Orbeliani Baths itself is stunning, with a facade that immediately catches the eye with its blue tiles. In the daytime, it can be very crowded, and you should try to make sure that there were unnecessary people in the background of it and no one was staring at you. To avoid crowds, you have to come early in the morning. The bathrooms are open from 8 am, and my advice is always to go in there in advance - around 7:30. That'll give you 30 minutes to get your picture taken with the facade and the columns. For professionals: to get the best results, take a wide-angle lens and try to take photos from the bottom corner, so there is less light and the picture looks better in general. Georgia is a country that has been created for beautiful photography. You can endlessly explore it, find secret corners and Instagrammable places, and through photography, you can get to know the culture and atmosphere of this fabulous place.

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