12 Instagrammable places in Vancouver

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12 Instagrammable places in Vancouver
Canada, is an incredibly beautiful and picturesque province in the west of the country. The scenery of this province is so beautiful and striking that the main attractions here are not monuments or palaces, but all kinds of National Parks, the Rocky Mountains, rivers, lakes, and even islands. Today we are not talking about the province itself, but about its largest city. Vancouver is a part of the largest ports in North America, and the most populous city in Western Canada. It is a hot, incredible, hospitable and atmospheric city. Where is Vancouver? It is located on the west coast of British Columbia province, Canada. The first impression of the town most probably will be that it is an entirely new and modern megalopolis with high-rise buildings and glossy skyscrapers. However, if you walk around the city, visit all the main centres and points, it becomes clear that life here flows calmly, in a leisurely and measured rhythm. It does not look like a typical megalopolis. There is a reason why this city is repeatedly headed to the top of the cosiest and livable cities. It should be noted that there is a considerable number of greenery, all kinds of parks and squares in Vancouver. It would seem that you still pass by the heights, and now you are surrounded by impressive dense forests. It is impossible not to notice such closeness to nature. It is no wonder that millions of tourists and new residents come here. It is the most multicultural city - you can quickly meet your compatriot in the streets. But now let's talk mainly about tourist places. There, where you can take the most liked Instagram photos. Get ready; there is a list of 12 Instagrammable places in Vancouver.

1. Stanley Park

stanley park By tradition, we start with the most famous and large-scale attractions of the city. The park is located in the heart of the town. Due to its impressive size and by the total area, it is even more famous than the world's most famous Central Park in New York. It is probably the first and best place to visit and explore if you travel to Vancouver. There is a stunning 9-kilometre-long walkway for bicycles, rollerblades, where you can walk or run. It is surrounded on both sides by respectable cedar forests and an open view of the sea coast. On the territory of Stanley Park, there is a place that is not just part of the sights of Vancouver - the whole of British Columbia is famous for them. The totem poles are located on the eastern corner of Stanley Park. They run along the same coast, so it is easy to combine their visit with a walking tour. The space in this park is perfect. Thus, from one place, you can quickly get to another while having a tasty snack somewhere along the way. Also, the park has the largest oceanarium in Canada, sandy beaches, and gardens with beautiful roses. I think there is no need to talk about the incredible beauty of this Instagrammable place separately. Stanley Park alone will provide you with a sea of great Instagram pictures. Here is an oasis of green nature, and literally through a small water area - a metropolis with glass skyscrapers.

2. Vancouver Aquarium

vancouver aquarium I do not know about you, but I am delighted with most liked Instagram photos with animals and sea creatures. And here (Vancouver Aquarium) you will see a great variety of water creatures. Yes, the entrance ticket is not cheap, but I guarantee you that this money will not be wasted. First of all, all income from the sale of tickets, souvenirs and other entirely go to the conservation of all the species living in this aquarium and to support some endangered species. And, secondly, to see 70 000 different sea creatures - I think it is worth it. There are orcas, whales, dolphins, penguins, otters—unusual beauty of huge jellyfishes. Pictures against the background of all this beauty will be magical, with its unique atmosphere of the underwater world. The only thing you need to know; please stick to the rules of behaviour in order not to frighten the animals and not to harm them.

3. Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park Queen Elizabeth Park often becomes an object for wedding photos. It also attracts fans of extraordinary natural beauty, magnificent gardens and original sculpture. You can get here by any means of public transport. Even if you decide to go by bus, you can easily take a bike with you. Many types of vehicle have bicycle racks. Yes, as you have already guessed, Vancouver residents love this type of transportation and various bicycle races or walk here are not uncommon. The park has many former basalt quarries dug back in the twentieth century, which have now been transformed into beautiful quarry gardens. There are green gardens with many colourful waterfalls and brooks, and "dry" gardens with rocky slopes that are as good as water. There is also an arboretum with about 1500 species of trees from all over Canada, with some of them being over sixty years old. Pink gardens, majestic fountains, large-scale sculptural exhibitions - all this is here. Walking along the park's paths, you should pay special attention to the various sculptures, located all over the territory. The most famous one, made by British sculptor Henry Moore, is called "Knife Angel". There are only 3 such sculptures: 2 more are in London and 1 in New York.

4. Yaletown

skyline of yaletown Yaletown is the former Western Station of the Canadian Railway, and now it is one of the most luxurious and safe areas of the city with restaurants, unique stores, there are chic and beautiful streets of Vancouver. Everything changed in 1986. At that time, Vancouver hosted the World's Fair, and on the coast, due to all kinds of events that were happening the purpose and mood of this area were rethought. And, of course, green spaces and parks were not excluded. David Lam Park and George Wainborn Park are connected to the waterfront. Canadian people and tourists love to spend time here for walks bicycles or an evening visit to the waterfront. Here you can observe exciting and original types of sculptures, scattered along the waterfront. If you are hungry or want to relax, Yaletown is an excellent place for both pleasant family dinners and rich nightlife with friends. Besides, local stores offer unique and exceptional souvenirs and clothing.

5. Science World 

science world From green parks and gardens and colourful streets of the city, we move to modern scientific centres, no less spectacular and large-scale. Science World in Vancouver is a stunning, gigantic city science centre. Architecturally, it is designed in the form of a ball. Inside there is a large cinema, where all kinds of scientific events are happening, which people can watch, and in some cases, even participate with the whole family. You will say that this is a great place to develop and to learn the world, but you hardly can take an Instagram photo here. But it is not true at all. The structure itself is quite unusual, on the roof, there is a vast mirror ball, which houses a cinema OMNIMAX, where interesting movies about wildlife, tropical forests, about space and science are shown. The whole building is surrounded by smooth sea surface and green parks. The ideal background for a photo, as if the reality is some futuristic science fiction. Also, a visit to such a large-scale exhibition of scientific inventions, galleries of wonders and testing centres is always very exciting. At night, the appearance of this scientific centre becomes even more magical - a mirror ball shining with a hundred lights that reflect the water surface.

6. Vancouver observation deck

Vancouver city Vancouver observation deck is located in Harbor Center, in a unique complex of its kind, which includes tourist, retail and prestigious business centres. There are historical and cultural centres with a unique educational program, telling about local traditions. There is an observation deck at an altitude of 168 meters, which offers a delightful 360-degree view of all significant points of Vancouver. You can get there by a glass elevator in less than a minute. You can join group tours, where friendly guides will tell you about the exciting sights of the city and will hold a free sightseeing tour. But even without it, this Instagrammable place is really breathtaking. There is even nothing to write here. You need to visit it and understand that no words can describe the whole range of feelings that cover your head at this observation deck.

7. Museum of Anthropology

museum of anthropology Universities of Vancouver are famous, not only for their educational program but also for the many museums and events held on their territory. The Museum of Anthropology is located at the University of British Columbia where besides permanent exhibitions, special thematic exhibitions and events are also being held. For example, the exhibition "Shame and Prejudice", dedicated to the history of steadfastness and courage of an extraordinary artist Kent Monkman, was held there. In the big hall, there are sculptures, massive columns of houses, carved figures, textiles of the 19th century. There is also a large canoe from the North-Western coast. There are also galleries in the museum, where items from unique collections of world museums are kept. Exhibitions of contemporary artists and expositions, illustrating the spirit and cultural customs of past times, are interspersed with each other in an incredible combination.

8. Olympic Cauldron

olympic cauldron Tourist attractions of Vancouver also occupy a different place in the list of Instagrammable places to visit and take beautiful photos - most Instagrammable places in Vancouver. One of these is the Olympic Cauldron - a giant Olympic torch, built especially for the 2010 Olympic Games. Now it does not burn continuously, but sometimes it is lit for special holidays and events. The impressive cauldron itself is 10 meters high and is also surrounded by beautiful mountains and unchangeable greenery. For the locals, it is a reminder of the Olympic Games, a valuable experience. It also shows that Canada, Vancouver, can take difficult events in its territory with dignity. The most liked Instagram photos here will be delightful. Again, a modern structure against the background of the incredible nature of slightly snow-covered mountains. Beautiful and unusual.

9. Granville Island

granville island Granville Island is a peninsula in Vancouver and is also the city's largest shopping area. There is a large public market with a wide variety of food and handicraft products. And again, on the peninsula, there are all kinds of design studios, small but cosy galleries of contemporary art of various directions. Here you can find boutiques of fashionable clothes, stores with exquisite fabrics, with unique souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones. Also, there is a massive choice of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs for every taste and colour. All this incredible atmosphere of a small cosy industrial and commercial town brings some old-fashioned mood. It is as if the island lives outside of time, despite the undoubtedly massive number of modern studios and business centres. The architecture of this place is dominated by warehouse buildings, reconstructed after the second half of the 19th century. Everywhere you can still see the remains of rail tracks, some cranes. On Granville Island, you can get incredibly atmospheric photos in retro style, soaked in the spirit of craftsmanship and the railway industry.

10. Vandusen Botanical Garden

Botanical garden If you like different gardens, arboretums, parks and a lot of greenery, you should visit this Instagrammable place. Extraordinary beauty gardens, green bushes, made in the form of bizarre figures, about 7500 species and varieties of plants. Here you can get a real aesthetic pleasure from contemplation of natural wildlife. To take a memorable Instagram photo in the background of all this incredible beauty is one of the main things you will need to do. Here you can have a snack in a cosy restaurant on the territory of the Botanical Garden, or you can bring snacks and have a small picnic in the fresh air surrounded by incredible beauty.

11. Universities of Vancouver

university of british columbia Another aspect that should be noted is the universities of Vancouver. Because these are not only unique scientific, research, educational centres that annually receive new students from all over Canada and not only, and provide accommodation, decent education, a vast range of activities (quite an impressive list of benefits, isn't it?). These are, by the way, beautiful architectural structures, as the oldest universities, more like medieval castles, and modern educational research centres. I am going to talk about an institution that the entire province of British Columbia is proud of. People from all over the world come here to study and live. The University of British Columbia. A vast campus area, surrounded by beautiful green parks that look more like real forests. There is a hockey field, concert halls, and even a working farm on the campus! Also, you can find here scientific laboratories, testing and research centres. There is also a giant blue whale skeleton, the largest in Canada.

12. Vancouver streets

crosswalk Vancouver streets should be highlighted out; each of them is unique in its way. Some of them represent the culture of indigenous people and ancient settlers, somehow preserving this unique atmosphere. Others, on the contrary, are a vivid example of a modern densely populated city. One of these streets is Robson Street. Travel to Vancouver and not visit this place is merely impossible. At least, because on one end is Stanley Park, which is known and described earlier, and on the other - BC Place Stadium, which fans of sports certainly will not ignore. Walk along the street to the west, and you can visit the Vancouver Public Library, whose building is similar to the Colosseum. It is a beautiful place where unique materials of artists, historical records, map collections, city census documents, as well as collections of indigenous peoples, drama and musical works are collected. Also on Robson Square, there is Vancouver Art Gallery and many events, celebrations and even ballroom dancing evenings are held. It should be said that Robson is the leading and most famous shopping street in the city. Things for every taste and every price category can be found here. Boutiques of fashionable American brands, original souvenir stores, huge departments of sports goods, beauty products and home and much more, but no less impressive. These are the 12 most Instagrammable places in Vancouver, Canada, the most beautiful, exciting, unique locations. It is worth saying that the same area where Vancouver is located amazes with its picturesque scenery, its surprisingly untouched nature and an incredible amount of greenery. We are talking about British Columbia. Travel to Vancouver first, explore, enjoy the places described above, find new ones that are just as remarkable, and then you'll travel all over the province. Good luck in your search for a beautiful aesthetic experience in Canada and its cities.

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