12 Instagrammable places in Vina del Mar

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12 Instagrammable places in Vina del Mar
Chile, Vina Del Mar. This place called "Garden City" offers visitors great sunshine, swimming in the water all day, multicolored sunset, which can be a great spot for Instagram photos. This Pacific Ocean resort is very popular with a large variety of beaches. Where is Vina Del Mar? It is a city and commune on central Chile's Pacific coast and located in the northeast of Valparaiso. This Chile's fourth-largest city is also part of the Greater Valparaiso area and its third-biggest metropolitan area. So the city is close to Santiago de Chile. Visitors can enjoy numerous outdoor sports and activities so they will not be concerned about "what to do in Vina Del Mar?". Besides, cultural and artistic life with many distinctive concerts and great music festivals like Festival de Vina Del Mar is held in February every year. So, in my opinion, if you will visit wonderful places in Vina Del Mar, you will have an unforgettable, unique holiday. So, let's explore some of the Instagrammable places in this city.

1. Las Salinas Beach

las salinas beach In my opinion, we should start our imaginary exploration within the coastal, sunny places to visit in Vina Del Mar Chile from its beaches. Of course, there are plenty of beaches, but I want to write about Las Salinas Beach. It is located near the Craft Fair and the Los Marineros spa. One of the biggest plusses of this Instagrammable area is its proximity to diverse restaurants. Also, there are a lot of discos for young visitors. Las Salinas beach has a unique structure covered by retaining walls that appear to be a small bay. It creates an atmosphere of security and privacy. This beach is more suitable for the visitors who come with children because it is protected from the wind and warmth and slight waves. During your little rest on this beach, you can also watch the sunset and relax and take the most Instagram photo for your Instagram posts about places to go in Vina Del Mar, Chile.

2. Jardin Botanico Nacional

jardin botanico nacional People who try to find peace, quiet, and at the same time beautiful atmosphere should choose Jardin Botanico Nacional among the places in Vina Del Mar. This garden with more than 3000 plant species is located 8km southeast of the city centre. A visit to Jardin Botanico Nacional might give you exciting adventures that can be the perfect topic for your most liked Instagram posts

3. Vergara Square

vergara square Vergara Square is among the places to visit in Vina Del Mar Chile, attracting local and foreign visitors. Quinta Vergara Park. This park contains the Vergara Palace, the Amphitheater of the Quinta Vergara, and the Artequin Museum. The Vergara Palace was home to the Vina Del Mar founder Jose Francisco Vergara, and it was designed by the architects Ettore Petri and Alejandro Petri. The palaces are embraced by wonderful and peaceful gardens filled with exotic plants brought from Asia and Australia. An extraordinary sculpture is in honour of the Chilean Poet Gabriela Mistral. Besides, the Amphitheater of the Quinta Vergara of this park is where the International Festival de Vina del Mar takes place at the end of February each year. It is known as the most significant musical contest in America. The real plus of this festival de Vina Del Mar is that many international artists such as Shakira, Daddy Yankee, The Police, Becky G. Jonas, and others perform there. So, just this festival can be an appropriate topic for your sympathetic most-liked posts about this.

4. Cerro Castillo

cerro castillo Another suggestion to the Instagrammable places in this coastal city of the Region of Valparaiso is Cerro Castillo. Cerro Castillo, which means Castle Hill, is where the Presidential Palace of Cerro Castillo is located. It is said that the idea of building a holiday residence for presidents on the spot belongs to Graciela Letelier, the wife of president Ibanez del Campo. Although this palace is not open to the public, it can be seen from the outside. It opens on the National day of Cultural Patrimony and, in my opinion, an incredible view from the Cerro Castillo worth a visit at least one time. 

5. Flower clock

flower clock When we speak about the travel to Garden city, we should mention Flower clock among Vina Del Mar places. This garden clock is situated at the foot of the Castillo hill, in front of the Caleta Abarca spa. The clock was built in the Favag factory in Neuchatel, Switzerland, was acquired by the city in 1962. However, later it was changed for a new mechanism, controlled by GPS, to be easier to adjust if needed. So, this is the perfect background for you're most liked Instagram photo from your travel to Vina del Mar.

6. Wulff Castle

wulff castle Wulff Castle is one of the great iconic options among the places to go to Vina del Mar Chile, representing the city's history. This castle, which was home to Gustova Wulff, a german philanthropist and businessman, is located on Vina del Mar's coastal edge. Its breathtaking scenery will be beautiful experiences during the travel to the places to visit in Vina de Mar.

7. Gomez Carreno Natural Park

gomez carreno natural park Gomez Carreno Natural Park is among the places to go in Vina Del Mar Chile, which offers Instagrammable scenery for the people who visit this place. It is an area of coastal sclerophyllous forest, located on the north side of the city. This natural park possesses native and endangered flora and fauna. It is an official nature sanctuary with all the characteristics. The Gomez Carreno Natural Park has private land used as an urban expansion zone, where buildings and roads are built. It is an extension of the coastal sclerophyllous forest, which has the flow of the Estero Reneca, which borders Gomez Carreno, Jardin del Mar, Glorias Navales, and Renaca Alto. 

8. Artequin Museum Vina del Mar

If you plan your travel to Vina Del Mar with your children, then Artequin would be an appropriate choice for you. This children's museum has a lot of play areas and an enormous workshop for art classes. If you visit this museum, you will see a few masterpieces, which refer to the 15th -20th centuries. They contain paintings and sculptures by both Chilean and international artists. So, this place will be an exciting place for you and your children. You will both enhance your knowledge about the art sphere and have a very amazing time.

9. Renaca Town

girl on the beach If you search "where is Vina Del Mar?" you will see one of the Instagrammable places in this city whose name is Renaca. It is a little town which is located in the north of Vina Del Mar. It is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Metropolitan Area of Valparaiso. There are long beach and staggered buildings on the slopes of the hills. It is the centre of summer holiday for Argentinians and other visitors. Its beautiful landscape, the touristic atmosphere would be a wonderful background for your most liked Instagram photo.

10. Museo de Arqueologia e Historia Francisco Fonck

moai head People interested in history should visit Museo de Arqueologia e Historia Francisco Fonck among the places to visit in Vina Del Mar Chile. It is a teaser of the beautifully demonstrated archaeological finds from Easter Island within, along with Mapuche silverwork and anthropomorphic Moche ceramics. This place would provide you with interesting information that can be basic of your most liked Instagram posts

11. Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Dollores

parroquia nuestra senora de dolores Vina del Mar's oldest church can be the perfect topic for your most liked Instagram posts in your Instagram account. It was built and rebuilt between 1882 and 1912. This church is a Christian congregation that is serving the Vina de Mal community and encouraging others through a life-changing Christian journey. This place creates a suitable condition to learn from all the great faith traditions. In my opinion, if you share these traditions via Instagram, it will gain a big interest. 

12. Aviva Water Park

aviva water park Aviva Water Park should be within the plan of tourists who want to spend a fun and entertaining holiday with their children in Vina Del Mar. There are swimming pools and water attractions that offer many distinctive activities for each member of the family. Pool with Waves where visitors can enjoy waves, New Zones are known as Kid Island with plenty of activities for young children is among the services in this attraction. Besides, you will obtain amazing experiences, which can be a great answer to "what to do in Vina Del Mar?" that can be shared on Instagram. In conclusion, when you try to search "where is Vina Del Mar?" you will be a witness that there are endless wonderful places that can be the perfect spot for your most liked Instagram photo. So, in my opinion, this city is worth visiting at least one time in life.

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