20 Instagrammable places in Wroclaw

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20 Instagrammable places in Wroclaw
Poland honors its culture while at the same time the entire infrastructure of the European state keeps up with the times, using all available technological innovations. Today I propose to get acquainted with an amazing city in Poland, where history itself is intertwined with modern technologies. And also explore the main instagrammable places in Wroclaw.

What to see in Wroclaw?

wroclaw night The charming old architecture of the ancient city of Poland will not leave any tourist indifferent. Wroclaw is also famous for its abundance of picturesque canals and bridges. It is often referred to as the city youth. Truly, you will be surprised how many young people are on the streets of this European city. Besides, the center is replete with modern bars and nightclubs. Wroclaw is located on the Odra River, in the south-east of Poland. As the fourth largest city in Poland, Wroclaw is also the capital of Lower Silesia's Voivodeship.

How to get to Wroclaw?

train station There are many ways to get to this pearl. The most convenient is a plane, but with a transfer to Warsaw. No less comfortable will be a trip by train, which will take you to Wroclaw from anywhere in Europe. On the map of Poland, Wroclaw has the best location. Well, a trip by private or rental car will allow you to visit the city and its surroundings in addition to the city itself. Driving a car, you can make any number of stops and slowly admire the city's architecture and the beauty of nature. To get from Krakow to Wroclaw, you need to use the services of the 1367 bus, or the lc train, by rental car (there are a lot of rental points in Krakow) or by plane, direct flights are described, but there are many other routes with transfers and from different stations. Each of the attractions of Wroclaw is a kind of reminder of the proximity of Germany and the influence of the Catholic Church. However, Poland itself is a mixture of Slavic and European cultures. Since for a modern tourist, it is important not only to have a personal impression of the country and the city but also to have photos in social articles. From the point of view of the most important and most photogenic, Instagrammable places in Wroclaw, I write this article. Even if you are not a professional blogger, Wroclaw's photos and history will please both you and your followers on social networks. I invite you to travel to the Instagrammable places in the city and suburbs.

What to see in one day?

view of wroclaw If you do not have much time in Wroclaw, and the priority goal is to visit the most important objects in one day, then the already listed objects of "one day" should be the sculpture group "Transition 1977-2005". This installation is filled with the grief of the Polish people and impresses with its liveliness and realism. The installation occupies the sidewalk on both sides of the road and represents people going underground to be reborn on the other side of the street.  It is a symbol of the rebirth and struggle of the Polish people against the Communist Party. It is against the background of this sculptural group that your photos will be incredibly thoughtful.

1. The center of the city

center of wroclaw Of course, it is best to start exploring the sights from the main square. The square is filled with various architectural structures, as it has been completed and updated many times. The "center" of the square can be called the city hall on the market square. The Town Hall is a building in the style of European neoclassical architecture, looks amazing in the photo, and has the necessary recognition.

2. Wroclaw Gnomes

wroclaw gnome The most interesting and unusual game that you can play in this Instagrammable city will be the game "Find the dwarf". The dwarves, as they are called in Poland, are located all over the city and are small sculptures. In 2001, the first 40-centimeter monument to these mythical creatures was erected. Installed in honor of the anti-communist party, which fought for Poland's independence and on its coat of arms depicted a small Wroclaw Gnomes. The exact number of gnomes is difficult to name, as they are installed annually and in several pieces.

3. Centennial Hall

centennial hall The Centennial Hall will look great on any Instagram photo. This structure represents the development of construction in the early 20th century. Of course, this building was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it happened in 2006. And the nearby musical fountain will impress with its size and fantastic beauty. This place is rightfully worth your attention. I advise you to visit it in the evening, in order to appreciate all the magic of the night lights that dissolve in the water of the fountain.

4. The ancient University of Wroclaw

university building The beauty of the University of Wroclaw, especially at night, will please any tourist-blogger. This is one of the oldest educational institutions. The University was founded in 1702 and since then has not ceased its activities. In 2000, the University of Wroclaw underwent a deep modernization, being both an ancient cultural object and a modern progressive scientific platform. Now about 50 thousand students are brought up within its walls.

5. Railway Station

railway station Wroclaw's railway station is a place where a huge number of tracks connect and an ancient station of the voivodeship. This building dates back to the 19th century. Its architectural "decoration" speaks of such a venerable age. Besides the appearance of that time, nothing has been preserved, the station was equipped with the latest technologies and receives thousands of passengers daily.

6. Sky Tower

sky tower Wroclaw boasts not only the grandeur and beauty of ancient architecture but also modern buildings. Poland's tallest building relatively recently became the "Sky Tower" located in the city of Wroclaw. In fact, it is a complex of three towers of different heights. Inside there are offices, cafes and other entertainment venues. From the modern business center's windows, you can enjoy a stunning view of the entire city. You know that there is nothing more enticing than to take a panoramic Instagram photo of the entire city from a bird's-eye view.

7. Theater Opera

theater opera Fans of such art as opera will also not be left without most liked Instagram photos. The building of the Theater Opera impresses with its beauty and its history. At various times, dozens of talented artists, such as Wagner, Paganini, and many others, shone on the stage. Every tourist can walk on the same stage that such great people walked on, and in the lobby there is a gallery of all the prominent artists who visited and performed in this opera house.

8. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

church in poland A striking representative of the Gothic style in architecture can undoubtedly be called the Cathedral of John the Baptist. This is the cathedral on the ostrów Tumski island. When designing the building, the architect deliberately turns its facade towards the west, showing the orientation of Poland and the Polish people to the European path of development. Unfortunately, the cathedral has not remained in its original form, as it has been restored many times. And during the Second World War, it was almost completely destroyed.

9. The Cathedral Of St. Mary Magdalene

cathedral As in many other ancient cities in Wroclaw, religious attractions are one of the foundations of architectural tourism. The Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene supplemented the list of Instagrammable places of Wroclaw. It was built on the foundation of an eleventh-century church. The cathedral itself bears the imprint of all the wars and authorities that have changed during its work. Inside, the so-called Romanesque portal of the 12th century moved from another of the destroyed temple.

10. St Elizabeth's Church

wroclaw If we are talking about religious attractions, it is impossible not to mention the church of St. Elzbieta. In addition to the stunning architecture, it stands out for its 87-meter tower, which can be seen from anywhere in the city. A spiral staircase leads to the observation deck at the very top of the tower, the ascent of which will be difficult due to the wear and tear of the steps and the narrow passage. However, the view from the observation deck is worth the "torment" when climbing.

11. The Royal Palace

coastal city buildings The Baroque style's personification can be called the royal palace, located almost in the center of Wroclaw. Now it houses a museum, and previously famous owners replaced each other in its halls and chambers. Here the most important political decisions were made and balls were given, destinies were decided, and history was made. The beauty of the building itself is striking and the architectural ensemble around it, filled with sculptures, flower beds, and other landscape forms.

12. Ancient market

matryoshka doll And the Wroclaw market is located in the old building of the shopping center. This building represents the influence of Berlin architecture on Polish culture. Since the building is located in the center of the old city, tourist flows have been directed to it for more than a dozen years. Here you can buy souvenirs and other things that will remind you of visiting this Instagrammable city.

13. House of Jas and Malgosia

buildings Indeed, Instagrammable places can be considered as the house of Yas and ILGA. The arch that connects them, in ancient times, was the entrance to the cemetery. The cemetery itself is no longer there, but the arch remains. This architectural ensemble is located in the old town, so it will also be included in the top objects to visit in one day. An art gallery occupies one house, and the club "Lovers of Wroclaw occupy the second house".

14. National Museum

museum You can get acquainted with Wroclaw and Poland's cultural achievements in general by visiting the National Museum. Here you can see masterpieces of painting, sculpture, and some historical artifacts. Unfortunately, the exhibition is not quite complete, as looters looted it during the Second World War. Nevertheless, the museum is worth a visit, and the facade of the building will complement the collection of most liked Instagram photos in your social networks.

15. National Forum of Music

national music forum wroclaw The National Music Forum is located in the center of Wroclaw. The main hall of which will amaze anyone, even those who are far from music and art in general. This building belongs to the so-called "new building", but it does not devalue from this. In addition to recording studios and concert halls, the building also houses office space and several themed cafes. Concerts of classical music, which take place within its walls, gather thousands of connoisseurs of this art.

16. Raclawice Panorama

painting The next attraction was made for the city of Lviv, and at the end of the Second World War was moved to Wroclaw. It is called the racławice panorama. It is a giant mock-up pictures. It demonstrates the struggle for the independence of the Polish people under the leadership of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. The Polish people cherish the memory of the difficult path to their independence.

17. Grunwald Bridge

grunwald bridge For lovers of colorful night photos, the Grunwald Bridge is a must-see. This suspension bridge is the only functioning transport bridge in Poland. The incredible beauty of this bridge looks amazing both live and in the photo. The bridge is also ideal for romantic dates. The immobile water surface and the illuminated bridge will fill the evening with a calm, romantic atmosphere.

18. The Tumski bridge

bridge However, even more, suitable for romantic meetings is the Tumsky Bridge, the second name of the "bridge of lovers". In the past, it was a transport route, but now it is pedestrian and covers the Odra River, which flows throughout Wroclaw. Couples from all over the world want to visit this attraction. There are thousands of declarations of love and marriage proposals made here. Of course, this is an instagrammable place in Wroclaw. This bridge is beautiful both day and night.

19. Japanese garden

garden It is unexpected to meet in the center of European culture, a small island of Oriental culture. Just such an island has become a Japanese garden. It is filled with sculptures and buildings that are typical of Japan. When you are in an eastern European city and surrounded by Japanese culture, the dissonance that you experience when you are in an eastern European city is hard to convey to the retelling. It is worth visiting once, and you will understand everything.

20. Piwnica

wine barrels The final attraction will be building the old brewery or, as they are called here, the brewery. The history of this building goes back many centuries. It still retains its function. Here you can enjoy the unique beer – "Sept". It is located on the market square, which means that you will definitely visit this incredible place visiting the old town of Wroclaw. Wroclaw is a beautiful city that is suitable for both a long stay and a one-day intensive excursion. Its beauty in modern realities can be called instagrammable attractions. Any travel blogger will find many stories and incredible stories that cover all the historical buildings and with them the whole of Wroclaw. Immerse yourself in this atmosphere is worth it. You can spend a day, a week, or even a month in the city, and it will never cease to amaze you. Many residents know Russian, which will help those who have a low level of English. As for the financial component, here, as in all of Europe, the calculation is in euros, prices are the lowest in Europe, although they also sometimes "bite". The level of service will pleasantly surprise and please. The cuisine is mostly European, although you can also find national dishes from Poland and other countries. Have a great trip and most liked Instagram photos!

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