12 Instagrammable places in Xian

12 Instagrammable places in Xian

Anastasia Ilchenko03 March 20211550 views11 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Xian
Instagrammer. Beautiful people, amazing sights and fascinating wonders of nature do not hide here in secluded corners, but proudly declare their existence, located in locations accessible to the naked eye. One of the largest cities in the world, the capital of thirteen states in the history of China, the destination of trade caravans moving along the Silk Road – Xi'an is rich in natural wonders and man-made masterpieces. The Terracotta Army, the Bell tower of Xi'an, the wild Goose Pagoda of Xi'an and other Instagrammable places of Xi'an-short, fascinating and on the shelves. Let's go!

1. Terracotta Army

terracotta army The resting place of the First Emperor and his subjects who accompanied him to the other world: soldiers, court officials and jesters. The tomb of the lord of the Asian lands was not excavated: they say it is surrounded by mercury rivers. The world-famous terracotta army seems like the most obvious tourist stop to start the "what to see in Xian" list. By a lucky chance, found by three farmers only in 1974, it is considered the most significant archaeological find of the late twentieth century. The museum complex consists of three parts, the opening of which was gradual in the order of their excavation. The first mine is the place of centuries-old habitation of the main detachment of the emperor and the infantry, accompanied by columns of war chariots. Further, in the second hall, you can conditionally get acquainted with several dozen more soldiers with filigree crossbows in their hands and cavalry. The third mine is the headquarters of the Imperial Armed Forces Command, which today consists of 68 warriors and 4 horses. Active excavations and reconstruction work continue. Perhaps, by the time you arrive, another hall will be opened here, or the Emperor's treasures will be found, which no one suspects. An impressive start has been made. "Xian attractions" – what awaits you next?

2. Chess Pavilion

chess pavilion-china The terracotta army is not the only reason to enter the query "where is Xian" in the Google search bar and go here on the first flight of the variety of the Instagram feed for the sake of. 120 kilometers from the ancient capital is one of the Five Great Taoist Mountains – Huashan. When you reach the top of Hua – on your own two legs or with the comfort of a funicular cab-you just can't help but let out a loud exclamation of admiration. The lush clouds that envelop the peaks of the majestic mountains, the cold indifference of centuries-old stone and, it seems, the evergreen crowns of intricately curved trees-as if the picture was made real, painted in the best traditions of Chinese ink painting. Walking to the pavilion is not a pleasure for the faint of heart: almost 2 kilometers above sea level is very serious! Moreover, the route to the top is called one of the most dangerous because of the extremely narrow paths and steep cliffs just a step away from them. This, however, is a reasonable price to pay for a dozen incredibly atmospheric shots in your film and a lot of unforgettable impressions in your memory.

3. Wild Goose Pagoda

xian night A repository of priceless Buddhist scriptures previously, the Xi'an Wild Goose Pagoda is now a favorite place for city dwellers to spend their Sunday afternoons. A few dozen meters from the building, in the center of the crowded North Square, is one of the largest music fountains in Shaanxi Province. Performing in the genre of Qingqian opera amateur troupes. Local residents and curious tourists who practice the art of tai chi or demonstrate the skills of modern dance. Water jets shooting to the beat of traditional melodies at a height of 20 meters above the ground. Choose the right angle and create-there is no need to delay! Also add the southern part of the surrounding area to your route. Many small shopping centers, restaurants and a charming sculpture garden are the perfect combination for a shopping-gastro-photo pastime!

4. The Shanxi Museum

To the south of the Wild goose Pagoda, a stone's throw from the aforementioned sculpture garden, is the repository of China's historical heritage. Thinking about what they are-Instagrammable places of Xi'an, you are unlikely to add the Shanxi Museum to your to-go list. In vain! After all, even the entrance ticket – velvet, red, with a gold seal and a floral pattern-is worthy of a separate photo in your blog! Recognized as the cradle of Chinese culture, the Shanxi Museum is the perfect place for a first look at China's more than two thousand years of history in its development from a handful of disorganized peoples at the origins of civilization to the prosperous state of the modern world. Three exhibition halls and hundreds of interesting artifacts, each photo of which will be a special gem in your collection of a Chinese tourist. Unfortunately, this insta-location has one significant drawback: selfie sticks are prohibited here. Security will check you at the entrance and even exit (to be safe, apparently).

5. Cathedral Mosque

huaisheng mosque From Buddhism, the repository of which is the wild goose pagoda of Xi'an, to the religion that has penetrated into Chinese society from outside – the next stop on the insta-route. Xi'an is the cradle of Islam in China, which gained popularity here during the Tang Dynasty. It was then that one of the four largest Muslim mosques in the country was erected in the very center of the city. Today, the jewel of your Insta-feed can be most liked Instagram photos of the extraordinary beauty of the building, rebuilt several centuries later under the Ming dynasty. Written in the style of traditional Chinese calligraphy, Islamic religious texts, decorated with traditional Arabic script, rounded roofs and floral ornaments coexist harmoniously with Han dragons and patterns. Designed in Arabic and West Asian style, the interior is full of Ming and Qin era decorations. The Grand Mosque today is a reconstruction, still, however, illustrating the process of assimilation of Buddhism and Islam in the Empire. Why not capture this for a public Instagram archive?

6. Muslim Quarter

muslim quarter In order to advance your knowledge of the predecessor city of Beijing beyond the query "where is Xian" and at the same time fill up the film with colorful shots, go to the Muslim quarter. A walk through the local shops, whose owners are native Han Chinese or Muslims, will open up another, incredibly interesting world of thousands of years of history, different from the terracotta sights, city noise and crowded streets. Among the architectural masterpieces of the quarter, you will not find at least two similar buildings day by day, which confirms the status of Xi'an as the main point of intersection of cultures in the Empire. In one part of the block, there is a street called Beiyuanmen that is particularly noteworthy for the list of "what to see in Xian". Wrapped in the scents of street food and surrounded by rows of souvenir shops, it is worthy to become a part of your travel blog on Instagram. The paved street, moreover, originates directly from the walls of the majestic statue called the "bell tower of Xi'an" and is considered the beginning of the Silk Road. If earlier the quarter was teeming with Arabs and Persians competing for customers and it was not crowded, today you can take a leisurely walk here, absolutely not worrying about the safety of especially important elements of your hand luggage. Since the quarter is Muslim, there is no smell of pork and alcohol here. The range of food stalls and Xi'an restaurants simply amazes with a variety of cakes, dried fruits, grilled meat, baked goods and sweets. Don't leave until you've tasted the bing-bian noodles, known for their unusual thickness. Try also the lamb shish kebab, cooked according to a secret recipe, dates, seasoned with a delicious manta sauce with filling, and a delicious stew with a couple of captivatingly fragrant wheat buns. Don't forget to "treat" the lens!

7. Bell Tower

bell tower Located in the heart of the city, the Xi'an Bell Tower is an absolute symbol of the ancient capital of China. Climb to the top of the building, where you will get a stunning bird's-eye view of the city. Multi-lane roads running somewhere beyond the horizon, winding alleys and cobbled streets – this geometry will successfully dilute the Instagram feed planted with Chinese landscapes. After taking a couple of breathtaking shots of typical Xi'an, set aside a couple more hours of time to walk along the four nearby streets leading west, east, north and south, expanding as the city was built centuries ago. Another reason to add this place to your personal travel plan called "Xian attractions" is transport accessibility. Bus, metro, taxi, or rented bike-it will not be difficult to get here.

8. Street favors Shuyuanmen

gate of beilin museum A special excitement to your route list "integralnye the place of XI'an" add walk in favoured by scholars and collectors street Sugarman is a step away from the South gate. Antiques, handmade crafts, calligraphy tools, jewelry, kites, even jade seals with individual lettering to suit your taste and props for participating in the shadow theatre-for every taste, color and budget! You're not likely to leave here empty-handed. Moreover, local stores have a special charm, and sellers always respond positively to a request to capture their assortment on camera or even take a general Instagram photo! Built along the street, the low stone buildings, whose facades largely reproduce the architectural style of the Ming and Qing periods, will be the perfect backdrop for a few selfies of an insta-traveller. The main thing, remember: no fanaticism. Catch impressions with your eyes, not with the lens.

9. Tang Paradise Theme Park

tang paradise entrance Tang Paradise Theme Park is one of the best places to visit in Xian. A few kilometers from the bell tower is another must-visit location from the list of "Xian attractions". The prototype of the "paradise park" in the south-eastern part of the city is the royal garden of the Tang dynasty, the mention of which has been preserved in the archives of thousands of years ago. Equipped with all the features of the imperial era of the past and the tourist demand of the present, "Tang Paradise" is nothing but a revival of the palace splendor. The garden teeming with a riot of greenery, the rivers catching up with the horizon, the spacious halls, the powerful columns and the filigree facades - the emperors knew a lot about true beauty. The main color of the park is an impressive building, whose architectural style takes us back to the Tang era. Worthy of attention and a couple of frames in the film!

10. The ancient city wall

pingyao The next location in the list of "Instagrammable places of Xi'an" is considered one of the most photographed local attractions. Representing a stone statue with a length of 13 kilometers, the City Wall is one of the five largest ancient military defense systems in the world! To capture on film the sincere emotions of passers-by, the fleeting changes in the surrounding nature and just enjoy the spirit of antiquity, which permeates every brick here, rent a bike and let the breeze guide you. Coming here at night, when the dark silhouettes of the towers are illuminated by the gentle flickering of small lanterns and literally permeated with the neon light of the city lights, you can also make a couple of Instagrammable shots for the blog. Hunters of fascinating sunsets should definitely devote a visit to the City Wall one of the tourist evenings. The sky is painted with a palette of shades of red and yellow, the same lights of the metropolis, the shadow that falls on the city-and no color correction.

11. Huangqing Palace

qin shi huang town Huangqing Palace is one of the places to visit in Xian. Ten kilometers to the west-and you are at the foot of Mount Lishan. Built here centuries ago, the luxurious Huangqing monastery, surrounded on all sides by thermal springs, is one of the most striking locations on your list of "what to see in Xian". If you are lucky enough to come to the imperial capital between April and October, spend a few hours of your time watching the historical drama of the Tang era called "Song of Eternal Sorrow". The performance is a massive celebration of music, dance, light, and costumes, the beauty of which can only be fully appreciated here – against the background of sparkling ponds, willows leaning over them, spacious pavilions and magnificent palaces. Dazzling, stunning and certainly colorful most liked Instagram photos are guaranteed!

12. Railway Xiao, Qing, Xin

dalian railway Typing on the keyboard "where is Xian" and "what to see in Xian", in the ratings of experienced and not very travelers, you will find a metallurgical plant… Never. "Small, fresh and new" is the literal translation of the most Instagrammable section of the railway, part of which belongs to the former Xi'an Steel Plant. Periodically passing through here, the roads have turned the dense thickets into one of the most romantic Instagrammable places in China. Thanks to its growing popularity on the web, the trail, framed by an arch of emerald-colored foliage, attracts more and more tourists every year, especially photographers. Follow the trends, don't lose yourself! New angles, lighting solutions and posing secrets-perhaps it is your shots that will tear Instagram to shreds!

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