10 reasons why you should travel to Bermuda right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Bermuda right now
aircrafts disappeared here, and even a full link of fighter-bombers. Even Columbus wrote in a  nautical diary about the unusual nature of this place, and modern versions say that it is either alien tricks, or the inhabitants of Atlantis, which is hidden in these waters. But let's remember that we live in the XXI century, and everything that's happening in the "Bermuda Triangle" is just a set of magnetic anomalies, terrain and mystifications. After all, there are places on Earth where far more ships are missing than here. Bermuda is a developed tropical country, living mostly on tourism. No legend of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle prevents many voyages to these places.  While you're thinking about travel to Bermuda Triangle, I'll tell you about ten reasons to travel to Bermuda right now. I'll let you know about how people live in Bermuda, how they do with tourism, and what you should see in this place.

1. One hundred and fifty-seven islands...

bermuda islands Bermuda was discovered by Spanish navigator Juan de Bermudez. The Spanish did not need this territory, and now the islands are the oldest remote English colony still under the influence of the Queen. Bermuda is an undisturbed natural landscape in the form of an archipelago of 157 islands. These islands are part of an underwater volcanic ridge that formed the islands through its eruptions. As with any volcanic archipelago, a large marine area between islands consists of coral reefs, which is one of the reasons for the sad glory of this part of the Atlantic Ocean. Close to the islands is the famous warm current of the Gulf Stream, which allows the islands to maintain a warm tropical climate in their territory. Bermuda is an extremely unusual area in terms of its structure. The archipelago consists of 157 islands, all of them rise no higher than 80 meters above sea level, but are inhabited only by 8%. The terrain does not allow to build massive cities on most islands. But between the ten Bermuda islands on which life is concentrated, there are bridges. I don't know of any other archipelagos connected in the same way. The bizarre location of these coral islands plays a role here. Somewhere between the islands, there was even a railroad, also if it no longer functions. Too bad the islanders missed another magnet for tourists. But about that later. Another reason for Bermuda's unfortunate fame in the distant past was the sound of babies crying as sailors approached Bermuda. Superstitious sailors were only afraid to sail to the islands when they heard the crying. It was something eerie and mysterious to them, causing nothing but an obsession to turn around. And that's just a peculiarity of the fauna. 

2. The sea fauna of Bermuda

bermuda sea The very sounds of crying babies that in times immemorial heard sailors sailing to the shores of Bermuda are nothing more than Bermuda's petrels. The nesting colonies of these birds spread across all of Bermuda beaches. Their mating call is straightforward to confuse with the screams of little people. Once upon a time, when the islands were not yet inhabited, there were about half a million of these birds lurking along the coast. Other inhabitants of Bermuda's waters, which can inspire fear even in today's reasonable people - jellyfish and sharks. The bite of both can be fatal to humans. If you swim far enough, you can go back to shore without your legs. But it's not that scary. No, it's not scary not to go back without your legs. As mentioned above, Bermuda is a quaintly connected 157 islands of coral and volcanic origin. And accumulations of reefs on most of the Bermuda beaches studied protect swimmers from the aggressive inhabitants of the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, you can see different species of turtles on the Bermuda beaches, but they are not so exciting. It is much more interesting to watch shark fins trying to get through reef clusters to the islands where their lunch is bathed. But, of course, don't forget about safety. But the largest concentration of aquatic life forms is in one of the largest natural aquariums in the world, which is also located in Bermuda. It is the world's oldest natural creature, containing over 200 representatives of life in the ocean.

3. The Ominous Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle The Ominous Bermuda Triangle is one of the best places to visit in Bermuda. The famous Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary section of the Atlantic Ocean, with the peaks of Puerto Rico, Florida and, of course, Bermuda Islands. Watercrafts and aircraft have long been lost here to unknown destinations. And not all of them are known to us because many of them don't make it to the media. Time here is unpredictable, and the hours spent in the Bermuda Triangle can only be a few minutes. Maria Celeste's ship was discovered in the open ocean a month after she sailed. The crew was not on the boat, but all their belongings and provisions were intact, and the ship's log showed no sign of being caught in natural disasters. At the dawn of the XX century, the six-kilometre cargo ship "Cotopah" sent a signal about a sharp slope and disappeared without a trace until 2015, when it was discovered without a single crew member. But more interestingly, echo sound studies off the coast of Cuba confirmed that at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle was discovered a city of gigantic proportions. There is the official confirmation that this is the vast Atlantis. Also, an entire network of pyramids was found here in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. Is Atlantis the one to blame for the many missings and failures in time? Is it? In 1965, Vincent Gaddys' book The Invisible Horizons was published, describing the strange things happening in the Bermuda Triangle. Even later, in 1974, Charles Berlitz, in his book "The Bermuda Triangle" described an incredible number of phenomena occurring in a mysterious place. And the more aspects were described in the book, the more versions about their nature were given. The only problem with these "scientific works" was that everything described in them is just unreasonable assumptions, falsification of facts and their rich fantasy, which the authors used to attract attention and sell books in broad circulation. And most of the other strange phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle were created either by their followers or by people who sought meaning where it didn't exist. Because it's more interesting to hear mysticism than scientific explanation, that's the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. But whatever the author of the article says about travel or mysticism, there are still statistically more ships disappearing in Bermuda Triangle than in most parts of the Earth. It's all about the structure of the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. Reefs, uneven depths and many currents make management quite complicated, which is the reason for many shipwrecks in this area. There are many places to visit in Bermuda, like the Bermuda Triangle where many more ships are missing. But they're not as well known. Also, nowadays, in an era of satellite navigation and detailed weather forecasts, a lot of traffic goes through this Bermuda Triangle. But for some reason, no one's heard of any new lootings. And what's more, Bermuda in some way lives off of these reports.

4. Magnetic anomalies

bermuda But, as you know, in the unfortunate Bermuda Triangle, not only watercraft disappear, but also aircraft. And that's certainly not without mysticism. The most famous and at the same time the most massive loss in the Bermuda Triangle occurred in 1945. Missing persons, the Link-19. A Link of five American bombers like the Avenger. Experienced pilots went on a combat mission on a strict course and then went missing. At some point in the flight over the Bermuda Triangle began to deteriorate communication between the participants of the airline. For the most part, radio communications between the pilots and their base were not heard their voices, but only interference. Something specific was complicated to make out. But among the jammers, there were barely audible voices saying that they couldn't determine the direction and it was becoming more and more challenging to control the aircraft. The base was able to make sense of the pilots' reports that the ocean was starting to rise above their flight level and the water pillars were freezing in the air, opening up an abyss so deep that the pilots couldn't see the end of it right under the bombers. Soon the water rose above the link, and the pilots saw the water columns joining above their heads. After that, the connection was lost. Sorry, I got carried away. As the base stated after countless speculations, negotiations were quite ordinary, and there was only one experienced pilot among the pilots - and he flew in the cursed place for the first time. The pilots were unable to navigate the area properly due to magnetic anomalies occurring in those places. Only there's no mysticism in it.  Conclusion: "Zveno-19" could not determine the direction, and in the end, they just ran out of fuel. As stated at the beginning of the article, Christopher Columbus, when discovering America, pointed to the strange behaviour of the compass in these places. Of course, this is not the only case. Magnetic anomalies are found on many parts of the Earth with uneven surfaces. Modern technology can avoid this, but in relatively recent times, the compass shooter here has occasionally behaved strangely, pointing in different directions. Mysticism and far-fetched facts of the Bermuda Triangle stirred the minds of the world at the dusk of the last century. Now it's just a fairy tale that even pure devotees of mystical theory about this part of the ocean refuse. But it does not deny the fact that the very existence of such methods is interesting enough and creates its romance of Bermuda.

5. Where is Bermuda on the map

bermuda on the map The main reason for the fairy tales about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is related to the location of Bermuda. For enough uneven relief of an ocean floor and crossing of the set of currents, magnetic anomalies are created. All this together gives rise of interest not only for the researcher but also for the simple traveller.  Bermuda on the map is 900 kilometres east of the southern states of America, which means not only a pleasant climate, multiplied by warm currents but also the history of its formation and many advantages of life in Bermuda. There are no indigenous populations in Bermuda, as we've already discovered. The first settlers from the United States of America formed a small island corresponding to their culture. In other words, the culture of the world as a whole, if you think of U.S. history. A little later, to solve some problems, it was decided to transfer black slaves to Bermuda. Nowadays, in Bermuda, it is difficult to meet a certain race, and the majority of the population of Bermuda is made up of mulattoes. Bermuda mainly lives off tourism, which is understandable when you think about the history of its location and tropical climate. Agriculture is not developed on the islands, and everything the islands need for a good life is bought from the mainland. The leading importer to Bermuda is, of course, the United States of America. That's a curious fact. There is no freshwater on the islands, but the islanders prefer not to buy it, but to use the gutters of their own homes to extract drinking water. There is even a saying: "If you come into a house with a dirty roof, don't ask for water for drinking". In Bermuda, you can always see people working hard to clean the roofs of their homes. All this happens, of course, to have their clean water, which the islanders get from the rainwater. As far as the rain is concerned, the cleanliness of Bermuda's rainwater is concerned. Accommodation in Bermuda is also unique Instagrammable of its geographical location. The walls of all houses are thick. According to the local GOST, the homes have to withstand the wind speed up to 160 km/h. The winds are strong, but not often. The climate is very favourable, despite the periodic seasons of rains and winds. Because of the local way of drinking water production, people here are continually waiting for the storm to fill their wells, installed in their gutters.

6. Natural Bermuda attractions

villa in bermuda As it is not difficult to guess, the main Bermuda attractions - coral reefs, bays, lagoons and gardens, as well as clean water of the Atlantic Ocean, to which the islands owe their volcanic origin. Tourists all over the islands rest on quaint pink sand Bermuda beaches, from which, depending on the island on which the observer is located, you can see either the ocean or other picturesque islands. On both sides of the entire archipelago, there are natural "banks" around which accumulates an unimaginable amount of coral reefs. All islands have lush vegetation. But formerly, Bermuda wasn't known for its rich vegetation and Bermuda wildlife. Thanks to the first settlers who diversified the islands, there is now a great deal of natural diversity. No matter how Instagrammable it is, it is difficult to imagine the existence of majestic natural sculptures among the islands that do not rise high above sea level. Nevertheless, there is something from this section, and it is unique. Crystal Cave, aka crystal cave. It is a complex of natural caves located right under the islands, which are something like natural hangars for boats. These caves - in most of its dungeons, the entrance to which is at water level, right under the islands. Only the fact that they are decorated with stalactites from above is direct proof that they are not human-made rooms. Still, a miracle that nature has shown us after the formation of an underwater volcano turned into islands. I don't think it would be wise to let these hangars.

7. Urban life Bermuda

fortress One of the entrances to this unnaturally large chain of caves in the city of Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda. Rightly the best town on the islands, which not only burst life in all its hypostasis but also contains many monuments of the era when Bermuda first settled. Let's not forget where is Bermuda- under British influence. No wonder there are many examples of Victorian English architecture preserved in the capital—cathedrals, forts, monuments - all by default fall on any British colony. So let's not focus on that this time.  Bermuda is famous for Bermuda wildlife. There's a great variety of establishments for noisy companies for every taste. Numerous beach parties are held here all the time, often in reggae style. Music and film festivals, carnivals and festivals, of which there are countless, would not be so colourful if it were not for the unprecedented decision to arrange communication between the islands.

8. Interisland traffic

bicycle Roads in Bermuda are right, but there are critically few. That's why you can't rent a car. The inhabited islands have too little space to accommodate parking and unload traffic on the streets. That's why vehicles such as scooters and bicycles are prevalent here. But the most exciting thing about these roads is the connection between the islands. The numerous bridges spanning the islands make it feel like a fairytale island. Bermuda is just that, although only ten of the islands are connected in this way. Passenger ferries run regularly between all inhabited islands, a fast enough mode of Bermuda transport. Against the backdrop of the usual traffic in all cities around the world, the ferry route is a breath of fresh ocean air instead of dusty highways.  The most exciting thing about Bermuda is that it's not there. The railroad. Unfortunately, the road only existed for a few years, after which it was dismantled. It looked beautiful and went through all inhabited islands. Now the tracks are mostly used as a bicycle route, and many railway stops have been converted into buses. But a stroll through the places where the railway used to be will allow you to look into those Bermuda Islands that are hidden in nature. "Ancient Burial and Shock", as the local railroad experience calls it. The track of the former railway is carved out especially for the train and runs through rocks, beaches and forests. But unfortunately, most of the road has only left a path.

9. The Royal Sea Shipyard

royal sea shipyard  Bermuda on the map covers essential sea routes, so it is no wonder that the strategic part of the islands was important to the colonists. It still stands here since settlement and colonization—the majestic Royal Marine Shipyard. Many of the premises erected here in the distant XVIII century have been converted into shops and restaurants, but most of them are still standing and will not move. The main sites of this vast building are the centre of the chapel, the Bermuda Arts Centre and the Delphic Quest, which is something between a historical monument and a nature reserve. But the most exciting thing about the shipyard is the Bermuda National Museum. It is located in the most important surviving fortress. It includes bastions and exhibition grounds, watching over which you can trace the history of the origin and colonization of the islands. Installations tell of sea battles, whaling and shipwrecks that the shipyard has seen. And the upper platform is the preserved commissariat, filled with traces of the XIX century.  

10. The majestic Bermuda Islands

bermuda islands A lot has changed since the first colonists. Bermuda is a significant number of islands, between which you can swim if you are not afraid of predators of the Atlantic Ocean. In the distant past, an important strategic site for colonists in both Americas, a concentration of legends about mysteriously lost ships. "The unclosed navel of the Earth", as Vladimir Vysotsky sang.  Whatever past he has, he remains a majestic work of volcanic nature. Bermuda is a canvas on which life and history have created their unsurpassed masterpieces. If you are excited about the mysterious history of these places and the unusual shape of the islands, you should think about travelling. Pack your bags and go there on a journey. To where is Bermuda.

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