13 reasons why you should travel to Costa Rica right now

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13 reasons why you should travel to Costa Rica right now
nature and pleasant climate distinguish it. So, where is Costa Rica? Costa Rica is a small republic in Central America, whose shores are washed by two oceans: Atlantic and Pacific. It is on the isthmus between South and North America. This geographic location of the country has provided it with unusually diverse flora and fauna. And if this is not enough to convince you to visit such a wonderful place, this article will dispel all your doubts.

1. Availability

special airplane It is not so easy to get to Costa Rica from Russia and other CIS countries, because direct flights to Costa Rica are not provided. However, Iberia, Lufthansa, Cubana airlines provide you with the best flight options via Madrid, Frankfurt and Havana. Although you will have to pay the airport fee, Russian residents will save on visa processing, as a visa to Costa Rica is not required if the purpose of the trip is purely tourist, and the time of stay does not exceed thirty days. Insurance is also not mandatory, but still, it is desirable to have it with you. The rules of import and export here are almost no different. Moreover, persons who have reached the age of 21 are allowed to import cigarettes (up to 400 pieces), cigars (up to 50 bits), tobacco (up to 500 g) and healthy alcoholic beverages (up to 3000 ml). As for the official language, it is Spanish in Costa Rica, and most people speak it, but many locals also speak English. 

2. Transport 

purple bus There are almost all conveniences for a comfortable trip inside the country. For long-distance travel, there are air and bus services. Rail traffic is virtually absent, except for the tourist train from San Jose to Caldera. Inside the cities, there are public transport: buses and minibuses. Also, here you can easily "catch" a cab. For total comfort in Costa Rica, you can rent a car. To do this, you will need to have a credit card and an international driver's license, be older than 21 years, as well as have two or more years of experience. And although the roads in the country are mostly of good quality, the main problem is the lack of road markings. You will also have to get used to signs in Spanish.

3. Accommodation 

hotel in costa rica Costa Rica offers an incredibly huge selection of hotels, hostels or even bungalows. Prices here are also diverse so that everyone can find the best option for themselves and their wallets. Also, the country has both Costa Rica hotels with unlimited opportunities in the centre of the city, and hotels of a more secluded plan among nature, for those who want to relax from the bustle of the town and admire flora and fauna of the country.

4. Security

man playing with monkey The crime rate is low, so there is nothing dangerous for travellers. The only thing - do not forget about the standard precautions to prevent theft by a pocket thief or become a victim of fraud. The population here is mostly peaceful and friendly; the foreigners are treated quite calmly. You will also not have to do particular vaccination to visit this country. Just do not forget to bring your passport. Due to the current law in Costa Rica, every individual must carry an identity document. So to avoid unpleasant situations with the local police, always keep the right record with you.

5. Exchange offices

money The unit of money in Costa Rica is the Costa Rican Colon (CRC). Although the dollar is also used here and accepted everywhere, you will most likely get change here in local Costa Rica currency. If we talk about the rate, on 21.07.2020, 1 USD equals 581 Costa Rican Colones. Exchange offices (banks) mostly work here from 8.30 to 17.00. Some close as early as 15.00, and on Saturdays, you can change money only until 14.00, on Sunday banks are closed. ATMs are located in banks, also in supermarkets of big cities. In addition to banks, you will be able to exchange money at the airport, exchange office or hotel. Keep a dollar with you for exchange, as it will be challenging to do it with another currency. Besides cash, you can also use an international standard bank card in major stores and Costa Rica hotels

6. Climate

sunset in costa rica Costa Rica is a country of eternal summer because even in January the thermometer shows a mark of +20 degrees and more, so you can travel here at any time of year, in any month convenient for you. But, despite the comfortable temperature of the country, the most favourable period for visiting Costa Rica is the so-called dry period, which lasts from December to April. For those who do not like the eternal sun, but prefer cloudy, even rainy Costa Rica weather, it is best to go here in the period from May to November. And for those who like night walks, you won't have to bother much with clothes for rest later, because the temperature here practically does not change throughout the day, you can't feel any difference between day and night. However, if you are going to the mountainous areas, be sure to grab a couple of warm things in which you will be comfortable at a temperature of +10 degrees.

7. Incredible nature

beach of costa rica The nature of this country is impressive and unique. It is a paradise place, located between North and South America. Just imagine the landscapes of Switzerland, well-groomed meadows with cows grazing on them and add tropical trees, beaches and volcanoes to all this. There are no repetitive landscapes, each species is unique in its way, at every step you will expect a completely different Costa Rica, from which your journey can not be tedious because of all the diversity that is impregnated by this country. In addition to the infinitely beautiful species, Costa Rica can offer you a holiday in geothermal springs. Many of them exist within the wilderness, which recreates the authentic atmosphere of these places, and the rest are swimming pools or public places to visit in Costa Rica. One of the most popular hot springs for tourists is Tabacon, an ideal place to relax after hiking in the jungle or volcanoes. Here you can quickly lose track of time and lie down in warm water for several hours. And when you are hungry, you can always go to a restaurant and have dinner surrounded by nature, birds singing and just a beautiful atmosphere. Volcanoes are one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country. Around these towering giants created eco-tourism, which attracts almost every traveller. One of the largest volcanoes is considered to be Poas, an active stratovolcano in the country. In 1971, around Poas was built a national park, which anyone can visit. The country offers everyone to see such a rare spectacle with their own eyes, walk-in its surroundings and feel these overwhelming feelings of excitement, delight and maybe even fear.

8. Fauna 

bird in costa rica In addition to its unique nature, the country boasts its diverse and fantastic animal world. If you are lucky, you will see magnificent birds and other forest dwellers in their natural habitat, and no zoo will replace this feeling of genuine delight. You may be lucky to see a red ara parrot, a toucan and its delightful rainbow beak, or a bright quezal. In addition to birds with flashy plumage, Costa Rica has about 400 species of amphibians and reptiles. The sea creatures here are also incredible and unique. This country is imbued with amazing animals.

9. Active leisure

surfing This state is ideal for lovers of active leisure. Here you can try canopy, diving or surfing (or even windsurfing and kitesurfing). If you are tired of catching a wave or looking at fish underwater - then try rafting, and if you want a thrill - parasailing or paragliding. The country offers a variety of services and types of entertainment: from more to less extreme. You will not be bored in these parts. 

10. Costa Rica cuisine

costa rica cuisine If you are familiar with the traditional cuisine of Latin American countries, the Costa Rica cuisine will not seem any special to you. And if you only plan to get acquainted with it, Costa Rica will pleasantly surprise you. Mostly, they use different vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, as well as local spices or aromatic herbs. However, spices are used here more in sauces served to the dish than in the word itself. After visiting this country, of course, please do not go to their kitchen, but more importantly, try their coffee. Costa Rican coffee is recognized as one of the best, one of the most delicious coffee due to its rich aroma and incomparable taste. And drinking coffee with chocolate is a real pleasure because chocolate is also the crown product of the country. Chocolate lovers will certainly appreciate the depth of its taste here in Costa Rica. volcano Costa Rica is merely full of exciting places to visit in Costa Rica, and a variety of attractions in particular. Lovers of cultural enrichment are sure to find something fun here. In the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose alone, you can find an infinite number of attractions. One of the most famous places to visit in Costa Rica is the Museum of Modern Art and Design, which also combines an open stage for performances or other events. The second most popular among tourists is the Cathedral, which is quite unusual in its structure. Volcanoes and the Gold Museum are also most often visited. And this is only a small part of those places that can be seen in the capital of Costa Rica.

12. Holidays and festivals

festival Costa Rica is famous for its festivals and holidays, so if you are lucky, you will get to one of the celebrations. In December, one of the most popular festivals will start Fiestas de los Diablitos. This festival continues until almost mid-January, with many entertainment events, exciting music and theatre performances, colourful processions and masquerades. Fiestas de los Diablitos is considered the most exciting and vibrant national holiday. The Festival of Light is another entertaining festival dedicated to the celebration of Christmas. Its distinctive feature is the parade in luminous, original costumes. Also, you can see incredible brilliant figures of insects, animals or previously unseen creatures. No less fascinating are the festivals in San Isidro de El. It also celebrates the New Year, Halloween or even Gricorinho Day. costa rica beach Costa Rica is famous for its Caribbean pristine beaches, as well as picturesque, Pacific. Whatever you choose, the result will make you happy anyway. The beaches here are mostly sandy, in various shades, all the way to black.  One of the most popular Costa Rica resorts (and cities) are: San Jose, Alajuela, Capos, Dominica, Uvito, Jaco, Nosara and others. They are numerous, and each place is right in its way. People do not fall in love with this place for nothing from their first visit. Almost every person who visited this place speaks the best words about Costa Rica. This place will be to the taste of any person with a variety of hobbies. Gourmand will discover the excellent taste of national Costa Rica cuisine; extreme lovers will be able to try a variety of forms of active recreation. Those, who like to carefree lounge on the beach will surely fall in love with the warm sparkling sand of Costa Rica resorts. And this list can be listed for a very long time. Travel agencies offer you a variety of tours to Costa Rica: and beach tours, and excursions, sports and extreme Costa Rica tours.

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