11 reasons why you should travel to Curacao right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Curacao right now
Caribbean. It is among the three 'ABC' islands of- (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao); however, it's not as popular as the other two. Located on Venezuela's coastal stripes, this dutch-Caribbean paradise has emerged as a leading destination for many tourists worldwide. Many people are forced to deal with questions as to where is Curacao, majorly due to its history that has diverse European influences. Curacao island has a rich history that stems way back from the colonial area. The island is a colony of the Netherlands and has since remained part of the Dutch community. This explains its diverse European influences that are well evident whenever you set foot there. Curacao was a trade Centre in the 17th century, and many believe the name 'curacao' is borrowed from the Portuguese language, meaning 'heart.'

1. The Allure of Cultural Diversity

Though situated in the Caribbean, Curacao isn't your typical Caribbean Island. This makes it a gem among the other islands, thanks to the diversity brought about by the European influences. The vibrancy on the island is on a whole new level. This is coupled with the fantastic showcasing of the Dutch culture where the porcelain dishes and delicious Dutch snacks are sold throughout the island as souvenirs. Willemstad, Curacao's Capital, also plays host to showcasing the amazing Dutch architecture of gambrel roofs and curved eaves. Don't be worried about the language barrier when you travel to Curacao. The island has about 200 000 people, with most locals speaking Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish, English, and Portuguese languages.

2. It is Easy to Get to Curacao

beach You can never run out of options on how to travel to Curacao. Curacao's location on the Venezuelan coast far at the southern end of the Caribbean may make you imagine how it is possibly hard to visit. But travelling to Curacao is as easy thus clearing all doubts of how to travel to Curacao. There is an assured air travel to and from Europe, with daily flights to and from Amsterdam. There's also air travel to Curacao from the American states of New York, Florida, and Toronto, Canada. The direct flights running daily and weekly from North America make the island very much open and making air travel to Curacao a great success. Upon meeting Curacao's entry requirements, most tourists with valid passports can enter Curacao without a written permit. However, foreigners from Haiti and Cuba are needed to produce a tourist visa before they can be allowed in. However, before you travel to Curacao, ensure you get the necessary vaccines for travel to curacao such as the Yellow Fever Vaccine.

3. Your Ideal Caribbean Food City

Curacao has a lot in store for you when it comes to that typical Caribbean cuisine. For over thirty years, there have been food trucks all over the island, serving both the locals and tourists. They serve both meat and fries smothered in peanut sauce. Also, you'll find many tapas-style restaurants serving you sumptuous seafood. Among the things to do in Curacao, please don't fail to try out their popular dishes of stoba, guiambo, kadushi, sopi, mondongo, and funchi.

4. The Heritage of its Capital

yellow building Willemstad, Curacao's capital city, has a rich heritage positioning itself as both a cultural and business hub. The Capital is a mix of Dutch, Caribbean, and Spanish flairs. Willemstad has a display of the island's rich and eclectic history, some of which are hidden in architecture. Spanish and Dutch Colonial buildings are all present in the city. There's the Museum Kurá Hulanda, a former slave yard that contains the most extensive collection of African art in the Caribbean. The Capital is also well protected, clearing all the doubts about whether Curacao is safe to travel to. The Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge, which is also in Willemstad, is illuminated in magnificent colors at night. You'll find the floating market, a common trading place for fresh fish products across the bridge. Curacao's bustling Capital is so magnificent that it is included on the UNESCO's World Heritage Site.

5. An Ideal Shopping Spot

Anytime you travel to Curacao, you will surely love it. Curacao offers you endless opportunities to spend your money without necessarily breaking the bank. Dollars are widely accepted and can be used anywhere on the island. The Heerenstraat and Breedestraat streets, which are located in the Punda district, were designated for selling. A complete sort of product that includes black coral jewelry, leather goods, and wooden shoes is all readily available in these two streets. You'll also find items from major international brands, as well as those from the local traders. There's no best time to travel to Curacao for shopping as everything is always available for you.

6. The Caribbean Music

You can't talk about Curacao without the mention of Caribbean music. The fun you're assured of on the island allows you to view life from a very different dimension. The music offers you an ideal break from any usual boredom you may be accustomed to. Music on the Island is played in cool live acoustic versions. Through the music shows, you get to meet and interact with interesting characters as you also share in their great time. Curacao has an array of extremely talented musicians who create a fantastic atmosphere through their music. The musicians love sharing beer and liquor with the locals and foreign tourists. The island is home to the curacao liqueur from a dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit. It offers you a wide range of cocktails to chose from, including the best stunning deep blue drinks that'll keep you entertained as you dance to the music.

7. Curacao Has a Never-Ending Summer

The best time of year to travel to Curacao is when you want to evade the cold winters and have a Christmas with some sunshine. Curacao weather is always warm and welcoming throughout the year. The beautiful sunny weather all year long on the Caribbean Island makes it an ideal location for an unspoiled vacation destination. Apart from its beautiful weather, Curacao's closeness to South America places it out of the path of the Caribbean hurricane. The Venezuelan Coastline is in the vicinity, with a two to three months' wet season. This beautiful weather also reduces the number of vaccines for travel to Curacao as you won't have to worry about weather-related diseases.

8. It has Exotic Beaches

Curacao has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean well known globally; in fact, the question 'where is Curacao?' can be answered by tracing these beaches. The beaches are usually smaller and secluded with astounding clear waters suitable for a great swim. Many of the resorts on the island have great beaches. The soft-sand beaches of Piscadera Bay will expose you to the comfortable side of life on Curacao. The beaches also give you an incomparable view of the whole island. Sunbathing and diving is a common thing on the beaches which ensures you're occupied all the time. The Jeremi beach offers you a remote spot, with its calm dazzling waters and a sheltered cove worth the trek on the rocky path leading to its location.

9. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Experience

In your list of things to do in Curacao, scuba diving and snorkelling shouldn't be missing. When you choose to travel to Curacao, there are countless diving experiences to choose from. The beautiful coral gardens, healthy reefs, and shipwrecks are just among the places that offer you numerous options. The top dive sites in Curacao include Car Pile, Hell's Corner, Mushroom Forest, Director's Bay, and Watamula Plenty of these diving places on Curacao Island are accessible straight from the beaches. This is uncommon as diving and snorkelling would require a boat trip out to the barrier reefs in most areas. There are countless places to try snorkelling if you aren't a scuba diving enthusiast. Curacao also offers a chance to take a ride in a submarine at Substation Curaçao. The submarine cruises through the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean as you spot shipwrecks and sharks along the way.

10. It's Colorful

If you are searching for the best time to travel to Curacao, then its colourful nature would give you reasons to visit the island at any time of the year. The Island of Curacao is known for its colourful nature. The water and its liqueur are famously known to be blue. Once you land in Curacao, the first thing to notice shall be the colourful houses that offer a delightful view. The houses are not built for a show. It is believed locals were asked to colour their homes since the 1800s, and it has since remained a culture. The tradition is being kept on the island, bringing so much flair and some beauty to behold. For centuries, the colourful painting of houses has been used to reflect on its bright and vibrant culture. Street art has also been established in Willemstad and Pietermaai, granting you another colourful sight of gorgeous murals.

11. The National Parks in Curacao

This is perhaps one of the most exciting factors about the eccentricity of the Caribbean island. Curacao Island has a variety of topography more than any other island on the Venezuelan coast. The southwestern side of it is a coastal stretch with stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. The other vast majority of the island an undeveloped, wild, and desert-like landscape full of cacti. A ride through the rocky terrain on some parts of the island will lead you to other tourist spots like Boka Pistol. Here, you'll see the waves crash against the cliffs to form huge spurts of sea mist.  Apart from "The Breath of Curacao," as Boka Pistol is commonly known, the Christoffel Park is also available, adding to the amusement. It is the island's largest national park and wildlife preserve.


Curacao is safe to travel for anybody across the world. The fun and thrill on the island is something you should never expect to miss on. The Curacao weather is also favourable all year round, making it even safer to travel there. The Covid-19 pandemic might have brought some travel restrictions, but I believe everything shall get back to normalcy very soon. As soon as it does, be the first one to enjoy the island's beauty.

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