13 reasons why you should travel to Dominican Republic right now

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13 reasons why you should travel to Dominican Republic right now
Dominican Republic has recently become popular among tourists. Year-round summer, exotic fruits, unusual animals are not the only reasons to travel to the Dominican Republic on your next vacation. In the Dominican Republic, you can enjoy a real beach holiday and see all the amazing shades of the Atlantic Ocean, particularly the Caribbean Sea. Rich coral reef, tropical forest, interesting excursions, opportunities for surfing, yachting and golf...This list can go on for a long time. There are hundreds of reasons to travel to the Dominican Republic, and the article picks out the most amazing places in the Caribbean for your best and most memorable vacation. Where is the Dominican Republic? The country is located in North America, it is the eastern part of the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea. The humid tropical climate, warm water and bright azure landscapes attract tourists from all over the world. You can go on vacation, both with friends and with a family with young children. Visit the Dominican Republic is necessary for everyone who prefers sea recreation and vivid impressions. If you currently have the time and opportunity, we advise you to travel to the Dominican Republic right now. The review has selected 13 main reasons for visiting this amazing and beautiful corner of the planet. What places to visit in  Dominican Republic?

1. Walk to the Eastern National Park

eastern national park On the territory of the Dominican Republic, national parks are not uncommon. But the largest and most popular Eastern National Park. It is this park that is under the protection of the UNESCO organization. Just a huge number of different plants, exotic fish and colorful birds, wild animals and not the safest insects live in the park. Also included in the park is the island of Saona, where visitors can swim, explore corals and unusual sea inhabitants. This island is further highlighted as a separate item, as one of the reasons why you need to visit the Dominican Republic now. Eastern National Park is a subtropical forest, previously inhabited by Native Americans. Today, Del Este (the name of the park) is open to tourists from all over the world. The Cote d'Azur, crystal waters and exotic flora and fauna are the main reason why you should travel to the Dominican Republic immediately.

2. Excursion to the Basilica of Our Lady of Altagracia

dominican republic One of the most popular basilicas (temples) is located in the city of Salvaleon de Igrey. It is here that pilgrims come from all over America. But in addition, it is also a famous architectural monument, which is especially popular among tourists. The amazing church has a very interesting appearance, as it is built above the arc height of 70 m, which is directed to the sky. In January of each year, an important religious day is celebrated here, January 21 is the Day of Our Lady of Altagracia, the patron saint of the country. The celebrations are very solemn and fun, so despite the fact that tourists have nothing to do today, they often come on these dates to take part in national festivities. If it is now the end of January, come to the warm Dominican Republic to have fun and relax your holiday.

3. A trip to the Saona island

saona island There are actually many islands in the Dominican Republic, but the largest is the island of Saona. This place is known among tourists for its coziness and extraordinary protected beauty. Locals are proud to call the island the pearl of the Dominican rainforest. Saona is a wild island, it is part of the reserve, which is described just above (Eastern National Park). We strongly recommend visiting Saona if you are ready to see wild rainforests, unexplored caves, a very beautiful coral reef in fabulous blue lagoons and palm trees on sandy Dominican Republic beaches like from the picture. Photos from such a holiday do not need to be processed in photo editors, the landscapes are so beautiful that you will admire them for a long time (approximately until the next trip to the Dominican Republic). The island has a lot of entertainment, including diving, snorkeling, feeding fish, and just watching the diverse underwater world's quiet life. On Saona absolutely everything is exotic. You will experience the true power of the deep forest and wild nature of the Dominican Republic. There is only one fishing village on the island, Mano Juan, where you can explore and taste fresh fish delicacies. Still in doubt whether to travel to the Dominican Republic right now, then the following 10 reasons are for you. What places to visit in  Dominican Republic?

4. A visit to the cave “Three eyes”

cave Not far from Santo Domingo, you can visit a cave called Los Tres Hoyos in a quiet park area, which means three eyes. The cave's uniqueness and attractiveness is that it is located in the open air and has three lakes with water of different colors. On the territory of the cave you will see amazing stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the main photo zone of the cave - the dolphin stone. Water flows from the stone and it seems that the dolphin is crying. There are a lot of legends around the appearance of the stone in the form of an animal, but it is definitely worth coming here. The place is very beautiful and Instagrammable in its kind.

5. Swimming near the waterfall "El Lemon”

el lemon waterfall After arriving in the Dominican Republic on one of the hottest days of your vacation, head to the highest waterfall in the republic - El Limon Waterfall. It is located near the port of Saman. Except for the height (about 50 meters) you will be amazed by the unusual tropical nature, mountains and many streams. This place is like a real fairy tale in the forest, where you can swim in the clear cool water near the waterfall. The second name of the waterfall is "Millionaires Waterfall". Everyone who has been here has left a coin that they will definitely return. The place is very impressive, although it is not so easy to get to it. Usually, tourists are delivered on horses or even mules. But a great time is worth it.

6. Entertainment in the water park “Ocean World Adventure Park”

ocean world The Ocean World Water Park is located near the world-famous resort areas of Puerto Plata. For a family holiday, this park will be an unforgettable adventure. You can see real sharks, dolphins, feed birds and even go on an excursion to the wild forest. On request, you can also book a swim with sea lions and dolphins. Diving, snorkelling, visiting a private beach - all this is available in the modern fascinating water park Ocean World. If you favor getting the most fun and good mood, you will definitely like the adventure park in the Dominican Republic.

7. Excursion to the Amber Museum

museum Did you know that the Dominican Republic is a country that is known not only for its azure Dominican Republic beaches but also for its pure unique amber? There are two amber museums on the territory of the republic. The Amber Museum in Santo Domingo is worth a visit to anyone who travels through this amazing country. In Amber, you will see a collection of amber stones from all over the world. In the Dominican Republic, amber is also mined, its uniqueness is that the stones often contain particles of plants or animals that are millions of years old. The most famous exhibit of Amber is a 40 cm lizard in resin. She looks very beautiful, and when you realize how old she is, it seems that time stops in the museum. Every connoisseur should see this unique and priceless exhibit of the beautiful and eternal. In addition to the famous amber, the Dominicans also produce larimar. This stone is very rare and you can also see it at exhibitions in museums.

8. Excursion to the Chocolate Museum

chocolate Organic cocoa is shipped all over the world from the Dominican Republic. If you can't imagine your life without delicious chocolate, then you definitely need to go to the Chocolate Museum in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. The museum and factory tour is free of charge. You will be able to see with your own eyes how real chocolate is prepared, hear the history of the factory and taste the most delicious Dominican Republic dishes from Dominican chocolate. You can also buy sweets for your loved ones as souvenirs near the museum. Be sure to go!

9. Trip to the Antilles-Duarte Peak

fortress Those who have visited the Dominican Republic, strongly recommend climbing the local Everest called Duarte Peak, located in the Antilles. The height of the mountain is 3175 meters. If you want to climb up, you will be surprised by the most Instagrammable views and landscapes. This is a dark rainforest, and mountain rivers and most importantly-the top of Duarte Peak, where it takes your breath away and seems for a moment to stop the heart from the surrounding beauty. For those who like to “fly” there are also helicopter excursions to the mountains.

10. Meeting with the whales

whale Every year, near the Samana Peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean, you can meet with sea inhabitants - whales. In the waters near the Dominican Republic, humpback whales spend the winter, give birth to babies and just have fun with each other. All this can be observed on special excursions. Samana even has a museum for these amazing mammals. Want to meet the whales? Come to the Dominican Republic, unsurpassed emotions are provided for you.

11. Swimming in Lake Enriquillo

lake enriquillo Another nature reserve on this list, which has very beautiful lakes. The area of the reservoir is 265 square meters. To get there, you need to go to the south of the country. Enriquillo is the lowest point in the Caribbean region. Tourists constantly come to the lake and it's not just to swim. The highlight of this area is also a National Park, which houses a nature reserve. Many species of birds, huge crocodiles, and beautiful flamingos-all of them live in the national nature park. If you come to the Dominican Republic on vacation, then be sure to set aside a day for an excursion to Lake Enriquillo. Here you can take a lot of bright photos with animals and exotic plants, swim and just have a nice time in the Park.

12. Visit the Palace of Christopher Columbus

statue If, after visiting the Dominican Republic, you did not visit Dominican Republic capital, San Domingo, you can say that you did not see the country. It is in the capital that the largest concentration of attractions is located. Here is the Palace of Christopher Columbus. The residence was built in the 14th century, it previously served as a residence for viceroys. Today it is already a museum, where among the exhibits you will find tapestries and documents of Columbus himself. The Palace-Museum in the Dominican Republic is located in the colonial part of the Dominican Republic capital, this two-story beautiful building is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Upon arrival in Dominican Republic capital, San Domingo, go on an excursion to the palace, it will be interesting for both adults and school-age children who already know from history lessons who Columbus is.

13. Trip to the Columbus lighthouse

cross Many tourists who visited the Columbus lighthouse, call it the main attraction of the republic. In honor of the navigator Columbus, not only the palace in the Dominican Republic is named, but also this lighthouse. Although in fact, it is difficult to call it a lighthouse. Most likely it is a memorial to the pioneer. It is made in the form of a cross made of marble. There is a chapel near the cross. There are versions that Columbus is buried in it. The Columbus Lighthouse is a unique attraction in the Dominican Republic. The first thing that surprises is the lighting system that creates a projection of the cross on the sky. Even if you are 40 miles away from the lighthouse, you will be able to see the silhouette of a cross in the middle of the sky. Really very beautiful. The lighthouse with a height of 210 m was built once by the residents of the village and is still popular among tourists. The greatness of the Columbus Lighthouse and its scale you just have to see. This is a great reason to travel to the Dominican Republic on your next vacation or right now:) There are really things to do in Dominican Republic. The country is very beautiful, warm at any time of the year and hospitable. Be sure to come! You will see a lot of interesting and exciting things, and most importantly, you will want to come back here more than once. Enjoy your stay!

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