10 reasons why you should travel to Dubrovnik instead of Zagreb

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10 reasons why you should travel to Dubrovnik instead of Zagreb
Dubrovnik? Are you wondering where is Dubrovnik? Well, Dubrovnik is a fabulous place, located on the Adriatic Sea coast in Croatia. Looking at the Adriatic's pearl, a historical treasure decorated with virgin city walls is almost the only reason. Look around, and you will find medieval charms - a lot of modern wine bars, panoramic restaurants, and bars, outside of which there is nothing but the sea.

Capital of Croatia or Dubrovnik?

white boat Below, I will give you ten reasons why you should travel to Dubrovnik, not to Croatia's capital, and why the vacations in this paradise will not leave you indifferent. Let's start with architecture!

1. Rector's Palace

rector palace If the Dubrovnik City Wall demonstrates the power of a one-time medieval city-state, then the Rector's Palace is a view on everyday details. The Rector presided over a perfectly functioning municipality, his palace near the main square, where there were chairs for sedans, wigs, and robes that helped him perform his duties. The walls are decorated with portraits of previous colleagues and dynasties. Pay attention to the clock; some of them are set at a quarter of the sixth when Napoleon's troops entered the city in 1806. Rector's Palace, Pre-Dvor 3, Dubrovnik, +385 20 321 422.

2. Summer Festival in Dubrovnik

fireworks during summer in dubrovnik Be sure to see in Dubrovnik's version of Edinburgh in Croatia - Summer Festival, opened in 1950. Like the Edinburgh Festival, this major cultural event brings the city to life, including the historic Old Town's streets, walls, and facades. The festival in Dubrovnik is more intense, emphasizing classical music, opera, and theatre of the 16th century, in particular Shakespeare. Much is still going on in the regular program, with a lot of improvised performances. The opening evening is always on July 10, and the closing ceremony is on August 25. Of course, in connection with real-world events, it is worth clarifying the festival's time and dates.

3. Lokrum

lokrum island A perfect day trip away from Dubrovnik's crowds by cab to the nearest island of Lokrum is the must. Lokrum has been home to Benedictine monks for 700 years until 1808, and for lovers of horror, it is said to be cursed. There are no hotels or houses on the island, which means that its secluded beaches, green paths, botanical gardens, and a ruined fortress can be explored in relatively peaceful isolation. You will find a cafe near the harbour, an old monastery and a lake in the southwest corner of the island.

4. Bars Buja

buza bar Not known for its bars, Dubrovnik has two, which are exceptional in their unique setting. Each of them, called the Buja, or "hole in the wall", is built in the rocks that support the Dubrovnik City Wall, and each of them looks at the seamless blue of the Adriatic. Buza I also offers sunbathing and access to the Adriatic through metal steps below. Buza II has a more organized atmosphere, with waiters in branded t-shirts. Buza I is located next to the restaurant Azur, Buza II under the sign "Cold drinks with the most beautiful view". Buza I, Ispod Mira 12, Dubrovnik Croatia. Bush II, Krievicheva 9, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 98 361 934

5. Cablecar

dubrovnik funicular cablecar What to see in Dubrovnik? Here is another answer to this question. One of the recently added Dubrovnik sights, the bright orange Cablecar offers a breathtaking view of the Old Town and the sea beyond, albeit in four short, but memorable minutes. From here, you can reach the railway station on Petra Kresimir IV Street from the top of Mount Srdja, a short walk from the northern edge of the Old Town. At the top is a reasonably named panoramic bar/restaurant. Kabler, Petra Kreshimira IV, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 020 325 393

6. Franciscan monastery

franciscan church The Franciscan Monastery's peaceful monasteries in Dubrovnik provide a respite from the heat and the crowd of focal Stradun and contain one of the oldest operating pharmacies in the world. Near the tranquil garden in the courtyard, the Old Pharmacy still provides medication to the old locals, who come for their orders. It also exhibits many strange vessels and tools from the centuries-old past, when alchemy was an inexact science. This monastery is by no means the only place that gives Dubrovnik a more attractive and mystical image than Zagreb. What do you think we are going to talk about? Dubrovnik... Game of Thrones! The city was the primary filming location in Croatia for King's Landing; that's how Dubrovnik and the Game of Thrones, the famous TV series based on a series of fantasy novels "The Song of Ice and Fire" and shot by HBO, found each other. For those who have seen the series and are fond of it, travel to Dubrovnik will be an excellent deja vu because of the way it was so well integrated into the set of the series. With a base such as the Dubrovnik Old Town, there was no need for special measures for the scenery or special effects to play the fortified port city of King's Landing, the Lannister's stronghold family. Shooting grandiosely exploit the massive outer walls, fortifications built over time by human hands, and narrow streets of the old city, where there are several scenes during the episodes.

7. Market

dubrovnik old town market In the heart of Dubrovnik's Old Town, overlooking the main attractions of the Prince's Palace and the Cathedral, the primary market has been operating for several generations on the closed square of Gundulica Glade. Most of the tables are filled with colorful fruits and vegetables, but you will also find stalls with honey, spices, lavender, and oils. Wine and spirits are usually kept under decks. Gundulicevo Glade, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

8. Nautica Restaurant

nautika restaurant Dubrovnik's most venerable restaurant has long ago occupied this first-class place overlooking the small bay and Bokar fortress. Science is the place where you can come for this romantic atmosphere at the last night, ideally first reserving a table on the Penatura terrace. Among the classic dishes are Visa lobster and clams from the nearby island Lopud. Nautica, Brsale 3, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 20 442 526

9. War Photo Limited

dubrovnik war museum Not so long ago, during the Croatian War of Independence, the virgin Dubrovnik was bombed today. The photographer Wade Goddard came here to cover the siege of the early 1990s, then decided to stay and create this unique gallery. War Photo Limited is divided into a permanent exhibition of photographs taken during the Dubrovnik bombing and a temporary show on contemporary conflicts. Recent examples include images of scenes from Gaza and Yemen. War Photo Limited, Antuninska 6, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 20 322 166.

10. Sea kayaking

sea kayaking If Dubrovnik has branded sporting activities, it is sea kayaking. Excursions are organized as half-day or full-day adventures, with lunch picnic on a secluded beach, which can be reached only by sea. Beginners receive basic instructions before going to a party at the Swai Gate, heading to the nearby island of Lokrum. The lower age limit is usually eight years, and adults must accompany children under 16. Sea kayaking, of course, leads us to think of the sea and then the beach! In general, beaches are one of the main reasons why you should choose Dubrovnik over Zagreb, as they are more authentic and less touristic. Finding a beach in Dubrovnik is easy - walk through the Ploce Gate from the Old Town and the bathhouse is right next to it. As it is an urban beach, the Bath is always crowded, but at the same time pleasant, with loungers for rent and a bar/restaurant nearby. Locals prefer to go to the city's outskirts and the more intimate pleasures of St. James, right behind the hotel Villa Dubrovnik. With showers and sun visors, it is quite well equipped, including a small bar and fabulous views of Dubrovnik in the distance. Sea kayak excursions, Od Tabakarija 1, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 91 786 0755

How to get to Dubrovnik?

plane Suppose you do decide to visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, located in the northern part of Croatia, and Dubrovnik, located on the Croatian coast. In that case, you have only three travel options - you can book a flight from Zagreb to Dubrovnik with Croatia Airlines, take a bus or get to Dubrovnik. There is no railway connection between these two cities.

Buses from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

bus travel From Zagreb to Dubrovnik can be reached thanks to the numerous day and night buses, which depart from the Central Bus Station Zagreb (Autobusni Kolodvor Zagreb), where you can buy a ticket. The trip takes about 12 hours, passing through Karlovac, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar and Split. Tickets for the bus cost about 200 kroons one way. All buses from Zagreb arrive at the Dubrovnik central bus station.

Advice to travelers

eyeglass If the bus schedule does not meet your needs, you can take the first available bus from Zagreb to Split and another bus to Dubrovnik. If you divide your trip in this way, the coaches are much more frequent, and if you start early enough, you may be lucky enough to take the ferry to Dubrovnik from Split. Or, if you have a little time, maybe you can consider doing some island-hop rounds on the way here. We can recommend this trip, as it is a much more pleasant way to travel than sitting on a bus for 12 hours. This option is preferable to this split trip because it does not include two border crossings near Neum (Cleck/Zaton Valley), which are time-consuming, as there are always people waiting in line. It is especially annoying in summer when the queues are longest, so try to avoid it if you can.

Drive from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

drive The distance between these two cities is about 600 km. There are several routes from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, depending on your taste and needs:
  1. There is a longer route with a picturesque view of Karlovac and Plitvice National Park or Faster One on the Highway: Take course A1 to Ploce, which is the last point you can reach on course A1. Travel time is about 5 1/2 hours, and the fare is 240 CZK, which is about 33 euros.
  2. Once you get off the A1 freeway near Ploce, take the coastal route to Dubrovnik. The distance is about 100 km, and it takes about 1 hour, 45 minutes to get to your destination.
  3. You can also choose the route through Bosnia by visiting Sarajevo and Mostar. It is much longer, but it offers some magnificent scenery along the way, making it worthwhile.
Depending on the route, the ride can take up to 8.5 hours. If you have time, you can also divide these routes into several sections by visiting Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park or Split.

Flights from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

flight Zagreb Airport (Pleso) is connected by buses to Zagreb city centre (16 km). Buses to the airport go quite often, most of the day they depart from the Zagreb Central Bus Station (see schedule). Dubrovnik airport (Cilipi) is about 20 km from the centre of Dubrovnik. Croatia Airlines operates regular flights to Dubrovnik several times a day and the flights take 45 minutes. Prices start from 250 HRK one way. Upon arrival at Dubrovnik airport, take a bus, pre-booked transfer, cab or Uber to the centre of Dubrovnik. The trip lasts about 20 minutes and costs 13 euros.

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