11 reasons why you should travel to Equatorial Guinea right now

11 reasons why you should travel to Equatorial Guinea right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Equatorial Guinea right now

Where is Equatorial Guinea? Equatorial Guinea is one of the fantastic destinations to visit in Africa. One of the cool things about this remarkable country is that it's the only Hispanophone nation in the continent. Is it safe to travel to Equatorial Guinea? Well, yes, Equatorial Guinea is a safe place to visit. Equipped with a drizzling variety of people and landscapes, connected by a network best road, the country - Equatorial Guinea you can find in Africa. That is by no means an accessible destination to explore, but still worthwhile. Regardless of whether you are an expatriate resident of Malabo or your first time visiting Equatorial Guinea, there are numerous historic places in Malabo to visit.

flag of equatorial guinea

Where is Equatorial Guinea? The tiny silver country locates between Cameroon and Gabon. It's one of the least visited places in Africa. This reason, there are countless places to visit in Malabo, yet not so many tourists have explored these places. Due to decades of dictatorship in the country, it has been cut off from the rest of the world. With the influx of oil and significant infrastructure investments, Equatorial Guinea has now diverse wildlife and untouched beaches. Stay in touch up to the end to learn more about this remarkable place; what is the capital of Equatorial Guinea? As well as what places to explore when you travel to Equatorial Guinea

1. Heart of roses - Malabo

Malabo pinned on a map of Africa

If you would wish to know what is the capital of Equatorial Guinea? Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, comprises a curious fusion whereby colonial traditions between the unique washed architectural pieces and age-stained pieces pepper the hearts of persons residing in Malabo. Travel to Malabo today and stand as a testimony to the marvelous city. The city contains a long history of Equatorial Guinea, as well as the deep-rooted European culture. The Cathedral of Santa Isabel is among the places to visit in Malabo

Visitors from different places of the world visit the capital of Equatorial Guinea to stroll the streets and witness the gorgeous neo-Gothic spires of the famous Cathedral of Santa Isabel. There are several historical places to visit in Malabo, including a cultural center and a university engulfed in fried plantain curry houses as well as a smattering of clubs. All these unique places to visit in Malabo cascade, downwards clifftops, on top of the Atlantic. 

2. Motel Alen National Park

Motel Alen National Park

Copyright: @guinea_equatorial

Find out where is Equatorial Guinea and explore the massive wilderness of Motel Alen National park. Anyone would fall in love with the place. Among travel destinations you would like to visit when you travel to Equatorial Guinea, the Motel Alen national park should be on the top list. That is a unique place where you get to experience the natural beauty of Africa, unlike anything you've seen before. The gushing courses of the extensive Euro River, as well as the beautiful humid forests, are left undiscovered. Most visitors travel to Equatorial Guinea for a chance to reap the rewards here. At Motel Alen National Park, you get to capture the untainted experience of wild animals in Africa. Here you will be able to view amazing animals like gorillas, the rare Goliath frogs, chimps, crocodiles, as well as, elephants. There is more wildlife than you can imagine. Explore where is Equitorial Guinea and get a chance to find out more about places to visit in Malabo.

3. The Moca

The Moca

Copyright: @rumbomalabo

For a chance to view the rustic picture of the wild side of Equitorial Guinea, visit the Moca valley, which comprises of rigged volcanic ridges found South of Bioko. The place is a residence for the people of the Buki tribe. The Buki tribe resides in harmony with the cloud-topped picked that lie around this place. Climbing the peaks is also one of the leading reasons as why visitors travel to this place. Visitors come here to hike the craggy reaches of Moca and witness Loretta and Biao lakes. These lakes amazingly out the ancient volcanic calderas situated on the highlands. 

4. San Antonio the Ureca

San Antonio the Ureca

Copyright: @rumbomalabo

Since the 1990s, it has not yet boomed the ecotourism sector. No one can understand why. The Spanish conservatives who resided here conducted illicit trade in this area. The trade involved the endangered turtle eggs. However, currently, villages patrols and the police work together in the pebble beaches and sand surrounding this tiny village. They make an effort to have and secure the endangered sea turtles that reside in Atlantic waters. Nonetheless, this is an eye-catching place on mud roads and low rise shacks that in the shadow of the great San Carlos caldera. Numerous hiking routes, gushing waterfalls encircle the site.  

5. Bata City


Flowing and ebbing with the tide of oil booms and political inclinations. The Bata, which was the capital of Equatorial Guinea one time, is nowadays a stop off on the route entering the country. With a population of over 170,000 people, it's the largest city in Equatorial Guinea, which is often reflected by the buzzing fish, lively nightlife in the region, as well as, craft markets that operate around the port sides every day. The Bata cathedral situated here offers an oozing taste of the Spanish character in the town's center. Additionally, there is an airport and services to enable you to move from Cameroon and the Malabo city by boat.

6. Elobey Grande

Elobey Grande, or Greater Elobey, is an island of Equatorial Guinea, found at the Mitemele River's harsh. Elobey Grande Island is a vast uninhabited Island in Equatorial Guinea. The island comprises of limited amenities. However, it's a good idea to explore that wonderful place.

It is sparsely inhabited. Elobey Chico is a minor island offshore, now deserted but once the colonial capital of the Rio Muni. The island is discovered in the Gulf of Guinea.

7. The Ebebiyin Cathedral

The Ebebiyin Cathedral in Equatorial Guinea is a spiritual building being the property of the Catholic Church. It is located in the region of Kie-Ntem in the northeast of the landmass (Region Continental) of Equatorial Guinea near its boundary with Cameroon and Gabon. Architecturally it categorizes it as a work of the protorelacimiento in Italy, established on ethical geometry, which associates its facades. It is a work of art.

8. Lovely beach: Arena Blanca

Arena Blanca

Copyright: @rumbomalabo

Arena Blanca is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful and best natural beaches in Luba, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. It is a biological beach about 50Kms away from the capital, Malabo, and is very susceptible to approach since it is just off the central Malabo-Luba highway. The Atlantic Ocean water is pure and apparent.

Nonetheless, during those visiting, it is recommended to take food and drinks, as there are not very numerous luxuries available, besides some huts/shacks to sit. For unspoiled natural beach enthusiasts, this is undoubtedly the place to go and enjoy.

9. Pico Basile 

Volcano in Equatorial Guinea

Pico Basile, found on the island of Bioko, is the immense amount of Equatorial Guinea. With a height of 9,878 ft, it is the summit of the biggest and highest of three co-occurring basaltic protection volcanoes that form the island. From the meeting, Mt. Cameroon can be glimpsed to the northeast.

On an obvious day, you might be apt to see the volcanic peak of Pico Basile, but clear days are limited. The park has a thick rain forest, and it's worth clambering the mountain for the fantastic views, but take a guide. You are not authorized to enter the top as it is a military area. Animals are scared, thanks to hunting.

10. Iglesias de San Fernando

When you pull up to this church in the challenging & tumble neighborhood of San Fernando, there suggests that this church would be worth much of any time. But once you strolled inside the convent of the church, it was apparent why locals recommended that you tour. The architecture may be bland, but the vibrant colors that illuminate the interior are very dynamic as exemplified by the attached pics. The enormous mural behind the altar illustrates not only Catholic imagery but moreover local communities.

It doesn't bring extended to comprehend the glamour, so it is possibly more like a 10-minute visit for largest. But it is worth a timely stop. But be warned, if you go on a hot day, there is no air conditioning, only fans.

11. Mongomo and Oyala

Mongomo, also referred to as mini Dubai, is the president's hometown and Oyala, the proposed modern capital. Mongomo, on the boundary of Gabon, has a sequel of detailed architectural monuments, including an enormous basilica reminiscent of St. Peter's. It levels as the second-largest cathedral on the continent. Meanwhile, Oyala, the nation's formulated new capital, gets called a "mini Dubai" with its own set of enormous towers surging out of the jungle. Travel to Equatorial Guinea today and have fun exploring the Mongomo and Oyala with family and friends.

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