Reasons to travel to Guadeloupe right now

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Reasons to travel to Guadeloupe right now

Everyone wants to travel all around the world. The most popular destinations include France, Germany, the USA, England, and so on. Yes, it is beautiful to watch the Eiffel Tower's spectacular light in Paris, or it could be the best choice to stay in front of the London Eye and take some shiny photos. Disneyland is super glam to take colourful and funny photos and make your feed more interesting. For sea lovers, to travel to Bali or Maldives can be like a ticket to paradise. Taking a picture of the gold sandy desert can create a dream to travel to Dubai. Well, did you think about areas not that are well-known as much as Europe or the USA? It is quite beautiful to discover new areas that will make a heart full of emotions. Then, in this blog, we will talk about how to travel to Guadeloupe, and we should start with a question, where is Guadeloupe?

Where is Guadeloupe?

guadeloupe island overview

Guadeloupe is an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea, and it consists of nine islands. The Guadeloupe Islands are located in the Southeast Porto-Rico. The subtropical climate and the high humidity influence the unique environment of Guadeloupe. The Grande-Terre section is a low limestone formation. However, the other seven islands are mostly volcanic. The lowest point is the Caribbean Sea (0 m), and the highest point is Soufriere (1484 m). Soufriere is an active volcano. The total area of Guadeloupe is 1782 square km. As we answered the question where is Guadeloupe, we can continue with the question of how to travel to Guadelupe?

How to travel to Guadeloupe?


Although this country is located in the North American continent, it is a part of the Eurozone, France. Even though French is the official language, the Antillean Creole is also spoken. Moreover, if you want to travel by airplane, you can fly directly from Paris and other cities. Getting a visa is the key factor to answer the question of how to travel to Guadeloupe? Visa is not required for staying under 90 days in Guadeloupe. 

Best time to travel to Guadeloupe

natural view of guadeloupe

The subtropical climate is necessary to consider for the best time to travel to Guadeloupe. During the European summer and autumn, it is mostly rainfalls there. From December to May is the best time to travel because the weather remains dry and warm. Water temperature is about 25-26 C. which is ideal for visiting beaches. Guadeloupe has hurricane season from August to September. It can damage all your dreams about this country, so be careful. To travel in June, July, October, November is not a good choice to feel this beauty as a slice of sunny paradise. Downpours and high humidity are specific for this period of the year. Although it rains, if you do not mind the humidity and smoky look, it may be cheaper than other times of year to travel at the end of November. Even rainfall season doesn't mean it will be raining all day. Lower-priced rooms and fewer tourists are a bonus for you to consider the best time to travel to Guadeloupe at this time. Let's move to the next point where you will find the relevant information about the cheapest time of year to travel from US to Guadeloupe. 

The cheapest time of year to travel from US to Guadeloupe

air caraïbes

If you are searching for the cheapest time of year to travel from US to Guadeloupe, it is January and February. The most expensive time of year to visit Guadeloupe is April. It can be even twice more expensive than in other months. Besides, another way to look for the most affordable ticket is to go to any ticket-seller site, then pick "whole month" instead of "any pointed day" and search for the best prices.  

Is Guadeloupe safe to travel?

hypothetical zika virus vaccine

Every traveller will look for an answer to the question: is Guadeloupe safe to travel? Yes, it is generally safe to travel to Guadeloupe. Sometimes tourism services can be halted because of occasional island strikes. Some parts of the country are not safe to walk after dark. Another problem is the Zika virus, and mosquitoes are the carrier of this virus along with dengue virus. 

The World Health Organization and Centres recommend some vaccines for Diseases Control. Recommended vaccines for Guadeloupe are hepatitis B, typhoid, hepatitis A, rabies, yellow fever, meningitis, measles, polio, chickenpox, pneumonia, shingles, mumps, and rubella, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, shingles, and influenza. Despite all of the recommended vaccines, you do not need all of them. Mostly, hepatitis A is recommended for every traveller. If you travel to the country with a high risk of yellow fever, it is mandatory to get a yellow fever mosquito vaccine. 

Rabies Saliva of Infected Animal Vaccines is recommended for those who may come in contact with animals. Pneumonia vaccines are required for immunocompromised or all of the above 65 ages. Chickenpox is given to those who are not infected by this virus and who are not vaccinated. All the enumerated conditions are most useful, but if you want details of vaccines, searching on the internet will provide you with wider information. Moreover, you must know some diseases cannot be preventable with a vaccine, such as Dengue fever and African Tick- Bite Fever. We hope we answered your question is Guadeloupe safe to travel? with this part of the blog.
Reasons to travel to Guadeloupe:

Guadeloupe Islands

le gosier island

If you want to spend your travel time more joyfully and unforgettable, you should consider two factors while planning your trip: where to go and what to do in Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe islands is the most prior place to add in your list. Guadeloupe Islands will steal your heart with an extremely incredible view, warm water, very accessible transport, and amazing beaches. The most useful transport is the ferry.


guadeloupe beach

If we travel to the subtropical climate, we cannot pass this blog without talking about beaches. Mostly, the reason for the travellers' choice is the amazing beaches and their view. There are above 200 white, yellow, red, even pink sandy beaches. Every beach has a typical view, and no one of them is repeatable. 

Guadeloupe National Park

guadeloupe national park

The third place is Guadeloupe National Park. The marvelous Le Soufriere Volcano and waterfalls touching the soul can amaze you. What can be a better choice to cool underwater with an amazing view? 

Pointe des Chateaux

To enjoy a panoramic view, we advise you to visit Pointe des Chateaux! It is a good spot to see the sea line with blue-white sandy beaches and majestic waves of the Caribbean Sea

Sea Life Arizona Aquarium


The next reason and destination is Sea Life Arizona Aquarium. This aquarium is located a little bit north of Guadeloupe. As its name suggests, you will get to see fascinating and huge sea creatures such as sea horses, jellyfish, octopi, sharks, and so on. There is an ocean tunnel with a 360-degree view and 30 display. The aquarium is suitable for both children and adults.

The Vulcanic Thermal Water

The Vulcanic Thermal Water can be the next destination for those who want to live this trip with the whole soul. There are so many thermal waters with healing springs. Even the mud of the springs is healing. For enjoying this beauty, you must visit some beaches with thermal water pools. With a lovely view beach plus the healing water, the pool is great! 

What-To-Do List

huge motor boat

Let's talk about the what-to-do list. The very basic concern of any tourist before starting the journey to the islands is what to do in Guadeloupe. To go to the markets of Guadeloupe can be a reason. Everyone likes to taste amazing food, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Limitless fresh vegetables and exotic fruits in the market can amaze you. The most known market is Point-a-Pitre. In this market, you can also see seafood that immediately hunted seafood. Small bakeries will permit you to taste French bakeries.

So, we continue with scuba diving. Beaches and nature always amaze us, but underwater nature is even more interesting. For an unforgettable experience, take a route to the Jacques Cousteau Reserve with an area of 988 acres, and its water is protected. The underwater is full of unusual coral and extraordinary creatures.

Mexican and seafood restaurants are among the places that you should add to the what to do in Guadeloupe list. With a wide variety and tasty food, Mexicans` great recipes will not get off your mind forever. A warm welcome by the waitresses will be a plus as well. If you are a seafood lover, tasting octopus, shrimps, snappers will be a great experience for you. If spicy foods are your passion, then you are again in the right place. 

Now, you know all about where Guadeloupe is, what is the best and cheapest time to travel there, and also, how to manage the what to do in Guadeloupe list. 

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