14 reasons why you should travel to Guatemala right now

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14 reasons why you should travel to Guatemala right now
Guatemala to see magnificent volcanos, the mesmerizing colonial town of Antigua, etc. The number of visitors grows year by year. If you have such a plan and are looking for information about Guatemala, then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will learn about safe travel to Guatemala, the best time to travel to Guatemala, travel in Guatemala and more.

Basics about Guatemala

guatemala sunset Guatemala is the Central American country, and it has 4 neighbouring countries Mexico, El-Salvador, Belize, and Honduras. How many is the Guatemala population? Guatemala population is almost twenty million people. What is the capital of Guatemala? It is interesting to note that Guatemala is one of the few places which has the same name for country and capital (the capital of Guatemala is Guatemala). As in a large portion of the Central-American nations, the official language of the country is Spanish. Most Guatemalans prefer to live in the capital city. When it comes to the religious view, the Guatemala population is Christian by %88. Another interesting fact about the country is its nickname. They are called Chapines among other Central-American countries. After getting some general information about Guatemala, it is time to learn 14 reasons to travel to Guatemala.

1. Mesmerizing Mayan culture

ruins Guatemala is the country where you will find one of the most magnificent remains of the Mayan civilization. The name of that ancient citadel is Yax Mutal, and it is located in the rainforests in northern Guatemala. Besides, this antique town was the capital of a conquered nation, and scientists say that the age of these ruins dates back to the 4th century BCE. Nowadays, Tikal National Park is the UNESCO World Heritage site, and every year thousands of people visit that ancient site. How to travel in Guatemala and find Tikal National Park? There are four buses between capital and Tikal per day, and price changes between 27-60 USD. Also, you can buy a lot of souvenirs here. Locals sell many impressive figures which will be exciting for you. Furthermore, you can purchase an instrument used by ancient Mayan warriors when they attacked enemies. It helps you to make Jaguar's sound.

2. Festivals

festival in guatemala Such as other catholic countries, Guatemala has many festivals in honor of saints. However differ from others, they have Mayan festivals, too. One of those festivals is Maximon, which is a mix of cultures. Another one is the Semana Santa celebration of Antigua, which is the largest and probably glorious celebration in the world. Some other festivals and holidays are Palm Sunday and Good Friday, Ascension Day, Antigua Fair.

3. Colorful markets

chichicastenango market There are many Colorful markets in Guatemala, but the Chichicastenango market or shortly ChiChi is the most popular one. The market is open on Thursday and Sunday, and in those two days, citizens from all parts of the country gather to sell their goods to locals and tourists. You will have a wonderful time in Guatemala markets while watching attractive and colorful scarves, souvenirs, and more. There is a high demand for handwoven scarves. Besides, there are plenty of other colorful textiles for you, and in all of them, you can feel the culture and soul of Guatemala. Additionally, never agree with the first price, and don't forget the bargaining with sellers.

4. Charming colonial town Antigua

guatemala You will fall in love with Antigua after your visit. The town has many activities for travelers. There are plenty of restaurants where you can taste delicious Guatemalan foods. If you like colonial architecture, you will love this town. You can take many gorgeous photos in front of them. Besides, this city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, that is why everything kept as it was. Also, you can take part in tours to volcanoes. Undoubtedly, you will have an excellent time in Guatemala Antigua. 

5. Learn or practice your Spanish

language book As you know, Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world, and Spanish is the official language of the country. So, you can learn or improve Spanish during your trip. Learning the language will help you easily communicate with residents, and it will be easier for you to understand the beliefs, traditions of local people.

6. Relax on the riverside

riverside Guatemala is not famous for white-sand beaches with pure water. That is the main reason why many tourists underestimated and overlooked this country, but it has amazing rivers where you can forget all of your worries for a while. The most well-known is Lake Atitlan, and another one is Lake Peten Itza. Lake Atitlan is the largest lake (depth is 340m) in the whole of Central-America. Is it safe to travel to Guatemala and swim in this lake? There is no restriction about swimming in lakes but try to stand away from boat traffic for your safety. Besides, it is not far away from the capital of Guatemala, and you can reach the river just in an hour.

7. Visit the river that hides under the stones

river Semuc Champey is an example of the most popular touristic place in Guatemala. It consists of 300 limestone bridges, and the Cahabon River passes under it. The best point to look at the mesmerizing view of Semuc Champey is El Mirador. The total area of the Semuc Champey is 17.14 square kilometers. Interestingly, the word Semuc Champey means: where the river hides. How to travel to Guatemala and reach Semuc Champey? You can use chicken buses to travel. Where to travel in Guatemala? Without any doubt, one of those areas is the area where the river hides.

8. Cheap accommodation

guatemala city street Of course, when you travel to a new country, first of all, you should somewhere to stay with a reasonable amount. In some destinations, it is very problematic and expensive, but not in Guatemala. Prices change in a wide range depending on your requirements. Generally speaking, you can find a hostel just for 10 USD. If you want luxury hotels, they are available, for instance, Porta Hotel Antigua (100 USD per night) or Barceló Guatemala City.

9. The land of volcanoes

volcano in guatemala Guatemala is famous as the land of volcanoes (there are 30 volcanoes here). Some of them are Pacaya, Volcano Tajumulco, Santa maría, Agua Volcano, San Pedro, etc. Also, the highest volcano in Central America with 4220 meters is here. What is the best time to travel to Guatemala volcanoes? You can visit these destinations year-round, but most people say that period between December and March is the best time to travel to Guatemala Volcano Tajumulco. Is it safe to travel to Guatemala volcanoes? If you make these trips with a person who has information about the land, there is no problem.

10. You should try Guatemalan coffee

guatemalan coffee Coffee is crucial for Guatemala's economy, as coffee accounts for 90% of Guatemala's export. Furthermore, one of the most magnificent highland coffee in the world produces here. Even people who do not prefer to drink coffee we fall in love with coffee after their trip. Antigua has the most popular coffee farms in the country, and travelers love to have a tour on these farms. The Coffee-growing region lies between three volcanoes: Fuego, Acatenango, and Agua.

11. They have the best cuisine in Central America

guatemala cuisine Nearly everyone loves to try new tastes during their journey. Lots of people think that the cuisine of this country is the greatest one in Central America. The mix of Maya and Spanish cultures create novel and flavorsome cuisine. Here are some yummy and popular foods from Guatemala: Chicken pepian, Pupusas, Kak’ik, Empanadas, Hilachas, Rellenitos, etc. Besides, you can try all of these foods and more for a reasonable amount of money. The meal in an inexpensive restaurant is 6 USD. If you prefer to eat in mid-range restaurants, you will pay something around 15 USD per person.

12. Cheap flights

flight to guatemala Flying to most of the Central American countries is not affordable. If you have a desire to travel to Central America, but you can't realize your dream because of high prices, you can travel to Guatemala. Flights to Guatemala are affordable in comparison with other neighboring countries. How much are flights to Guatemala? Prices change depending on your flight day. For example, you can find a ticket from New York to Guatemala City just for 120 USD.

13. Motherland of chocolate

chocolate As a coffee, chocolate is very worthwhile for Gutemala. Chocolate plays an essential role in its lifestyle and culture. During your visit, you can go to the chocolate museum. In this museum, you will have a chance to see producing chocolate methods, and you will have an opportunity to taste and purchase. There is a 2 hours course about making chocolate, and you can attend that education. It can be a good example to have an enjoyable time in Guatemala.

14. Rio Dulce National Park

rio dulce national park Where to travel in Guatemala? The last area that we want to mention is the Rio Dulce National Park. You can have Guatemala's most sightseeing boat trip in the Rio Dulce National Park. Rio Dulce has one of the richest biodiversities in the world. It is interesting to say that Rio Dulce means sweet river. Also, during your boat journey, you will have a chance to meet Garifuna culture.

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