11 reasons why you should travel to Honduras right now

11 reasons why you should travel to Honduras right now

Fatima Mammadova11 September 20204635 views8 min. read
11 reasons why you should travel to Honduras right now
Honduras and even don't know where is Honduras located, which should be fixed, considering the variety of enthralling and bewitching places that each person should visit at least once in their life! So, firstly we would like to tell you where is Honduras situated for you to have general insight into this country. Honduras is located between Guatemala and El Salvador to the west and Nicaragua to the south and east. Its northern coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea and narrow coast to the south by the Pacific Ocean. Its area includes the offshore Caribbean department of the Bay Islands. Honduras capital is Tegucigalpa; however, San Pedro Sula city is equally dominant industrially and commercially. Magnificent Honduras has a few public image issues due to crime statistics. Still, any person who has been in this country will tell you that the situation on the ground is far more different from what we hear in the media! But for those people who are nervous, we will cover the topic is it safe to travel to Honduras and how to avoid problems that occurred in Honduras at the end of this article. So, now you know approximately where is Honduras situated and now we tell you why this not a large country in Central America is certainly worth travelling and what are these places to visit in Honduras? We've prepared for you 11 reasons why travel to Honduras is a great idea.

1. Enchanting nature

cochinos Honduras is situated in the core of the tropics; a wide variety of plants and animal species are inhabited there. Most of the country is sparsely populated, and as such, most of the country remains as wild nature and provides wonderful biodiversity. Being a paradise for lovers of nature, Honduras is becoming an important ecotourism destination. There are quite plenty of opportunities for how you can explore an incredible flora and fauna with mangroves, two coasts, and the largest rainforest north of the Amazon and cloud forests. So, where can you observe this variety of nature? In Honduras, there are 91 protected areas, including national parks, reserves, biospheres, mangrove preserves, coral reefs. Ecotourism is very eminent in Honduras, so you need to enjoy it while you are in Honduras.

2. Amazing beaches

cochinos beach Except for wild nature, Honduras beaches will help you to feel like you are in paradise. Heaps of palm trees, white sand, and a crystal clear sea: it's everything you would want. You will be able to drink fresh coconut milk from a coconut that you can easily take from the palm tree. Drinking fresh coconut milk from a coconut you just took from a palm tree, snorkelling among corals in the warm water in the Caribbean Sea, enjoying the white sand and drinking a cocktail while the sun goes down.

3. Affable people

honduran people Although Honduras doesn't have such a good reputation, local people very kind and friendly. Honduras population is very affable and helpful, ready to assist you and provide directions or just talk with you telling you about their culture. Their sincere smiles will make you feel very welcome, and they will respect you for what you are despites of your nationality or belief. What is unbelievable but true, that Honduras population is the largest English speaking population among all countries in Central America. It means that it will be unchallenging for you to communicate with local people, and time in Honduras can be spent without any problems. If you feel lost visiting places in Honduras, you can approach people, and they will help you.

4. Honduras coffee

Have you ever tasted this delicious Honduras coffee? Honduras population has its own unique coffee growing conditions, techniques, styles, and flavour profiles. In Honduras, coffee production has a very important place in history. And keep in my that Honduras is not the biggest exporter of coffee, and you will rarely find them in your own country. Honduras will give you a great chance to enjoy the taste of the coffee. Also, there is a special route for coffee lovers - Honduras Coffee Route. It takes visitors deep into six various regions that produce coffee for them to learn how the beans are harvested and turned into the sweet fuel of mornings.

5. Garifuna culture

garifuna boys playing traditional drums The Garifuna people's fascinating culture can be felt in all of Central America, especially in Honduras. You will get your jollies from their traditional dancing, music, and delicious traditional foods like plantain, pan de coco (coconut bread), and tableta, a tasty piece of confectionery that is made from coconut. You can enjoy it not only in Honduras capital but also in any city of this beautiful country. Also, there is a settlement on the north coast of Honduras named Sambo Creek, where each June fair is held with a lot of music, dancing, soccer, and many other enthralling activities. In this fair, you will encounter a dancing figure who will ask for a monetary contribution – and if you refuse, you will be painted by him with oil. So, if you don't want to be painted and simultaneously don't have money, you need to run! As you understand, time in Honduras also will be full of funny moments. Have you still searching for reasons why travel to Honduras?

6. The Bay Islands

sunset in roatan island If you want to have a budget-friendly island vacation, you should consider the Bay Islands. Roatan and Utila islands are the large tourist objects of Honduras. Both of them are popular with their unique selling points and wonderful culture. Roatan is larger and perfect for a family holiday; moreover, it has a luscious beach of the pure and white shore. Utila only has only a couple of beaches but characterized by unordinary bars, cafes, and great accommodations near the sea. You need surely to consider these two islands!

7. Underwater realm

In case you love diving or snorkelling, you will be in heaven in Honduras. Then, you can have the best day of your life in coral reefs, snorkelling all day long. The vast reef breathes life into the wonderful world below the surface, and there are so many things to look at. It is dizzying!

8. Copan Ruinas

cementerio copan ruinas So, maybe a lot of you know that such countries as Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico are popular for their Maya ruins, but did you know that Honduras has also ruined? They are situated in the Copan, which is close to the border of Guatemala. Of course, you have to see it being in Honduras! Copan is one of the most beautiful and charming places in Honduras, with a magnanimous local population, mostly spoken English and several quality hotels and restaurants. A lot of people come here only to see Maya ruins, but for sure, it is more than only ruins!

9. Low prices

In general, Honduras is pretty cheap comparing with other countries in Central America. You can easily live with US$25 per day for food and accommodation. Transport is also very cheap and convenient, and you can see good prices for activities and tours, which make people who were planning to pass through this country stay there for several weeks.

10. Historical Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa is a Honduras capital. This bewitching city has many charms with ancient colonial buildings, beautiful streets, and hidden parks. One of the main positive sides of travelling to Tegucigalpa is that it is the most inexpensive city in the region, with different tours and activities which cost only half of the price of some of the surrounding places.

11. It is very easy to visit other countries with Honduras

catedral de san pedro sula Do you want to discover more countries rather than one Honduras? No problem, you can also discover other countries in Central America where Honduras is situated. You can combine it with some different countries, and travel not only to Honduras but also to other countries, for example to Nicaragua or Guatemala. And also, El Salvador and Belize are some great choices! So, we shared with you some main places to visit in Honduras and 11 reasons why you need to visit this country and have this unforgettable time in Honduras. Now we will tell you about safety. Is it safe to travel to Honduras? Although the media is pretty exaggerating the situation there, you need to be very vigilant and careful being in places in Honduras because, nevertheless, it has gained a certain degree of infamy. So, what do you need to stay safe in Honduras?
  1. Stay vigilant of your surrounding every time
  2. Avoid driving at night
  3. Leave your expensive jewellery at home
  4. To decrease kidnapping risk, evade discussing your plans in public.
To sum it up, we would like to add that while Honduras is assuredly a wonderful country to discover, the country's reputation as a tourist place has been tarnished and you can ask yourself a lot and worry is it safe to travel to Honduras or not. But with a few precautions, it is certainly possible and worthy to explore this fascinating and bewitching Central American country and explore for yourself a lot of new and enthralling places! There are plenty of places to visit in Honduras which are worthy of your attention and because of why travel to Honduras would be one of your best decisions. We are sure that you can have an unforgettable time if you travel to Honduras!

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