11 reasons why you should travel to Kyiv right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Kyiv right now
Kyiv and looking for reasons, you are just in the right place! In this blog, we'll talk about one of the most beautiful and old eastern European cities. We will find out where is Kyiv, is it safe to travel to Kyiv and everything else that will make you sure about travel to Ukraine.

General Information

kyiv First of all, where is Kyiv? Kiev or Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. This ancient city is situated along the Dnieper River and was the headquarter of Eastern Europe's culture and science. Kyiv carries the marks of numerous ancient folks, like Vikings and Mongols. This city has been and still is a home for thousands of talented and famous people of different professions, from heart surgeons to football players, and, of course, one of the most influential people on the planet, Jan Koum-the co-founder of WhatsApp. In spring and summer, Kyiv's weather is warm, and during fall and winter, it is cold and snowy. That is why in any weather, Kyiv is enjoyable and worth travelling to. 

1. Amazing Architecture

kyiv architecture As Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, it has all the glory and gloss of the main cities. The City of Domes is another name people call Kyiv, and there is a good reason. It is a land of over 950 churches and cathedrals with bulb-shaped domes, from gothic cathedrals to luxurious mansions and brightly coloured buildings. Kyiv is an over-the-top tourist city. This city can impress everyone with its unique architectural structure and diversity, and it took 14 centuries and over 30 different styles to design it. One of these timeless buildings, St. Sophia's cathedral, is an 11th-century example and a proud member of the World Heritage List. With its grey coat and embellishing sculptures, this cathedral looks just stunning. Another impressive architectural model is the House of Weeping Widow. This gorgeous mansion had once belonged to a rich merchant and has no equal. When the weather is rainy, drops of water fell from the face of the lady sculptured in the front top of the mansion, and it seems like she is crying. Now, there is no need to prove that Kyiv is a city of emotions!  Moreover, as Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union, you can come across some Soviet architecture examples.  Every road of this city is chock-full of pastel-coloured buildings, romantic and gorgeous old structures, and interesting sculptures, so the best way to spent time in Kyiv can be just walking down the streets.

2. Interesting Travel Spots

kyiv city There are thousands of the most unique and colourful places when it comes to travel spots in Kyiv. If you wonder, where is Kyiv's must-go place- there are plenty! From crazy and cosy to luxurious and glorious, you can find anything in this city. The Landscape Alley is on one side of the Dnipro river. The story behind it is as much interesting as the alley itself. When locals protested illegal constructions, one of the sculptors turned this alley into a cartoon sculpture park. You have to see those colourful peeing children sculpture and the green bunny, which holds a bench in its mouth, and other crazy creatures! On the other side, there is a bunch of colourful buildings called Comfort Town. You can even meet Ukrainian Alice ( she is a little bit strange, but that is more fun) in Wonderland. Among the best places to spend time in Kyiv is the Kyiv Ukraine temple- the sacred place for all Christians. Kyiv Ukraine temple is 1st temple in Ukraine and 11st in Europe. Ministry of Regional Development awarded Kyiv Ukraine temple as "the most beautiful religious building of Ukraine." The marvellous theatres and museums are on the list of why you should travel to Kyiv as well.  Nature is always a must-see place in each country and an exceptional reason to travel to Ukraine. There are many parks here, and they are highly recommended for spending some precious time in Kyiv. 

3. Friendly Ukraine People

ukraine people Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, which is why it has over 3 million population. It is well-known that people in big cities are not that friendly. But it is not about Ukraine people. These people are proud of their cities and will never turn down a help request from tourists. There is even a youth volunteering program that aims to provide a safe and enjoyable tour for visitors. 

4. Yummy Foods!

potatoes If a city is old enough, that means its cuisine is rich enough. Even if all the above haven't persuaded you to travel to Ukraine, the food will definitely do! There is no other place where you are able to taste the famous Ukrainian soup Borsht as delicious as in Kyiv. If you like something doughy, the Verenyky or Pelmeni (dumplings) will whet your appetite. These dumplings are just what you need in cold weather Kyiv. Sweet Easter bread is one of a kind, and, of course, who doesn't know about Chicken Kyiv?!  Besides the regional Kyiv food, you can enjoy the street or fast food as well.

5. Interesting Places in Kyiv

kiev city Kyiv has lots of interesting places that are both one of a kind and the most quirky. Firstly, the Kyiv metro has the deepest metro station in the world. Don't be surprised if you see the Museum of Unnecessary Things or Toilet History Museum while travelling around the city. You can visit the crematorium that remained from Soviet era. Nicolai Siadristy, the world's famous microminiature, has his own Micro Miniature Museum, and it is worth seeing.

6. Cheap as Chips!

brown wallet Although Kyiv is the biggest and capital city of Ukraine, it is incredibly cheap. Kyiv is the cheapest capital in Europe, and travelling here is affordable. Kyiv Ukraine hotels' price starts at 4 USD, and there are more than 100 Kyiv Ukraine hotels that cost less than 20 USD/night. Transport and food prices are very low as well. 

7. Chernobyl Tour

chernobyl You can visit the most interesting, extraordinary, and desolate places in the world- the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Kyiv is a gateway for Chernobyl, and there are direct busses from here. This trip is not desirable for everyone, but we implore you to travel if you like dark adventures. The creepy buildings, abandoned attractions, and classrooms, disturbing toys lying around create a horror movie atmosphere. The radiation dose you will receive in one day at Chernobyl is equal to 1-hour plane flying, so it is safe.

8. Rich Folk Culture

festival in kyiv What a great place to experience the unparalleled combination of almost 20-century old Slavic tradition and present-day culture! Kyiv will introduce you to hundreds of interesting traditions that are simply in a class by themselves. This is a single place on Earth where people can eat just pancakes for a whole week. If you happened to be a guest of a local family, enjoy a heartwarming welcoming with bread and salt. In winter, you may meet up with people who plug into frozen water. Not only are the buildings colourful in this city, but eggs too! Vibrant coloured traditional clothes, cheering yodelers, delicious pancakes on Maslenitsa, special Christmas carols- there is no limit for traditional fun throughout the year. 

9. Is it safe to travel to Kyiv?

police car If you are wondering is it safe to travel to Kyiv- yes, it is! After having a conflict with Russia, some people started getting worried about Ukraine's safety and thinking, is it safe to travel to Kyiv? However, this conflict didn't just make Kyiv one the cheapest, but the safest city as well. You can freely walk around, and no need to be worried about your hotel, as Kyiv Ukraine hotels maintain security highly.

10. Vibrant Nightlife

cafe in kyiv Among the infinite reasons to travel to Ukraine, the nightlife in Kyiv is a great one! Life keeps continuing at night in Kyiv. Besides the dozen of places and cafes/ bars to visit and entertain, there are colourful fountains that start singing when the dark starry curtains close the sky. 

11. Quests and Outdoor Activities

kiev Kyiv is a compact city, and there are hundreds of different activities you can do just in one place. If you want to do something peaceful, cycle in Feofaniya park, watch wildlife in national parks, and get pleasure from the exciting weather Kyiv has. Something exciting? Try an adrenaline rush plane ride over the city! If you like something engaged in weaponry, then what about a shooting range in the forest?  There are dozens of underground and rooftop tours. Exploring underground and metro tunnels, soviet bomb shelters, abandoned places, or climbing at the city's highest points, and having fun over the river are simply drop in the bucket!  Quest rooms are just for thrill-seekers! There are over 40 quest rooms in Kyiv. They will lock you in a crazy room full of puzzles, and you will be Sherlock Holmes in real life. There are tons of different themes, from a sweet gingerbread house to the dungeon of inquisitions. You should visit a few of these thrilling quest rooms once in your lifetime!

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