14 reasons why you should travel to Peru right now

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14 reasons why you should travel to Peru right now
South America with regard to its beauty. It is home to unique and breathtaking cultural and natural tourist attractions. I am sure that every traveler's dream is to travel to Peru, officially the Republic of Peru. Where is Peru? It is located in the northwest part of the South American continent. Peru borders Colombia and Ecuador on the north, Brazil on the east, Bolivia on the south-east, and Chile in the southern direction.  The capital of Peru and the largest city is Lima. It is home to approximately nine million Peruvians. Overall, the Peru population is more than 32 million. The Peruvian government first adopted the Peru flag in 1824 and then modified it in 1950. As per the country's constitution, the Peru flag consists of vertical triband: two red bands on edge and one white band in the middle. There can be various emblems and words on the flag, depending on its use. The unique feature of the Peru flag is vicuna on its symbol at the center of the flag. Time in Peru is in the zone of GMT-5. It is one of the same time zones as Bogota, Chicago, and other famous cities. In this blog, I will write about how to travel to Peru, the best time to travel to Peru, and things to do in Peru. The 14 reasons why you should travel to Peru are as follows:

1. Incredible Machu Picchu

machu pichu This historic, sophisticated, and mythical citadel is the main image and jewel of Peru. This incredible place was discovered about 100 years ago, yet historians are still trying to solve its mystery. Some even assume it may be built with the help of aliens. This excellent site was made without the use of mortar and any other metal objects. Another puzzling question for scientists and historians is why it was built this beautifully and then deserted.

2. Lake Titicaca

lake titicaca The world's highest navigable body of water, Lake Titicaca, is a reason to travel to Peru. Located at a distance of about 20 hours by bus trip from the capital of Peru and set between Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca was the birthplace of the sun and the Incas. It is a mesmerizing place to explore and take many Instagrammable pictures. 

3. The Sacred Valley

sacred valley The Sacred Valley is another historic place in Peru. People have settled there since the age of colonialism. They were cultivating agricultural products and building traditional town buildings. The Incas built ancient citadels in this valley, such as Chinchero and Pisac. The valley is an excellent combination of a traditional town and scenic mountains. Ensure that you have a camera by your side to take photographs that will live forever in your gallery.  

4. Amazon rainforest

amazon rainforest Exploring Peruvian Amazon is one of the most exciting things to do in Peru. Covering more than 50% of the country, the Peruvian Amazon champions biodiversity. Peru is known for having the fourth largest tropical forest in the world. With the help of reputable guides, you can join groups to visit the rainforest for watching birds and other animals, as well as catching Piranha fish and tasting its meat. 

5. Excellent beaches

paracas As I mentioned earlier, it is a dream country for every traveler. From rugged mountains to warm beaches, you can find everything in Peru. One of the most picturesque beaches in Las Pocitas. It is a golden sandy beach surrounded by many Palma trees. There is also a 3-star lodging option with the name of Las Pocitas. Other famous beaches include Mancora, Punta Sal, Playa de la Mina, etc.

6. Chan Chan

peru Another place in Peru requiring special attention is the Chan Chan Archaeological Zone. The UNESCO World Heritage List appreciates the historical importance of this place. The ancient city of Chan Chan was the Chimu Kingdom's capital, which was at its prime in the 15th century. Later it became a subject of the Incas. It is the largest pre-Columbian city in America. There was a particular political and social order in the town, which manifested itself in the town's division into autonomy with citadels. 

7. Unique Nazca Lines

dry season Another great Peruvian mystery is Nazca Lines. The geometric lines with the patterns of animal shapes have lent themselves to the creation of many theories. Scientists and historians still struggle to find the answer to how these extraordinary shapes came into existence. You can take a bus from Lima, which costs 25 dollars, to travel approximately seven hours to reach this unique place. 

8. Get ready for a fantastic hiking experience!

peru The natural beauties of Peru are endless. Sometimes one wants to get a one-year vacation to hike and explore Peru. The Chachapoyas region of the country is worth hiking. At the elevation of 700 meters, you will see a fantastic view of the Gocta Waterfall. You can follow the trails for an amazing hiking experience, such as Inca Trail, Santa Cruz Trek, and Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail

9. The Colca Canyon

colca canyon The scenic canyon predates the arrival of the Incas. The Colca Canyon is arguably the most scenic place in Peru. This Andean corridor is one of the world's deepest canyons. Green mountains surround it. The Colca Canyon is a perfect place for relaxation, photography, extreme sports activities, and trekking.  

10. Don't miss the chance of shopping!

market The capital of Peru is full of markets for handicrafts and traditional products. Leaving Peru without buying souvenirs and local things wouldn't be right. For shopaholics, there are dozens of choices in the country. Larcomar Shopping Center, Mercados Inca, Dedalo Market, Centro Artesanal, and many other markets offer various beautiful local and foreign products.

11. A country full of historical landmarks

historical landmark Peru has a tremendous history and culture. It is almost impossible to explore all of them in a one-week vacation. On top of all these historical landmarks stand incredible Machu Picchu. Saqsaywaman was the historic capital of the Inca Empire, and today it attracts millions of tourists every year. Other gorgeous historical landmarks include Cusco Cathedral, Tipon Archaeological Site, Kuelap, and so on.

12. A fan of diving? Peru has something to say about this

barranco One of the main things to do in Peru is scuba diving. You will find a lot of travel companies offering diving tours in the Pacific Ocean. There are a lot of places for snorkeling and scuba diving, such as Ancash, Quilca, and Callao

13. Incredibly friendly people

friendly people Lots of natural beauties, historic places, and mysterious sites could be less visited if it wasn't for its people. Peru's main jewel is its people. Wherever you travel across Peru, you will see extremely hospitable people sending greetings and regards to you. Especially, indigenous people of the Peru population champion hospitality and friendliness.

14. Amazing food

peru cuisine Peru's cuisine has gone through a renaissance. The country has been the center of many civilizations, which affected its national cuisine. Some Peruvian food is excellent for crab-lovers. There are also dozens of potato varieties to try. Famous local dishes include a Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Anticuchos de Corazon (Grilled Beef Heart), and many other delicious meals.

How to travel to Peru?

peru street Peru is situated in South America. For neighboring countries, it is easy to visit Peru on land via car or bus. Citizens of countries from other continents have to go there by plane. The best way to enter Peru is through Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima. 

What is the best time to travel to Peru?

peru bird eye view The best time to travel to Peru is winter. Since it is located below the equator, the winter season of Peru is from May to September. That time in Peru is the country's dry season, hence making it easier for tourists to explore the country. Unlike winter, the summer of the country is associated with heavy rains. From December to March, the weather is warmer but wetter as well. 

Is it safe to visit Peru?

laguna Generally, yes, the country is safe for tourists. But you should be careful about possible negative events. In the border area with Colombia, there can be violent armed gangs involved in narcotics trafficking. You wouldn't want to see them, as they won't hesitate to eliminate the living evidence. The crime rate is, unfortunately, high for the whole country. Travel advisors recommend traveling in a group for safety measures. Be very careful in crowded areas because there can be a petty crime, such as pickpocketing and purse snatching.  

A quick recap

laguna paron lake Unique, incredible, breathtaking, beautiful, etc. – all these words are for describing Peru. Located in the northwest part of South America, Peru is a dream country for every tourist to explore. Some questions that I have answered here are the following: Where is Peru? How to travel to Peru? What is the best time to travel to Peru? Is it safe to visit Peru? I also wrote about the Peru flag, the Peru population, time in Peru, the capital of Peru, and the things to do in Peru. The 14 reasons that I highlighted are as follows: Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley, Amazon rainforest, Excellent beaches, Chan Chan, Nazca Lines, amazing hiking experience, the Colca Canyon, shopping places, historical landmarks, diving sites, amazing people, and delicious food.

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