10 reasons why you should travel to Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan Da Cunha right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan Da Cunha right now

Today, we are going to talk about Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan Da Cunha. Most of you have probably never heard of this place before, but it is never late to learn new things. In this blog, you will discover where is Saint Helena, how to travel to Saint Helena Island, is it worth to travel to Saint Helena, and more.

Basic information about Saint Helena

western side of jamestown

Before starting to mention reasons to visit this mysterious travel destination, we should answer some basic questions. Where is Saint Helena? Saint Helena is located in the South Atlantic Ocean between Africa and South America. Despite located in the South Atlantic Ocean, it is part of Great Britain. Saint Helena island covers just 122 square km, and the total population is almost 7000 according to data of 2008. The island's official language is English, but it has a different accent (Saint accent). How to travel to Saint Helena Island? There are several ways to visit Saint Helena. Of course, one of them by private or commercial planes. It seems that Airlink is the only airway that has direct flights to the island. The most popular way to travel to Saint Helena is by the Royal Mail Ship St Helena. The Royal Mail Ship travels from Ascension Island, Cape Town, and South Africa. Depending on where you will start to journey, it will last 2-6 days. The capital of the island is Jamestown.

Finally, I want to remind you that Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan Da Cunha are part of the same island group, but today we gave priority to Saint Helena Island.

1. Diving experience


Locating in the South Atlantic Ocean creates excellent diving spots for Saint Helena island. If you are a fan of marine life, you can dive and swim with sharks and observe charming beauty. If it is not so attractive for you, eight wrecks are waiting to be explored. Those eight wrecks are Bedgellet, Frontier, Papanui, Spangereid, Darkdale, Portzic, Witte Leeuw, and Atlantic Rose. Some of them sank after the fire, another as a result of a shoot from a german ship. What about the temperature? The sea temperatures change between 19-15 degrees Celsius, and visibility varies between 5-30+ meters. The best visibility occurs from December to May. Also, there are some diving rules to follow, so take all guidelines before diving.

2. Hiking (Mount Saint Helena and more)

woman hiking

Valleys, forests, and Mount Saint Helena (there is Mount Saint Helena in California, too), there are plenty of destinations to explore on the island. Hiking is one of the best activities to do on the island, but sometimes it can be challenging. For example, walking in the Barn and Powell Valley are known among the most complicated routes, and people recommend these routes only to expert hikers. Besides, the other destinations worth seeing are Lemon Valley, Peak Dale, High Peak, Heart Shaped Waterfall, etc. Most ex-travelers advise you to go on a trip under a lead because most travel destinations are challenging, and you may need help. Depending on the route, the journey will last 40 minutes or a couple of hours. Another advice is about taking some tools you may need, such as a hat, sun blocker, water bottle, and some snacks. Finally, do not forget to take a phone or camera to capture those breathtaking views.

3. Rich history and heritage

west coast

A fascinating history is one of the main reasons to travel to British territory Saint Helena. It dates back to the 1500s; in 1502, the Portuguese discovered the land, and after that year, the island played a crucial role in world history. The Duchess and British were the next owners of the area. Especially during the British Empire rule, the importance of Saint Helena increased as it has never before. It became the strategic port of the empire until the opening of the Suez Canal. Also, the island played an essential role in the abolition of slavery. All of these are in the past now, but thousands of people travel to Saint Helena every year to see historical spots, remains, and artifacts. Are there any tours? Yes, there are plenty of voyages, such as Aaron's Adventure tours, Dark history tour company, etc.

4. Napoleon Bonaparte

longwood house

Regardless of being interested or non-interested in history, everyone heard about Napoleon Bonaparte at least once in his life. The great emperor spent the last days of his life in Saint Helena. He lived in Longwood House. Originally that house belonged to the British Empire, but in 1815 it was converted into a personal exile house for Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon died on 5 May 1821, and after his death, Longwood House and other properties around it were used for agricultural purposes. In subsequent years, France bought the property. The French government demolished the new Longwood House and Balcombe's house in The Briars, but they keep Longwood House. Today it is one of the two museums on the island. Undoubtedly, it is the main reason to travel to British territory Saint Helena for many tourists.

5. Meet the oldest resident of Saint Helena

giant turtle

Saint Helena is home to more than 500 species and despites of small area 30% of total endemic animals of Great Britain live are found here. The most popular mammal among all of them is Jonathan, which is 180 years old. Maybe, Jonathan is the oldest mammal in the world. Besides, there are three other turtles David, Emma, and Fredrika. They live at Plantation House, the governor's residence. Plantation House is open for tourists every Tuesday at 11 am. Another animal is Plover, which is the only surviving endemic bird in Saint Helena. They are under protection, but the governor prevents them from becoming extinct in the 21 st century.

Furthermore, Saint Helena has a rich flora. Here you will see 45 kinds of plants that can not be found anywhere else in the world. Places where you can find endemic species are The Castle Gardens, Diana's Peak National Park, The Millenium Forest, etc.

6. Unique culture


The hospitality of people, local traditions, and customs will make you fall in love with Saint Helena. Citizens have Asian, EuropDiana'sd African roots so that you will meet various interesting people during your journey. Despite the fact that they come from different countries, there are not many languages on the island. As we said above, the official language is Ene English words but differently, for ins during your journey, what you name is or us in town. Of course, another way to discover a culture is festivals and holidays. The Pancake festival can be an excellent example of local festivals. During the festival children, and adults gather in Main Street, and everybody brings delicious home-made pancakes.

Undoubtedly, music and races are an undividable part of the festival. The most well-known and crucial one is Saint Helena Day. On Saint Helena Day, many various competitions, exhibitions, concerts, and more take place. So, if you plan to visit the island in May, do not miss Saint Helena Day.

7. Journeys in South Atlantic Ocean


After discovering the island's mysterious nature and culture, it is time to explore what is around Saint Helena. The best way to do this is boat and yacht tours. You will see plenty of boats and ships waiting for their passengers in the harbor. Tours provide both trips and scuba diving. We have already give information about diving opportunities in the area. As you know, Helena is one of the country's three islands, and you can use these ships to travel to other islands, too. Of course, there is a place for your private yachts, either.

8. Ancient and enjoyable capital

trail road

The capital of Saint Helena is full of adventures and activities for tourists. The city is small but has a long history. Firstly in 1659, people settled here, and it gained city status in 1859. Of course, tourists' main attractions are hiking, boat trips, and tours to historical spots. Besides, there are many bars, stores, and street markets. Jamestown has some of the best restaurants to taste tourists' local cuisine. Fur may have a picnic in front of breathtaking nature. Is there any Saint Helena theater? There were several theaters on the island in the past, but now there is no working Saint Helena theater. One of the most popular ones was the Jamestown Saint Helena theater. Unfortunately, the fire destroyed that theater. The other theaters were Barracks, Grand Parade, and Boer Pows.

9. Low crime rates

national flag

Saint Helena and the other two islands have low crime rates. You can walk day and night on the streets without any problem. Probably, you will not see even fighting people. The main problem for most visitors is high sound music. Of course, today, there is a COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. So, take precautions for your well.

10. Delicious cuisine

chowder soup

The last reason in our list to travel to British territory Saint Helena is the local cuisine. As it is an island state, the main ingredients are fish and vegetables. Many people from different countries come together in Saint Helena, which is why you will have a chance to taste various savors. Most of those meals are easy to cook and tasty. Some of them are Plo, St Helena Fishcake, Coconut Fingers, and more.

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