10 reasons why you should travel to Samoa right now

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Where is Samoa

? The Samoa Archipelago is located in the South Pacific, 3000 km from New Zealand and are made up of two parts. There is the Independent State of Samoa, and the western part is under the United States administration. On the independent side, Samoa has four inhabited islands: Upolu, Savaii, Manono, Apolima, and several unsettled islets. The capital of Samoa is Apia, and the capital of Samoa, which is under US governance, is Pago Pago. The Samoa population consists of more than 90% of Samoans. Overall, the Samoa population is less than 200,000, and most of them speak in their native language, but there are enough people to understand English. The very first questions about Samoa are where is Samoa, how to travel to Samoa, is it safe to travel to Samoa, and what is the best time to travel to Samoa. Samoa is a state in the Pacific Ocean, and it is pretty easy and convenient to travel to Samoa. There are many flights from neighbouring countries, for example, Australia and New Zealand. Samoa’s trip does not involve any kind of danger, and the country itself is completely safe for tourists. There are two seasons in Somos, which are dry and wet. The wet season coincides between November to May, during the dry season from June to October. Tropical cyclones sometimes accompany the wet season, and you can find negative answers to the question of is it safe to travel to Samoa. Luckily, the dry season is considered as the best time to travel to Samoa when the sun shines, the sea waters are hot, and the humidity is lower. You can unquestionably enjoy your time in Samoa and visit all sightseeing on the islands during this season. There are many beautiful places and lots of reasons to travel to Samoa on your next vacation. If you are interested in where is Samoa, how to travel to Samoa, which is the best time to travel to Samoa, is it safe to travel to Samoa, how to spend your time in Samoa, how to speak with the Samoa population, etc., you can read this article and find the answers of all your questions?

1. There are various islands

idyllic tropical sandy beach

The two main islands of Samoa are called Upolu and Savaii. Upolu is home to Apia, the capital of Samoa and the largest city. Much of the population of Samoa live in Apia. There you will have the feeling of a dominant culture and be able to immerse yourself in the Samoans’ daily lives. To the east of Upolu is the small island paradise called Namua, which has the guardian of a dog. The island is wonderful, and the young people offered to climb to the top to admire the view. Namua is a small island of one square kilometre without electricity and endowed with a superb white sand beach and eight small bungalows of traditional Samoan accommodation type.

2. Falealupo

falealupo beach

To the south at Taga, you can discover the Blowholes. These sea geysers are generated by the water, which rushes into the cavities to reach several tens of meters. It is a magnificent spectacle. The coastal road offers many opportunities to make stops on dream beaches where you will sometimes be alone. In the North-East, discover the lava fields of Sale’aula, a consequence of the eruption of Mount Matavanu, which destroyed several villages between 1905 and 1911. You will see the ruins of a partially buried church as well as the tomb of the Virgin, which was spared by the lava flow. Canopy Walkway, which is just before arriving at Falealupo. It is a very short walk in the middle of a suspension bridge between two trees. You will have a beautiful view of the island, its canopy, its vegetation, and its volcanoes from this height. To the North-West in Falealupo, enjoy a paradisiacal beach with white sand and coconut palms, and do not miss the simply exceptional sunset, and surely this might be your best time in Samoa.

3. Apia


Do not ask how to travel to Samoa; start from its capital. You can discover the capital of Samoa and its magnificent sightseeings, such as Apia Cathedral, the Clock Tower, the fresh products market, and the craft market. Also, the home of Robert Louis Stevenson, author of the famous novel “Treasure Island,” a superb building in which this Scottish writer lived for his last four years, is located in Apia. His grave is not far from there, at the top of a hill. If you want to hike a bit, this is a good opportunity to appreciate it. Additionally, you can enjoy the white sand beaches which are located near the city centre. Bathe in a sea of transparent waters in Samoa!

4. Lalomanu


This island has a dream beach in the Samoa Islands. Lalomanu Beach is a magnificent white sand beach. You can spend a few days there between snorkelling and relaxation. In hindsight, you could have gone to Saleapaga, Lalomanu’s neighbour, with cheaper accommodation and also superb white-sand beaches there, too. Apart from renting a fale, which is a kind of traditional stilt hut, and enjoying the beach at Samoan rhythm, there is not much else to do.

5. Culture

festival in samoa

The culture in Samoa will be an essential component of your journey in these extraordinary islands. Few of the countries in the world have known how to preserve their culture, like Samoa. Even in American Samoas, despite the big brother’s modernization, the weight of tradition is important. The traditions in Samoa take the form of the Faa Samoa, and everyone strictly respects this custom. Of course, the history of Samoa will have been marked by the successive invasions of European navigators. Still, apart from the missionaries who will have succeeded in converting the populations to Christianity, they will never have succeeded in standardizing Samoa’s culture.

6. Oceanic water

Water is everywhere in Samoa. Whether on Upolu or Savaii or on the small islets, you will be surrounded by water. With an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the turquoise lagoons extend their arms to you. Inlan, you will always be close to magnificent waterfalls in the environment of intense green forests. Not to mention the many water holes in deep colours where you can take a dip.

7. Landscapes

A trip to Samoa will allow you to discover landscapes of great beauty. These unspoiled islands are dominated by wild mountains, bordered by coral reefs and turquoise lagoons. Samoa also has superb white sand beaches, tropical forests, lava fields, and jagged coasts offering superb blowholes. These landscapes are the result of intense ancient volcanic activity and help make Samoa so special.

8. Gastronomy

healthy lunch

Samoans love food, and that is reflected in the restaurants. The products are fresh; the fish caught the same day. On weekends, the markets are very lively as everyone prepares for Sunday cooking to make the famous umu. It is an oven buried on a bed of embers and volcanic stones; the ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves. Do not miss to try the famous Oka, fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk.

9. American Samoa

mount alava

Little sisters of neighbouring Samoa and American-flagged American Samoa develop the same paradisiacal natural conditions in the Pacific Ocean’s heart. Arriving by plane at Tutuila airport allows you to get an idea of the five main islands’ volcanic character and whose geography is bristling with rocky peaks covered with vegetation. The luxuriant nature of the coral reefs is the scene of the wildlife that the Samoans preserve inside a national park of 400,000 ha spread over three islands. Their relationship with nature is part of the traditional lifestyle. You can take a trip to the market in Pago-Pago, the capital. From its port, it is also easy to visit the neighbouring islands.

10. Tips: Samoa is not like other countries

bus depot

Interestingly, Samoa switched from right-hand traffic to left-hand traffic in 2009. In Samoa, a taxi is often a good choice to get from A to B. Be sure to find out about the typical prices beforehand and negotiate the price with the driver before you set off. If you want to book a taxi for the whole day, it should cost about the same as a rental car. Bus travel also works well, even if it does not look like it at first glance. Find out about the lines before driving. Buses leave when they are full. You can stop them on the roadside with a show of hands to get in. Between Savaii and Upolu, you simply take the ferry. Most of the population lives on Upolu, although Savaii is the larger of the two islands. English is spoken in Apia itself and the tourist areas. A bit off the typical tourist routes, however, you can quickly reach your limits. Then it is advisable to have learned a few words of Samoan, the second official language.

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