9 reasons why you should and should not travel to Sudan right now

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9 reasons why you should and should not travel to Sudan right now
travel to Sudan.  I will try to provide information about Is it safe to travel to Sudan?, the best time to travel in Sudan, How to travel to South Sudan and other points about this country to help you in facilitating your travel plan. But, before, where is Sudan? Sudan, which is situated in northeastern Africa, is surrounded by the Red Sea, Egypt, and Libya on the north, Chad and the Central African Republic on the west, South Sudan on the south, and Ethiopia, Eritrea on the east. Also, Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are this African country's southern neighbours. The capital of Sudan is Khartoum. After a small discussion about where is Sudan?, at first, I would like to start with the pluses of travel to Sudan, which can convince tourists.

1. Pyramids in Sudan

Have you ever heard about the Pyramids of Sudan? I know that when pyramids are talked, we remember Egypt first of all. But, do you know that Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt and almost half of them are still standing? They are situated in the ancient site of Meroe, which is far from about three hours of Khartoum. There are over two hundred pyramids in different sizes in these places where almost forty kings and queens were buried. It is said that nearly 255 pyramids were built to serve as tombs for the kings and queens of Meroe dating back to 300BC. They look like the famous pyramids of Cairo, but different in that the pyramids of Sudan have much smaller bases and steeper than the pyramids of Cairo. There you will be able to enjoy the ancient site in peace and virtually isolated surroundings. So, I think, this place can be a good reason to travel to Sudan.

2. The White and Blue Nile 

couple Do you want to be in the place where the White and Blue Nile meet and rest and enjoy this view's beauty? If your response is "yes", then, I advise you to get information where is Sudan and visit. It is fantastic that the White Nile, north of Khartoum that rises in the great lakes region as far south as Rwanda, meets the Blue Nile, which begins from Lake Tana in Ethiopia. This point is named as the Nile popper. In this place, two rivers flow together, and this is referred to as Al-Mugran. The White Nile is longer, but on the other hand, the Blue River provides about 23 of the river's supply. So, in my opinion, it is worth to see such amazing beauty.

3. Culture

I would say that the culture of this country is among the reasons which can motivate people to travel to Sudan. The culture in Sudan has been formed by the contribution of all the various ethnic groups which speak in more than 400 different languages and dialects. Also, their culture maintains in itself diverse, and it gives impressive beauty. Visitors can learn Sudan's culture by going to museums. The most essential of them is The National Museum of Sudan. Although this building is built in 1955, it was constructed as a museum in 1971. It is located in the Al-Mugran area near the place where the two parts of Nile Rivers meet. You can obtain great experience with the treasures of Sudan's ancient past which are very well presented. The ground floor begins with this African country's prehistory and covers the rise of Kerma and Kush in great details. This Museum is famous for having the largest and most comprehensive Nubian archaeological collection in the world. So, it would be exciting to see the culture of the country alive, which you often see in Sudan news.

4. People

The people of this region are in the list of the advantages for visitors. I would say that Sudanese folks are wonderful. These people are very friendly, talkative, and incredibly welcoming. It means that you can feel their apparent hospitality. People who visit this place can get special treatment. You can meet laughers, good companies and spend a great time. So, it can be evidence for the safety of travelling to Sudan, and you can feel comfortable during your visit in Sudan thanks to the hospitality of their people.

5. Marine National Parks

If you want to get acquainted with the world's most diverse marine tropical habitats, you should visit Marine National Parks in Sudan. There are two Marine National Parks in this country. They are Sangenob Atoll and Dungonab Bay – Mukkawar National Parks. Both of them are popular with their natural beauty. You can enjoy overflowing with spectacular marine life that moves through underwater seascapes.

6. Food

Food in travel should be in the first place on the list of travel criteria. Especially if you are with family, you cannot be very comfortable with the unsuitable food of the country. Yes, indeed, Sudanese are not so famous for their kitchen, but with a robust Arab Heritage, it has very delicious bread, beans, and goat. You should try the Street Food, where you can get information about Sudanese dishes. You can meet even a big egg building there which is built by Gaddafi that you can be served excellent dining Sudanese and Arab cuisine. We can enlarge the list of advantages of the travel to this country with camping in Sudan, Port Sudan, and diverse landscape, Bisharin nomads in the Bayuda Desert, the mountain of Jebel Barkal, and others. Or if you think "How to travel to South Sudan, home to many sub-Saharan African ethnic groups?, it can be an appropriate variant to take a tour to this region from Sudan. Now, as I mentioned above, some issues can complicate your travel to Sudan. I will try to provide you with some of them for helping you to be prepared.

7. The hot weather in Sudan

At first, this place is very hot and dry, even in my opinion; it can be referred to as the warmest country in the world. If I were asked, I would recommend going for a walk only in the early morning and late afternoon. The rest of the time, you should be in the room or spend time in other covered places. Also, you can feel cold at night because this is a desert country. So, it can create trouble on your trip.

8. Safety in Sudan

Another question which can concern you is "Is it safe to travel to Sudan?". Big trouble that can shake travel to Sudan safety is some ongoing civil conflicts in several areas of the country. And if you are going to go to South Sudan and think about "How to travel to South Sudan?", you should take into account security forces and militias in areas that border South Sudan. Conflicts are ethnic and take place in certain provinces, and it means that they do not affect other regions. So, you can make your travel to Sudan more comfortable by getting some necessary information. For example, if you avoid unsafe areas such as Darfur, South Kordofan, and the Blue Nile, you can enjoy peacefully. Or you should know that the Red Sea coast, including major cities like Port Sudan, Khartoum, Gallabat, Sawakin, Karima is safe to visit. So if you think about "Is it safe to travel to Sudan" you should manage your work so that you can spend a much better time there.

9. Crimes in Sudan

sudanese people If you plan to travel to Sudan, you should think about crimes in this region which we see in daily Sudan News. However, the level of street crime in Khartoum and other major cities is low, but increasing. Incidents of mobile phone, bag robing, aggressive begging are among them. It would help if you were nimble to protect yourself and your possession. Also, you should be attentive and not leave valuable items on display in your car on your trip and keep doors locked, and windows closed at all times. In such away, you can avoid any complications in your travel. When planning to visit Sudan, also think about travel and even photography permission. After registering your visa in this country, you also need to get a travel and photography permit in Sudan. So, it can create trouble and take your time during your preparation for your trip. Therefore you should do such things before. Despite any problems which you can face during your travel, you can see places in this region in any case, at least, you should get information about the best time to travel in Sudan. As mentioned above, this is one of the hottest countries in the world, so, pay attention to go to Sudan between September and March because hot days begin after March and continue until September. So, the period between April and September is not suitable for trips. Also, you should know that July and September have a rainy season and the Nile can start to fill its floodplains and transport can become very difficult and dangerous. In conclusion, if you consider the best time to travel in Sudan and choose a suitable period for your visit and prepare yourself in any issue, you can make your travel to Sudan safe and more comfortably.

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