11 reasons why you should travel to Tonga right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Tonga right now
Where is Tonga? How to travel to Tonga? Tonga is a South Sea paradise, as a picture straight out of a book. The Kingdom of Tonga consists of more than 170 islands and atolls in the South Pacific. There you will find many pristine white sandy beaches, hidden bays and turquoise blue lagoons, tropical rainforests in the hinterland, and grandiose coral reefs off the coast and have a great time in Tonga. Where is Tonga? These islands belong geographically and culturally to Polynesia and are located within the Pacific Ring of Fire, a volcanic belt. Of the countless islands, many of which are of volcanic origin, only 36 are inhabited. The paradisiacal nature and the warmth and hospitality of the Tonga people make a stay on the "Friendship Islands" an unforgettable experience. How to travel to Tonga? There are quite many flights to Tonga that will take you to the Kingdom of Tonga. This post will read about the 11 reasons you should travel to Tonga right now. Also, you will find answers to your questions, such as where is Tonga, how to travel to Tonga, is there any flights to Tonga, how to spend a nice time in Tonga, what is the Tonga language, what is the Tonga population, how are Tonga people, etc. 

1. You will have an interesting time in Tonga

low tide Those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life will enjoy the perfect vacation in the Kingdom of Tonga. Crystal clear water, secluded beaches, and a variety of water sports are waiting for you. Although Tonga is in the tropics, the climate, especially in the more southern areas, is a little cooler and drier than on other South Sea islands due to its distance. The best weather conditions for bathing in the sea coincide in the months between May and November. During this time, it is nice and warm, but not too hot, and the water has the most pleasant temperatures for swimming, snorkelling, and diving.

2. The most beautiful islands

children playing in the clear water Tongatapu is the name of the largest island in Tonga. Most of the Tonga population live on it, but the Tongan capital is also on Tongatapu. Nukualofa is on the north coast; the city emerged from a fortress. The Royal Palace of Tonga, located in the north of the capital, is well worth seeing. Nukualofa is lively; if you are looking for a very quiet beach while on vacation in Tonga, Haatafu Beach, located on Tongatapu's northwest tip, is ideal. Not far from the main island is the small island of Fafa in the South Pacific, which makes a trip to a secluded beach paradise possible.

3. Sports and fun activities

person in black wetsuit under water If you want to snorkel or dive while travelling, Tonga is a perfect place for you. The coral reefs, some of which are protected, await you with a species-rich underwater world. The Vavau group of islands north of the main island offers excellent diving spots. The archipelago is also very popular with sailors. In the main season from May to October, the port of the main town Neiafu is approached by boats of the Tonga people and foreigners. Active vacationers use the offers for kayaking and canoeing or let off steam while kitesurfing. The blowholes of Houma on Tongatapu are a worthwhile excursion destination. At high tide, the seawater shoots up to 20 meters high from the coral coast's perforated rocks, a fascinating natural spectacle. 

4. Extraordinary culture

festival in tonga During your vacation in Tonga, you will see ornate wood carvings and hear the excellent Tonga language. The culture behind it is much older - about as old as the tradition that here the men are entrusted with cooking and not the women. Because the umu, the traditional oven in Tonga, is not that easy to use. But the meat that comes out baked there is a culinary highlight. Another highlight is the dance festivals to Tongan music - a tradition that has proven itself thousands of years. Aside from the cultural heritage of the kingdom, rugby is the hobbyhorse of the residents.

5. Nice places to visit

tongatapu island shore Tonga is not only an unbeatable paradisiacal place in the world in terms of landscape, but it is also so culturally unique that you will not be amazed once you have admired all these treasures of the South Pacific. It is waiting for you on Tongatapu. The huge archway of Haamonga A Maui - a monument of stone dimensions that tells of a wonderfully rich culture of days long past. A must on every Tonga trip, which tells of earlier kings' splendour and is a unique monument in the South Pacific. It is also affectionately popular as the Stonehenge of the South Seas, so mystical and confused it appears to its viewers. It is a kind of tribal life that you find on your vacation in Tonga. The royal palace in Nukualofa from 1867 is the pride of all Tongan residents. Even if the building looks more like a villa from the Victorian era, one is proud of its king, who has his holiday on December 4th. July 12th, the crown prince's birthday, and August 1st as the coronation day of the current king are also integral parts of Tonga's everyday life and have a lasting impact on life.

6. People

unidentified tonga people There is just slightly more than 100.000 Tonga population. They speak English and the Tonga language. The culture of people is shaped by large families and a village community that lives together. Traditional cooking is particularly exciting, done here in the so-called umus and freshly prepared vegetables and fish there. Drinking kava together - a type of pepper that can also have an intoxicating effect at a higher dose - is particularly traditional. This is a very normal and everyday pleasure of the people of Tonga. This Polynesian tradition has been preserved over the years as Tonga has never been exposed to outside influences. It is impressive to see how Tonga has preserved its millennia-old culture. 

7. Honeymoon destination

beautiful beach A lonely beach, freshly grilled fish on your plate, and a glass of wine in your hand, the sound of the endlessly wide Pacific in your ears, a honeymoon in Tonga can be wonderful. A fantastic palm-fringed paradise for the first time as a couple. So enjoy Tonga and say, "I love you" quietly over a fruity cocktail. The sea is wonderfully waiting for a bath in the shallow water, and a light breeze carries the songs of the exotic, colourful birds to your ears. Paradise couldn't be more dreamlike. Also, to experience a candlelight dinner on a lonely beach is something very unique. While the wind rustles in the palm trees and the waves gently splash as they roll towards the shallow shore, you can toast the marriage with a glass of champagne. 

8. Whale watching

whale watching It is well known that the South Pacific is ideal for spotting whales and observing huge humpback whales' lives. However, it is not so well known that you can even swim with the giant marine mammals on Tonga. To marvel at the giants of the sea up close, you don't even have to have diving permission and dive with oxygen bottles. When the sea is calm, it is even very possible that diving goggles and snorkels are sufficient to admire the mighty marine mammals in the deep blue ocean. But no matter how you do it: always keep your ears underwater! Because the whales sing and talk with magical tones and sounds. Vava'u is the name of the place where you can experience something very special. Of course, diving with whales is spectacular enough in itself, but you can watch the mother animals with their calves here.

9. Easy to travel

flight to tonga Travelling this paradisical island of the Pacific ocean is as easy as travelling to any European country. To visit and see the wonders of the island, you will find many flights to Tonga. Besides flights, you can book a cruise that will take you on an exotic journey to Tongo and neighbouring islands. 

10. Eua

rats cave This 87 km2 island belongs to the Tongatapu group. Few tourists see Eua as more than a small airport, a couple of moderate beaches, and a handful of guest houses, e.g., Eua Hideaway, which also offers diving, bird watching, and cave tours. The attraction of the island lies in the variety of landscapes. Cliffs, karst caves, savannahs, and dense rainforest are close together. The rich tree population is unique in all of Tonga. The island is an interesting hiking area. You should bring camping equipment and food with yourself if possible.

11. Tattoo

tattoo Probably the oldest tattoo tool in the world comes from Tonga. There are four tattoo combs from around 700 BC. BC, with two of the combs made from bird bones and the other two from human bones. Tattooing is still done traditionally with a tattoo comb and wooden stick. The tattoo ink is "hammered" into the skin with the stick's help and the comb.

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