Time, Bunol turns to red

Time, Bunol turns to red

Joshgun Karimov08 August 20191736 views4 min. read
Time, Bunol turns to red

What is Spain famous for? What comes to mind when someone says the festival in Spain? Of course, the Tomato Festival!!

What is the Tomato Festival in Spain?

red tomatoes

Each year, in August, 20,000 people wear swimming goggles in Bunol, just 38 km from Valencia. The aim is not to swim in the sea or in the river. The aim is to subdue the red waves created by 150 tons of tomatoes.

Once a year, Bunol residents, accustomed to the quiet life, lock their doors and windows. They try to protect the walls of shopping centres with a special cover. Large trucks enter the town. Thousands of tourists, along with trucks, are stuck in narrow streets. The incredible hour that starts after warmth, excitation and alarm is hard to explain by simple words. Everyone knows that the whole town will be turned into red. Everyone becomes familiar. People who don't know each other, with the convenience of siblings, crush tomatoes on each other's faces. They have occasion to experience being ketchup.

Some people can't come to the meaning of the shock of being smashed. Some run to the long pole in the centre of the town. Everybody tries to climb a slippery pole to pick up a piece of meat hanging from the top. 20,000 people who come to Bunol are given just 60 minutes to laugh, to have a red face, to let off steam and to accumulate adrenaline that will feed them for a year. With the second alarm, everyone throws tomatoes in their hands. The ceasefire is declared. Festival-goers look for places to wash their clothes, crushed bodies and coloured hair. Bunol residents who locked their doors and windows, remembering the hospitability after the second signal, welcome tourists with the water. The whole town begins to wash the traces of tomatoes. After the Red Battle, a music night is organized. All that happened is called La Tomatina.

La Tomatina

taking picture after festival

La Tomatina is a festival celebrated from World War II. The exact cause of the origin is unknown. There are many assumptions. The main point is the huge love for this giant tomato fight.

Although the La Tomatina Festival was banned several times in the 50s, the bans were cancelled because of local protests. Once when the festival was banned, the Bunol residents declared mourning, filled a coffin with tomatoes and marched in the town with this symbolic coffin. Everyone in Spain discussed this issue. As a result, the officials restored the La Tomatina Festival.

Travel to Valencia

narrow streets

What shall I do to attend the La Tomatina Festival? First and foremost, you need to think well. This event is not for those who have a weak heart or physical fitness. During the event, numerous things can happen to you. If you repeatedly use the word “nut” to describe your personality, you can plan your travel to Valencia.

La Tomatina is held annually, on August 25-29. The battle starts at 11 am. Here are some tips from veterans participating in this Red Battle:

 -   Wear clothes you won't wear again. After this battle, you will hardly wear shirts, shoes and other clothing items again. Women prefer sportswear. Participants' hands may not stay still.

 -   There may be many theft cases. Do not carry your passport or wallet with you.

 -   Drink plenty of water before fighting. The heat of August may dry you completely.

 -   There will be those who want to tear up your shirt. Drunken participants tend to break the rules and tore the shirts.

La Tomatina Facts

tousands of tourists

It is possible to go to the festival town by bus (75 minutes), by car (40 minutes) and by train from Valencia. The cost of participation in the La Tomatina Festival varies from 12 to 20 Euros (depending on how quick you order.) There are special services organizing the hotel and tour for those who love comfort. Usually, Spanish local tour agencies offer a 3-night package (provided it is 200 EUR per person).

People who have travelled to La Tomatina from around the world say the following: Add this Red Battle to your to-do list!

Get your Spain visa today and enjoy the Red Battle! All I have to say is, don't forget to take the swimming goggles before going to Bunol.

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