The best boutique hotels in Hungary

Tamerlan Mehdiyev29 December 2021930 views7 min. read
The best boutique hotels in Hungary
travel to Hungary, one might need a Hungary visa if she or he is not from a visa-exempt country. You might ask, how can I know whether I need a Hungary visa or not? You do not need to research it on google as you can find out on our website. Just go to our visa policy section at the top of your screen, then find Hungary. Once you click on Hungary, it will show which countries are visa-exempt and which are not. You can benefit from our services as well. Using our services, you can have your visa at the right time.  Why travel to Hungary anyway? You will find many things that are special about Hungary. On top of all the things, Hungary is most famous for its thermal spas and hot springs. It has an interesting thermal spring culture. There are more than 1000 hot springs in Hungary, and the most famous ones are in the capital city of Budapest. You will find many indoor thermal spas that are available. The capital city of Budapest is the jewel of the country. The mixture of majestic buildings from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Ottoman architecture makes the city much different from the rest of Europe. This beautiful city is home to more than 2 million people, and with its rich history, breathtaking views, picturesque structures, it draws more and more attention day by day. To have memorable days in Hungary, we need to be sure about accommodation first. In this article, we will look at some of the best boutique hotels in Hungary. Before that, there is one issue that we need to touch.

Is Hungary open to tourists?

european schengen visa As you know, we live in post-pandemic age. Pandemic has spread all over the world, and it has taken its toll on tourism as well. Some countries closed the doors to tourists to halt the spread of the virus. You might ask, is Hungary open to tourists? Hungary is open to tourists partially. There are certain restrictions on entries to the country. In most cases, you will be asked to have a vaccine passport or immune passport to enter the country.

Donautica Hotel & Restaurant

hotel bedroom Located far away from Budapest and 20 km from Szekszard, next to the Danube backwater in Fadd, there is a small but comfortable one of the best Hungary luxury hotels, which is called Donautica Hotel and Restaurant. This hotel features a private beach, hot tub, in-house restaurant. All rooms feature a garden view, and they are well equipped with a wardrobe, Tv, etc. Aside from the private beach, it also has an outdoor pool that is available for its guests. The staff is well trained and professional. At the reception, you will find staff members that can speak different languages, including German and English. For such features, it is one of Hungary best hotels and deserves to be on our list.

Mala Garden Design Hotel

mala garden design hotel Located on the shore of Lake Balaton in Siofok, This hotel stands out for its imposing Bali Island-style exterior. As one of the Hungary luxury hotels, this hotel makes sure its guests leave the hotel with satisfying smiles. What is most liked about the hotel is that it contains a restaurant that offers Hungarian, vegetarian and international foods. It has a spa center as well. This spa center consists of a hot tub, a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, and a tropical shower. You can relax and receive Thai massages here as well. The Interior of the hotel touches gusts hearts with its elegance. All hotel rooms are well maintained and equipped with necessary gadgets like air conditioning, etc. You can have different delights, pastries, hot beverages, cocktails, etc., at the Mandara coffee and lounge, which is on the lake-side terrace with a beautiful lake view. Overall for sure, it is one of Hungary best hotels.

Royal Park Boutique Hotel

royal park hotel Copyright: @notfallsani78 Budapest is the main tourist allure in the country. Royal Park boutique hotel is one of the cheap hotels in Budapest Hungary. Located downtown, opposite the Keleti Palyaudvar, it has access to different types of transportation means. You can get to the hotel from Budapest International Airport within 30-40 minutes. Regarding hotel amenities, it got a restaurant, and all hotel rooms are soundproof, well maintained, and equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, flatscreen TV, Wifi, etc. It is hard to find such cheap hotels in Budapest Hungary, with such prices.

Aria Hotel

aria hotel Aria hotel is one of the best and luxurious boutique hotels in Budapest Hungary. The building was structured with cutting-edge design, and you can clearly see the musical inspiration from the architecture of the building. The hotel consists of four wings, and each of them is dedicated to different music genres. The musical theme has also made its way to the rooms. All rooms are decorated with the inspiration of different musical legends. The hotel building is located a few hundred meters away from the glorious St. Stephen’s Basilica, which is one of the landmarks of the city. As for facilities, the hotel earns 5 stars with its inventory of luxurious facilities. One of them is Aria’s Harmony Spa. This spa was awarded for being the best European wellness spa at the World Boutique Hotel Awards. The spa center contains saunas and a hamam as well. Another amazing facility in the hotel is the rooftop bar. It has this breathtaking panoramic view of Budapest. Aside from having necessary amenities like air conditioning, refrigerator, etc., all rooms are equipped with an iPad, a Nespresso coffee machine with complimentary capsules. The hotel is indeed one of the best, if not the best boutique hotels in Budapest Hungary.

Kreinbacher Birtok

kreinbacher birtok Kreinbacher Birtok might have the most unusual hotel design not only in Hungary but also in the world. The hotel is situated in Somlovasarhely and consists of a restaurant, bar, and beautiful garden. The hotel is decorated with art pieces. The architecture of the buildings is so unique that it is hard to describe them with words, and I am having difficulty getting over the beauty of the design. All rooms are well equipped and maintained. You will find air conditioning, a desk, a balcony with a picturesque garden view, a bathroom, a TV, bed linen, and towels in your room. The staff is most helpful and professional. Most of them are bilingual and can speak English. It is 51 kilometers away from the nearest airport, which is Heviz–Balaton Airport. It is one of the best hotels in Hungary, and for such features, the hotel deserves to be on this list.

When is the best time to book hotels in Hungary?

booking website homepage Supposedly you are settled on where to stay during your stay but not sure when to visit. You might have concerns about hotel prices or tourist crowds and thereby, asking when is the best time to book hotels in Hungary. Honestly, there is no specific timeline that fits all travelers’ plans. Having said that, there are periods when there are fewer crowds at hotels. Mainly these are the seasons where there are fewer tourists around. Mainly in May, June, September, and October, there are fewer people visiting Hungary. Around these times you can get better prices. Nevertheless, you can get better prices in other months. To do that, you have to do your research thoroughly and inspect major booking websites to grab the best offers. To sum up this article, Hungary is an excellent country to visit. It amazes travelers with its rich history, beautiful buildings, diverse nature. We encourage you to learn more about Hungary by searching Hungary in our blog section. Regarding visas to Hungary, you can take advantage of our services as well. Pickvisa provides the best services to get your visa at the right time. It only takes a few clicks to complete the application. Go to the services section at the top of our website to further learn about the offer and requirements.

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