The most dangerous places of the world

Vusala Senem Mikail19 February 20202070 views8 min. read
The most dangerous places of the world

All travellers want their journey to be ideal and unforgettable. However, sometimes memorable trips may not be perfect. During travel, tourists can experience surprises and dangerous places. Countries demonstrate the most colourful, safe images and locations of their countries through different slogans and video clips to attract more tourists today. But what are the most dangerous places in the world to visit? In this blog, we will look at some of the most dangerous places in the world that have not been shown in those video clips.

Danakil Desert - East Africa

danakil desert

Even the name of Africa, however, forms a notion of danger in people. A threat in the Danakil Desert is at a different level. It is located in northeastern Ethiopia. It is famous for numerous volcanoes and geysers with toxic gases and high temperatures. The daytime temperatures can reach 50°C in Danakil. There is another reason that makes this place one of the most dangerous places in Africa as well as the most dangerous places in the world to visit. The kidnapping cases are very high in the country. Nonetheless, tourists flock to Danakil, named as the “hell in the world,” as there is a beautiful view here. To walk without a guide in the area is strictly prohibited.


green snake

Brazil is also considered one of the most dangerous countries. Indeed, millions of tourists come here every year for their colourful carnivals. However, Alagoas Island, located near Rio, has a very high-risk level per statistics. Although the population on the island is about 3 million, annual murder is more than 2,000 people. Do you still want to go to Brazil? Are you brave enough to travel to Snake Island? If you say I’m brave, I’ll give you the coordinates. Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake Island, is located on the coast of Sao Paulo. It is famous as a land of most venomous snakes (five snakes per square meter). It is the only home for the venomous snake “Bothrops Insularis.” Snake’s venom is said to have the power to melt human flesh. Although the government has prohibited travel to this area, tourists are eager to visit the island. Manaus is also among the dangerous regions of Brazil. It is located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Heavy tropical showers, venomous snakes, and wild animals are everywhere in Manaus. The crime rate is high. Brazil’s political chaos and criminal climate have a direct impact on the lives of locals and visitors. 

Lake Nyos - Cameroon

lake nyos

Let's continue to our most dangerous places in the world list with Nyos. located in Cameroon in the west of Africa, has a stunning landscape and the most beautiful tone of blue. The lake is situated on an active volcano. Carbon dioxide leaking into the lake from the magma layer may cause the toxic gas to be released into the air during an earthquake or landslide. More than 1,700 people died as a result of an eruption in the lake in 1986. The locals were exposed to carbon dioxide poisoning while sleeping when the disaster occurred at night. Almost all living things were destroyed because of the disaster. Although several measures have been taken to prevent the reoccurrence of the accident, the threat is still there.

The Skeleton coast - Namibia

skeleton coast

One of the most dangerous places in Africa is located on the Atlantic coast of Namibia and extends to the deserts of Angola. The coast has taken its name because of animal skeletons and shipwrecks on the shore. The coast also became known in 1944 due to the popularity of the book “Dunedin Star” by John Henry Marsh, chronicling the wreck of the boat with the same name. The area has a dangerous environment. There are all kinds of wild animals here. There are eleven sharks in the coastal waters. The Bushmen called the region “The Land God Made in Anger,” while Portuguese sailors referred to it as “The Gates of Hell.” These all are the reasons why The Skeleton Coast is definitely one of the most dangerous places in the world to visit.

Mount Sinabung - Indonesia

mount sinabung

Indonesia, with its exotics, welcomes thousands of tourists every year. However, Mount Sinabung made it to the list of most dangerous places in the world. Sinabung, an active volcano on the island of Sumatra, is a real threat to the region. The volcano repeatedly erupted, causing the island to fall under the hot lava and ash layers, resulting in numerous casualties. The most recent volcanic eruption occurred in 2019.



Syria is among the countries with the lowest living standards due to armed conflicts, hunger, the use of chemical weapons, and the deprivations faced by people. The famous markets and historical monuments, once populated by tourists, have turned into ruins today. A trip to the Middle East’s hotspot is quite dangerous. Numerous acts of terrorism, kidnapping, chaos, and fear of death have paralyzed life here. Uninterrupted armed conflicts make it one of the most dangerous places.

North Korea

north korea

It is known as a country where human rights are at a zero level, which makes this place dangerous. North Korea has a dictatorial regime. Tourists can also suffer from human rights abuses in a country far from freedom and democracy. Tourists are always under government control here. Visits to tourist areas are carried out by guides appointed by the government. It is forbidden to leave the hotel alone. In other words, North Korea applies dictatorships to its visitors as well.  Due to these control issues, North Korea can be considered as one of the world's most dangerous places.

Fraser Island - Australia

fraser island

The source of danger is wildlife. There are venomous spiders on Fraser Island. If you escape the wild dingo dogs by running into the water, you will be met with poisonous jellyfish. Yes, the sea and land both are abundant venomous animals. Nevertheless, the island’s clear sea, white sandy beaches, and landscape are stunning. In any case, even adrenaline lovers need to think well before they visit this one of the most dangerous places to travel.

Mailuu Suu - Kyrgyzstan

mailuu suu

Unfortunately, many regions in many parts of the world are exposed to radioactive contamination. Mailuu Suu, Kyrgyzstan, is also known as a region with high levels of radioactive contamination. The processing of uranium here began during the Soviet period. The location of the area in an active seismic zone increases the risk of radioactive contamination growth. Indeed, visiting here can cause permanent damage to human life due to radiation, and this problem made it to the list of the most dangerous places to visit.

Monrovia - Liberia


Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, is also on the list of dangerous places. Poverty is very high in the city. The city is home to some of the most extensive ruins on the African continent. More than 75,000 people live in harsh conditions. Monrovia is dominated by anti-sanitation, crime, epidemics, trafficking, and kidnapping. Environmental pollution and floods are other factors that increase risk.

Lake Natron – Tanzania

lake natron

Lake Natron is the real source of death. Natron, located in the Gregory Rift, is known as the world’s most dangerous water source. The water pH is ten, and the salinity is high here. The bodies, dropped in water, are covered with incrustation, and the chemicals in the water can separate the ink from the paper. Even a drop can cause chemical burns in the skin. Excessive amounts of acidity in the water also complicate breathing.



Although Haiti has a profitable nature for tourism, it is included in this most dangerous places to travel list due to some dangerous reasons. The country is located on the Caribbean coast and is a neighbour with Cuba and the Dominican. Poverty is rising, and living standards are low in Haiti, leading to increased crime and chaos in the country. Periodic floods and hurricanes have paralyzed life in Haiti. As a result of landslides, people are left homeless. Ruins, slums, and crime are on the rise in the country.

Fukushima - Japan


The city is dangerous because of the high level of radioactive radiation. In 2011, a powerful earthquake in the prefecture caused an explosion at a nuclear facility. The region was exposed to radioactive contamination due to the terrible incident. It is still under threat. After radiation, people living in the area experience some deformities. Fukushima is definitely a part of the world's most dangerous places list.

Death Valley - California

death valley

The region, known as Death Valley, located on the border with Nevada in the eastern United States and considered as one of the most dangerous places to visit. Death Valley poses a danger and difficulties to visitors for its natural factors. High temperatures and intense hurricanes prevailing here make it difficult to move around the region. The temperature in summer can reach +57°C. Storms in the valley with a hard winter create a hazardous condition. Nevertheless, the valley has a breathtaking and distinctive landscape.

North Sentinel Island – India

sentinel island

The exotic nature and culture of India have always attracted tourists. However, there is a place that can pose a considerable threat to visitors. The source of danger is the inhabitants of Sentinel Island, who are not hospitable to the visitors. People prefer not to communicate with anyone outside of their tribe. It can even reach the threshold of hostility, making the island dangerous to travel. However, the coastal waters, beaches, and nature of Sentinel Island are beautiful.

As you can see from the most dangerous places in the world list, going to these scary travel destinations requires a brave heart. We must not forget that there are enough places far away from danger and fear to travel around in the world. By all means, the safely trip completed with no harm is always the ideal one.

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