10 things you might not know about British Virgin Islands

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10 things you might not know about British Virgin Islands
Where are the British Virgin Islands? When talking about British Virgin Islands, some people think of it near Europe; that is why it is essential to ask where are the British Virgin Islands. This island state is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is under the control of the British Queen. One of the unique things about British Virgin Islands is that when you look at the British Virgin Islands flag, you can see that the British Virgin Islands flag carries the United Kingdom flag on its up-left corner. From many cities, you can find either direct or indirect flights to British Virgin Islands. If you check the British Virgin Islands map, from the British Virgin Islands map, you will observe four big and 50 small islands, where British Virgin Islands resorts and British Virgin Islands hotels are located. In this post, you will read about the ten unique things about British Virgin Islands, and travel recommendations. Also, you will find answers to your questions about the islands, such as where are the British Virgin Islands, are there flights to British Virgin Islands, what to know from the British Virgin Islands map, what is interesting about the British Virgin Islands flag, what are the nicest British Virgin Islands hotels, what are the best British Virgin Islands resorts, what to do and see in Tortola British Virgin Islands, etc. 

1. Tortola

tortola Tortola British Virgin Islands, the main island of the country, is home to the capital city, Road Town, and most of its activities: it is the main financial centre. It offers a natural environment of exceptional beauty. The long coast gives you spoiled for choice, as the beaches of the Virgin Islands are stunning. You can choose between the British Virgin Islands resorts, the free and the deserted, or the windswept beaches to ride the waves. Coastal winds in the south create large waves that make the islands a kingdom for surfers and sailors. Tortola British Virgin Islands is home to one of the most attractive beaches on the globe: Cane Garden Bay. The British Virgin Islands are a paradise for those seeking relaxation, bathers, and divers. Experience the Caribbean way of life on remote white dream beaches, hidden bays, and idyllic small towns. The crystal clear, deep blue water invites you to swim and snorkel; grandiose underwater worlds with colourful coral reefs and caves are popular destinations for divers. Surfers will also find suitable areas here.

2. Sage Mountain National Park

tortola These pleasant islands' biological systems are secured in 20 characteristic parks that create under the remaining parts of the old rainforest and are possessed by transient feathered creatures and uncommon creature species. One of the most significant of them is the Sage Mountain National Park, which goes through Tortola from east to west. Its stature goes from 228 meters to 523 meters at Mount Sage, the most elevated purpose of the apparent multitude of the Virgin Islands, both British and American. The recreation centre zone is rainier than the remainder of the island. It could, along these lines, have some for the tropical woodland, creating commonplace species that are especially like some endemic types of the island of Puerto Rico. A little region of about 29 and a half section of land encases, a little fortune in the fortune, a stretch of completely flawless tropical timberland. Since 1964, the year it was taken over by the BVI National Park Trust, the recreation centre's territory has likewise been the subject of a focused reforestation program. Specifically, various examples of the mahogany from the West Indies and white cedar, the archipelago's public tree, have been planted.

3. Road Town

road town Road Town, the capital of the British Virgin Islands, is worth a visit. Here you will find international flair in the marina, excellent restaurants, and a spacious botanical garden. Other interesting attractions for vacationers are the nature reserve around Mount Sage and the surf and party beach Apple Bay. Divers are recommended to dive into the luxury liner RMS Rhone wreck, which sank off Salt Island in 1867. Without leaving too much time here, you can visit the Botanic Gardens and the Folk Museum. Also, here you will find the best British Virgin Islands hotels.

4. Anegada

beach On the tiny island of Anegada, you can leave everyday life far behind on miles of white sandy beaches. Whether swimming or sunbathing, surfing or sailing - those who are looking for relaxation and water sports enthusiasts will find perfect conditions for a successful holiday here. Unlike the other British Virgin Islands, which are of volcanic origin, Anegada is a coral atoll. The labyrinthine coral gardens of Horseshoe Reef are among the best diving spots in the Caribbean. Explore underground caves and tunnels, and spot stingrays and parrotfish. Nature lovers also get their money's worth on land: the salt lakes of the west coast are now home to an increasing number of resettled Caribbean flamingos. You should definitely try freshly prepared lobster.  Other attractive destinations for island hopping and cruising are Jost van Dyke with the Great Harbor, which is popular with sailors and where boisterous New Year's Eve and Halloween parties are celebrated, and Peter Island, an idyllic, privately owned small island known for its exclusive luxury resort 

5. Ridge Road

ridge road It is a quaint street in the capital that offers spectacular views of Tortola Island. You climb through narrow streets and winding sections, but it is a symbolic and unique way to reach the heart, the place's true essence. It is a magical place where you will be amazed and where many photography lovers try to capture magical moments and panoramas. Imagine sitting in silence facing only the blue sea that stands out between the rocks and the distant boats lost in infinity. There are no houses to limit the view, and when the sun sets, the whole colour spectacle of this place opens up to you. 

6. Peters, Normannen and Johannis Islands

british virgin islands The British Virgin Islands offer beauty, relaxation, and even a touch of adventure. On the south coast of Tortola Island, you can admire the surrounding, almost uninhabited coral islands of Saint John, Peter, and Norman, which are known as a haven for legendary pirates and privateers. In these paradisiacal places, it is also worth discovering what is hidden in the seabed. Armed with a mask, fins, and snorkel, real coral forests, colourful schools of fish, and lobsters await you—a feeling of freedom that you can breathe even in Peter Island, which is uninhabited. There are unpaved trails for walking or cycling and for exploring the tropical flora and fauna.

7. The Baths

devils bay The most beautiful beach in the British Virgin Islands is, without a doubt, The Baths in the south of the island of Virgin Gorda. Huge granite blocks of volcanic origin form caves, grottos, and small water basins open to the sea - in combination with slender palm trees, powdered sugar sand, and sapphire blue water, the perfect environment to relax and unwind. However, the beach is always busy. Almost as beautiful, but much less crowded, are the beaches of Spring Bay, Savannah Bay, and Pond Bay further north, which also offer good snorkelling opportunities. A worthwhile excursion destination for hikers is Gorda Peak, from which you have a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire island. Climbers will find excellent climbing rocks for bouldering at the southern end of the island.

8. Norman Island

norman islands Norman Island is in the extreme south of the archipelago, an island that has rock formations. The other attraction is The Caves at the top of Treasure Point, caves carved by the sea and the wind that make you feel like you're swimming in a natural aquarium while snorkelling on the water. This pearl of the British Virgin Islands became famous as "Treasure Island" in Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel. According to legend, some treasures are still buried somewhere. It is one of the unique things about British Virgin Islands.

9. Climate

british virgin islands The islands have a tropical, warm and humid climate, but constant trade winds soften the heat and ensure pleasant temperatures all year round. Precipitation falls relatively abundantly throughout the year, with February and March being the driest months, while hurricanes are expected between June and November. The months from December to May are the best travel time. You should definitely book your flight in these months.

10. How to travel to BVI?

st thomas There are many direct flights to British Virgin Islands from neighbouring countries. It is therefore advisable to travel to one of the neighbouring Caribbean islands that are approached from Europe or the USA. For example, you can fly from your country to St. Maarten or Puerto Rico and from there take a connecting flight to the British Virgin Islands. The main airport is on Beef Island; then you can reach the main island of Tortola via a bridge. There are numerous ferries between the islands, and it is so ideal if you want to go island hopping.

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